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A Tale of Two Schools

Author : Dr. Richard Donato
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This volume documents a sixteen-year longitudinal study of two elementary schools in which Spanish and Japanese foreign language programs were implemented and evaluated. Evaluation of the programs involved documenting children’s language development, assessing the attitudes of various constituents, and examining critical issues related to the introduction and successful operation of a well articulated sequential foreign language program in schools. The volume concludes with a discussion of possible reasons why over time certain sequential foreign language programs flourish and grow while other programs are reduced or eliminated from the school’s curriculum. Parallels with the theory and practice of environmental sustainable development are used as a framework for this analysis.

The Jones Family and a Tale of Two Schools

Author : John W. Anderson
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Jake and Marta Jones, after years of unsuccessful attempts to introduce fish ponds as a protein source for villagers in Sierra Leone, returned to Jake’s childhood home in Center City, Wyoming. Their five children entered American life and schools with youthful vigor. Almost at once, some of Jake’s old friends, high school football players from some thirty years ago, shared concerns over eroded goals and values in the educational system, the church and society. Fred Fraser, the Superintendent of schools discovered his new principal, Arnold Burton, lacked appreciation for established morality. Burton said, “I will be the enlightener of this backward, countrified community.” He enthusiastically embraced the Department of Education’s new Initiative for change. Fraser asked his friends how this difference of purpose could be resolved. The reader will want to know how peace was maintained in Center City schools.

A Tale of Two Cities

Author : Charles Dickens
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Vienna Chicago Friends Or Foes

Author : Mark Skousen
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Two Views of Vienna and Chicago, Friends or Foes? From the Chicago School: "This tale is thorough, thoughtful, even-handed, and highly readable. All economists, of whatever school, will find it both instructive and entertaining." ?Milton Friedman From the Austrian School: "In this upbeat tale of two schools, Skousen gives us a delightful blend of theory, history, and political science, and shows that there is much common ground and scope for development." ?Roger W. Garrison

A Tale of Two Towns

Author : Duane A. Smith
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The 1890s was a tumultuous decade in American history, with economic depression, war, heated politics, and labour conflicts surrounding America's emergence as a world power. Against this chaotic background, life in the rowdy western mining town of Durango, Colorado, and the quiet agricultural hamlet of Sandwich, Illinois, seemed to be worlds apart. In A TALE OF TWO TOWNS, historian Duane Smith takes a comparative look at Durango and Sandwich in an effort to determine what life was like in these two small communities. His fascinating study, based on a close examination of papers, municipal records, and personal correspondence, offers a unique portrait of everyday life in these two towns. A TALE OF TWO TOWNS shows how small town life a century ago in these communities was quite similar, and hauntingly familiar to life in each town today.

PSBA Bulletin

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Tales of Walter s school days 1 The doctor s birthday 2 Walter s friend

Author : Henry Cadwallader Adams
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The Freeman

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A Tale of Two Schools

Author : Eileen Harvey
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Author : Jack Selzer
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