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A Virtuous Life in Business

Author : Oliver F. Williams
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'The book is not only valuable, it is readable and...featur[es] three sterling chapters toward the end.'--COMMONWEAL

Pastoral advices and directions in order to a virtuous life here and eternal happiness hereafter The eleventh edition

Author : William NEWTON (Vicar of Gillingham.)
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Pastoral advices and directions in order to a virtuous life here and eternal happiness hereafter The sixth edition

Author : William NEWTON (Vicar of Gillingham.)
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Pastoral advices and directions in order to a virtuous life here and eternal happiness hereafter Intended more especially for the use of the people committed to the care of the author The third edition By William Newton

Author : William NEWTON (Vicar of Gillingham.)
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International Business Ethics

Author : Stephan Rothlin
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This book addresses an essential need felt by many who seek to promote best business practices in China and East Asia – namely the need for culturally appropriate instructional materials (basic information, case studies and ethical perspectives) that will allow managers and entrepreneurs to understand and embrace the challenge of moral leadership in business. In an era characterized by globalization and the increasing importance of the economies of China, India, Japan and SE Asia, international business ethics must reflect the concerns of the people living and working in this area, the moral and spiritual traditions that have nurtured them and their specific contributions to sustainable development. This book presents twenty important case studies, taken from newsworthy events of the past few years, in which Asians and others have attempted to respond to this challenge. Each case study has been selected and shaped in order to highlight various aspects of doing business in Asia, starting with basic principles and moving on to the specific responsibilities that businesses have towards their various stakeholders. The authors contend that the best way to appreciate the relevance of Asian moral and spiritual traditions is to determine their specific contribution to virtue ethics, where the ancient traditions of both East and West converge in their focus on the qualities of moral leadership that form the basis of best business practice. Exploring the case studies will enable readers to appreciate the continued relevance of these ethical perspectives in Asian business. Best business practice clearly involves learning to do business and playing the game according to the rules; but the necessity of playing by the rules is not likely to become clear until one takes up the path that leads to a virtuous life in business, developing a moral character chiefly based on integrity.

Business to Business Marketing

Author : Ross Brennan
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This volume examines views that argue business to business marketing is simply a variant of consumer marketing or is only concerned with inter-organizational relationship management.

Virtuous Living

Author : Belinda Joubert
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In Virtuous Living, Belinda Joubert shares ancient wisdoms about the natural laws of virtuous living and the role of spirituality in mastering sustained self-actualization, personal wellness and vitality. This book will help you to fulfill your individual purpose in life, which is to grow your spirit. It will assist you to strengthen, develop, equip, grow and unfold your spiritual nature so that you are prepared for your next stage of life. Every individual is personally responsible for what he does. You have to grow, expand, cultivate, enlarge, flourish and blossom your divine power, which is within you. Virtuous Living helps you to find spiritual truths, which are for all. These truths seek to embrace the whole of humanity within their loving embrace. It teaches you how to interpret the physical world and the infinite cycles of life through spiritual understanding.

The Virtuous Life in Greek Ethics

Author : Burkhard Reis
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There is now a renewed concern for moral psychology among moral philosophers. Moreover, contemporary philosophers interested in virtue, moral responsibility and moral progress regularly refer to Plato and Aristotle, the two founding fathers of ancient ethics. The book contains eleven chapters by distinguished scholars which showcase current research in Greek ethics. Four deal with Plato, focusing on the Protagoras, Euthydemus, Symposium and Republic, and discussing matters of literary presentation alongside the philosophical content. The four chapters on Aristotle address problems such as the doctrine of the mean, the status of rules, equity and the tension between altruism and egoism in Aristotelian eudaimonism. A contrast to classical Greek ethics is presented by two chapters reconstructing Epicurus' views on the emotions and moral responsibility as well as on moral development. The final chapter on personal identity in Empedocles shows that the concern for moral progress is already palpable in Presocratic philosophy.

Theory and Practice of Corporate Social Responsibility

Author : Samuel O Idowu
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Modern businesses and organizations understand that corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become an important factor for sustainable success. At the same time CSR has established itself as a widely accepted element of courses in managerial training and education. This book, designed to support CSR teaching, collects 14 essays that clearly illustrate and explain the benefits and challenges of socially responsible corporate policies. Aligning theory and practice, the book focuses on four central themes: management, environment and sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and accounting and financial reporting. Business students and experienced managers alike will find this book a valuable resource that helps them to discover the strong forces that link successful management with corporate social responsibility.

ACCA P3 Business Analysis

Author : BPP Learning Media
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