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Women in the World of Work

Author : Shirley A. Nuss
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This title provides data, statistical information and analysis of female and male economic activity at global, regional and national levels. The book sets out in chart form statistics and projections from 1950 to 2000, and evaluates past trends and future prospects by age, economic sector and gross years of working life.

Environment and the World of Work

Author : International Labour Office
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Experiencing the New World of Work

Author : Jeremy Aroles
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This edited volume explores, theorises and critically investigates different facets of the new world of work.

The Employment Contract and the Changed World of Work

Author : Stella Vettori
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The world of work has undergone major changes in the last two decades. This book examines these changes in their international context. It is argued that collective bargaining should no longer be viewed as the most important means of regulating the employment relationship. In the changed world of work such an approach is becoming less relevant. Instead, other means of protecting legitimate worker interests are explored. These include: an adaptation and extension of the general principles of the law of contract; a constitutional right to fair labour practices; and the pursuit of good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. The conclusion is that these alternative means of addressing legitimate worker interests can play a valuable role in filling the vacuum left by the worldwide decline of trade unions.

Psychology and the World of Work

Author : David A. Statt
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This new text provides a comprehensive overview of the many contributions psychologists have made to the study of work and its organizational setting. The full range of topics in organizational and occupational psychology are presented in a critical and analystic fashion. The book is informed by a psychodynamic orientation and uses the perception of time as a theme for providing a different approach to some familiar material. Students will find this a clear and accessible jargon-free introductory text.

HIV AIDS and the World of Work

Author : International Labour Office
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Based on replies received from constituents representing 136 member States. Includes the proposed Conclusions which have been prepared on the basis of the replies.

Injury and the New World of Work

Author : Terrence Sullivan
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Contributors from public health, sociology, anthropology, nursing, management, economics, labor studies, and other fields look at four challenges to expanding needs-based justice for job related injury while preserving work-based prosperity. They are the dramatic rise in disability associated with the changing nature of work, methods of preventing injury and disability, the need for rehabilitation, and the difficulty of reconciling fairness for workers with economic sustainability in a competitive era. The focus is on empirical research and case studies in Canada, and several of the studies began as submissions to the British Colombia Royal Commission on Workers' Compensation in the spring of 1998. Canadian card order number: C99- 911018-7. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

India Preparation for the World of Work

Author : Matthias Pilz
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This book explores how the Indian education and training system prepares young people for the world of work and for the requirements of the employment market – because India is a leading industrialised nation with a very young population and a high demand for a skilled workforce. Indian experts write from a course-specific perspective, offering a comprehensive picture of educational policy, curriculum design and cultural characteristics. The virtual absence of a formalised system of vocational training in India underlines the importance of this research.

Teaching Students About the World of Work

Author : Nancy Hoffman
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Teaching Students About the World of Work argues that educational institutions—especially two-year and four-year public institutions serving low-income students—need to make the topic of employment a central element in their educational offerings. Indeed, the book demonstrates that a far greater emphasis on teaching students about the work world will be necessary if colleges are to give disadvantaged students a realistic chance for professional and economic success. The recommendation is a reconfiguration of postsecondary education that represents a paradigm shift in career preparation and learning. Editors Nancy Hoffman and Michael Lawrence Collins and their authors provide a rich and comprehensive view of both today’s work world and the challenges facing many young people who are determined to find a place within it. The book offers detailed accounts of how several community colleges have put employment at the center of the curriculum; provides practical insights into the twenty-first century labor market and ways to improve the choices and outcomes for low-income job seekers; and explores the daunting structural barriers to securing successful and satisfying employment. Throughout all its chapters, the book highlights increasing inequalities—in both opportunities and outcomes—within our society. In order to redress those disparities, it argues, postsecondary educators will need to offer enhanced insights and sophistication to disadvantaged young people preparing to enter and navigate the work world. An urgent but unfailingly reasonable book for our times, Teaching Students About the World of Work will be required reading for educators determined to create practical opportunities for young people in search of good employment and better lives.

Career Programming Linking Youth to the World of Work

Author : Kathryn Hynes
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Across education, out-of-school-time programming, and workforcedevelopment, researchers and practitioners are seeking ways tobolster the career readiness of our nation’s youth,particularly low-income youth. This issue brings together information from a variety ofdisciplines and fields to help researchers, practitioners, andpolicymakers understand what we know and need to learn to provideyouth with effective, engaging career-related programming. Thearticles highlight key findings about how youth learn about careersand develop a vocational identity, whether adolescent employment isbeneficial for youth, and how to align our various systems topromote positive youth development. Models of career programming from education, afterschool,and workforce development are highlighted, as are strategies forcollaborating with businesses. The volume emphasizes the practicalimplications of research findings, keeping the focus on how todevelop evidence-based practices to support career development foryouth. This is the 134th volume of New Directions for YouthDevelopment, the Jossey-Bass quarterly report series dedicated tobringing together everyone concerned with helping young people,including scholars, practitioners, and people from differentdisciplines and professions.

The Big Sister s Guide to the World of Work

Author : Marcelle DiFalco
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EVERY WORKING WOMAN NEEDS A BIG SISTER In just one eight-hour day, a working woman can get more twisted up than panty hose in the spin cycle. The Big Sister's Guide to the World of Work will straighten her out. This tell-it-like-it-is handbook gives every working woman the tools for facing the forces of evil and opportunity in corporate America, including how to: • Sidestep the classic mistakes women make in a new job • Avoid getting tangled up in office politics • Banish the seven habits that make you look small • Get your boss on your side (without kissing up) Once entry-level know-nothings who rose to the top of the corporate ranks, DiFalco and Herz have been the go-to big sisters for hundreds of women who were mystified and mortified at the office. Now you can arm yourself with the authors' straight-shooting advice. Uninhibited and fiercely wise -- like the very best big sisters -- they are the mentors every working woman needs.

Case Studies for the World of Work

Author : Ralph Huygens
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Provides case studies and activities that help students transition from school to work.

ILO Programme on HIV AIDS and the World of Work

Author : International Labour Office
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Information Technology and the World of Work

Author : Daphne Gottlieb Taras
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Information technologies have become both a means and an end, transforming the workplace and how work is performed. This ongoing evolution in the work process has received extensive coverage but relatively little attention has been given to how changing technologies and work practices affect the workers themselves. This volume specifi cally examines the institutional and social environment of the workplaces that information technologies have created.

10 Minute Critical Thinking Activities for the World of Work

Author : Ken Kaser
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Build critical-thinking skills in a workplace context! Allows students to solve realistic job-related problems through 50 brief scenarios Builds skills in communication, prioritization, decision making, comprehension, and human relations

Job Demands in a Changing World of Work

Author : Christian Korunka
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This book examines the new ways of working and their impact on employees’ well-being and performance. It concentrates on job demands and flexible work emanating from current economic and organizational change, and assesses impact on workers’ health and performance. The development of issues such as globalization, rapid technological advances, new management practices, organizational changes and new job skills are addressed. This book gives an overview and discusses the potential negative and positive effects of such new job demands and new forms of work.

The New World of Work

Author : Peter Cheese
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The world of work has changed forever. There's no going back. But how can HR professionals and business leaders adapt? How can they deal with both the wellbeing and productivity crisis? What does this mean for organization and job design? What should be done to address the skills gap? How can they build a responsible, trustworthy, purpose-driven organization that the workforce wants? This book has the answer. Written by a leading voice in the people profession, The New World of Work takes an evidence-based approach to provide practical advice on how the business and employees can succeed. It covers how to combat stalling productivity, poor wellbeing and the increase in mental health issues in the workplace as well as the need for agile learning, ways to close the skills gap and a refreshingly realistic look at the impact of technology. There is also essential discussion of job design, flexible working, diversity and inclusion (D&I) and how to engage both an ageing workforce and new Gen Z recruits. This book also includes guidance on how to build a business which is responsible, trustworthy and transparent, is based on the principles of 'good work' and is one that employees are proud to work for. With global examples and case studies from private and public sector organizations, The New World of Work is the book that HR and business professionals need to seize the opportunity and allow both the business and its people to succeed.

Education for a Changing World of Work

Author : United States. Panel of Consultants on Vocational Education
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The Wonderful World of Work

Author : Jeanette Purkis
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This hands-on workbook demystifies the world of work in order to help teenagers with Asperger syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) feel confident in their ability to be successful at their studies and get a job. Each chapter talks the teen through a different element of employment, including the benefits of having a job, why education is important, how to write a resume and succeed at job interviews, and the advantages and disadvantages of autism in the workplace. A variety of different industries and jobs are explored to encourage teens to begin to think about careers that might appeal to them and suit their skills and interests. Full of practical information, engaging activities, funny illustrations and inspiring personal stories, this book gives Asperteens a positive image of what people on the autism spectrum can achieve and is an essential career guidance aid for parents and teachers working with young adults.

Youth and the World of Work

Author : Michigan State University. Social Research Service
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