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Academic Libraries in the US and China

Author : Hanrong Wang
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Academic libraries have a long history both in the USA and China, with institutions developing along different trajectories, and responding to the rapidly changing library environment globally. Academic Libraries in the US and China compares current practices within Library and Information Science (LIS) in the USA and China, giving an historical overview of instruction, government documents, and outreach in academic libraries, as well as discussion and comparative analysis. An introduction leads to chapters on instruction, government publications, and outreach. Each topic is covered both for American and Chinese academic libraries. A conclusion then gives comparative analysis of US and Chinese academic libraries. Provides a clear examination of the historical foundations of three key areas within the academic library Includes examples of easy-to-implement current practices Anticipates future trends

Academic Library Development and Administration in China

Author : Ruan, Lian
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As the Chinese economy develops, academic libraries continue to evolve and provide indispensable services for their users. Throughout this growth, the scientific and cultural dialogue between China and the United States has made it necessary for each country’s libraries to understand each other. Academic libraries often act as catalysts for progress and innovation; proper management and applications of these resources is key to promote further research. Academic Library Development and Administration in China provides a resource to promote Sino-U.S. communication and collaboration between their academic libraries. In considering the relationship between China and the West, this publication serves as a timely reflection on the expanding global field of information science. This publication is intended for librarians, researchers, university administrators, and information scientists in both the U.S. and China.

The Sage in the Cathedral of Books

Author : Yang Yang
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The biography of Dr. Hwa-Wei Lee, who was awarded the highly prestigious Melvil Dewey Medal by the American Library Association in 2015, will be welcomed by readers interested in knowing not only more about Lee’s personal achievements and contributions in librarianship but also about the rapid changes in the library profession in general. The biography, written by Ms. Yang Yang of China Central Television in Beijing, was first published in Chinese in China in 2011. It was republished in Taiwan with added information in 2014. This English edition, translated by Dr. Ying Zhang of the University of California in Irvine, was updated by Lee. Throughout his childhood and youth, Lee experienced tremendous hardship during the brutal Sino-Japanese War and then the Chinese civil war, described in the first three chapters. After arriving in the United States as a graduate student from Taiwan in 1957, he struggled to realize the American dream by studying hard and working diligently in the field of librarianship for nearly half a century. The biography explores Lee’s career at major academic libraries, beginning at the University of Pittsburgh to his retirement from Ohio University, including his seven years of library directorship at the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok, Thailand, under the sponsorship of the U.S. Agency for International Development. After his first retirement, Lee was invited by OCLC to become a Visiting Distinguished Scholar. From there he was appointed Chief of the Asian Division at the Library of Congress and retired for the second time in 2008. The biography also highlights Lee’s contributions in international librarianship, especially in the promotion of library cooperation between the United States and China.

Building a Better Chinese Collection for the Library of Congress

Author : Chi Wang, The U.S.-China Policy Foundation
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In this collection of essays written by the former head of the Library of Congress Chinese Collection, Chi Wang chronicles the modest beginnings of the Chinese Collection at the Library of Congress and his crusade to transform it into the largest collection and Chinese cultural presence outside Asia. Select writings discuss publication and personnel exchanges with Chinese academic libraries, Chinese character encoding and library automation, and publishing activities in China.

The Catalogue of the Wason Collection on China and the Chinese Cornell University Libraries

Author : Paul P. W. Cehng
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China Bound

Author : Linda A. Reed
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This comprehensive, highly readable handbook simplifies the sometimes complex aspects of day-to-day life in China. Based on the experience of Americans who have recently studied, done research, and taught there, China Bound gives the invaluable "inside" information that only those who have been there can provide. Written primarily for students, scholars, and teachers, the book describes Chinese academic life and work and how Americans can fit into it. And, because it covers such a broad spectrum of topics--from customs regulations, taxation, and medical care to hotel life and how to get laundry done--China Bound is also must reading for anyone who is already planning or just trying to decide whether to plan an extended visit to China. Academic Library Book Review states, "China Bound is one of those books that is absolutely essential."

Envisioning Future Academic Library Services

Author : Sue McKnight
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Edited by a thought leader with an international reputation, it brings together renowned authors from across the globe who are breaking traditional moulds and boundaries in a way that will have a profound impact on the way libraries and library services are conceptualized in the years to come. They represent the key links in the knowledge chain: authors, publishers, academics, community knowledge creators, librarians and institutions; the student perspective is also provided.

Dictionary Catalog of the Research Libraries of the New York Public Library 1911 1971

Author : New York Public Library. Research Libraries
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Conversations with Leading Academic and Research Library Directors

Author : Patrick Lo
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Conversations with Leading Academic and Research Library Directors: International Perspectives on Library Management presents a series of conversations with the directors of major academic and research libraries. The book offers insight, analysis, and personal anecdote from leaders in the library field, giving a unique perspective on how the modern library operates. Readers will learn about the most up-to-date trends and practices in the LIS profession from the directors of 24 internationally acclaimed academic and research libraries in Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, and the UK and USA. This is the first book focusing on leaders and managers of library institutions to offer a global outlook. Facing the need to respond to the expectations of changing populations that librarians strive to serve, this book aims to develop a new understanding of the core values of academic and research libraries, and asks how librarians can innovate, adapt, and flourish in a rapidly shifting professional landscape. Presents conversations with library leaders from 24 major institutions Offers a global perspective on the operation and management of libraries Discusses the director’s impact on institutional structures and future landscapes Gives insights based on first-hand experience

China Exchange News

Author :
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A review of education, science, and academic relations with the PRC.

International Students and Academic Libraries

Author : Diane E. Peters
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This book addresses the issues faced by both international students and by librarians who work with them and offers suggestions on ways to make the relationship between the two groups more positive and productive. The annotated bibliography provides an overview of the literature on the topic.

Serving Library Users from Asia

Author : John Hickok
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Asian populations are among some of the fastest growing cultural groups in the US. This book is a comprehensive guide to serving library users from 24 specific Asian countries. It begins with a broad overview of how libraries can better serve Asian communities and then devotes a chapter to each country, providing wealth of valuable resources.

International Students and Academic Libraries

Author : Pamela A. Jackson
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The case studies describe projects that support the success of international students studying at academic institutions, and provide examples of strategies for librarians to encourage library use among international students and increase international student success.

Knowledge Discovery and Data Design Innovation

Author : Hawamdeh Suliman
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To navigate the complex ecosystem of societal challenges, the International Conference on Knowledge Management Conference (ICKM 2017) focused on big data and data analytics as part of the relationship to the wider concept of knowledge management processes and practices. This book includes top papers presenting the major, and diverse, topics discussed at the conference. The papers covered various aspects of big data ranging from enhancing access to the big data to facilitating its wide applications in healthcare, social media, library and information centers, governments, and corporations.

Building Area Studies Collections

Author : Dan C. Hazen
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These essays by noted Area Studies specialists at a number of US research libraries serve as a practical and theoretical guide to university and college administrators, library directors and heads of collection development, as well as selection practitioners who work to create foreign-language collections for research libraries. The volume constitutes a general introduction for new practitioners and even the most experienced Area Studies librarians will find useful practical advice for reviewing and refining their existing collecting practices. Coverage includes East Asia, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa, South Asia and the Romance language areas of Europe, as well as the German/Nordic/Netherlandic countries. Each essay presents the Area Studies topic in question from an historical perspective and provides background on its present status and anticipated future development. Special emphasis is placed on the techniques of both print and digital collecting and on the assessment methods by which collection strengths and future needs are determined. Guidelines for expenditures for both collections and collateral activities such as providing access and preservation are provided, and contributors also supply extensive documentation for the burgeoning array of online digital resources which have emerged in the past decade. The volume editors, Dan C. Hazen (Harvard) and James H. Spohrer (University of California, Berkeley), also provide a general introduction to the topic and a detailed summary of current cooperative activities in Area Studies collecting.

International and Comparative Librarianship

Author : Peter Johan Lor
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Based on his extensive experience in international librarianship, Peter Johan Lor, South Africa's first National Librarian and a former Secretary General of the IFLA, has written the first comprehensive and systematic overview of international and comparative librarianship. His book provides a conceptual framework and methodological guidelines for the field and covers the full range of international relations among libraries and information services, with particular attention to the international political economy of information, the international diffusion of innovations and policy in library and information services, LIS development and international aid. It concludes with a discussion of the practical relevance and future of international and comparative studies in LIS.

International Librarianship

Author : Constantia Constantinou
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Demonstrates the impact of global education partnerships related to information access. International librarianship stems from a desire to bring about political change, transcultural understanding, collaboration, and mutual respect. Historically, librarians have been deeply involved with challenging issues of information sharing, equity in information access, and bridging the digital divide between different socioeconomic communities. This collection draws on case studies from American librarians who traveled to Central America, the Caribbean, Central Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, and Asia to participate in librarian-initiated and sponsored projects. They united communities, promoted religious and cultural tolerance, developed new facilities, or enhanced existing libraries and archives, thereby enriching communities with resources, professional expertise, new partnerships, and sustainable development practices. International Librarianship offers insight into how these experiences might serve as templates and promote best practices in collaborations within the library profession in the United States and abroad, and it also demonstrates how international experiences can enliven home institutions upon return. “With its concrete, real-world examples from librarians with substantial cultural and professional experiences, this book is an outstanding resource for librarians aspiring to engage in librarianship across the borders. It will also serve as a valuable text for graduate courses.” — Tim J. Zou, University of Arkansas Libraries

The Catalog of the Wason Collection on China and The Chinese

Author : Wason Collection on China and the Chinese
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Asian American Librarians and Library Services

Author : Janet Hyunju Clarke
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Library professionals and scholars share reflections, best practices, and strategies for building collections about and supporting the information needs of Asian American communities. It conveys the need for diversity in the LIS field, library programming, and resources to better reflect the experiences and needs of Asian Americans.

Emerging Technologies for Academic Libraries in the Digital Age

Author : LiLi Li
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This book is written to promote academic strategic management and envision future innovations for academic library resources, services and instructions in the digital age. It provides academic executives, consultants, instructors, IT specialists, librarians, LIS students, managers, trainers and other professionals with the latest information for developing trends of emerging technologies applied to student-centred and service-oriented academic learning environments. This book explores various fields where key emerging technologies may have great implications on academic library information technologies, academic library management, academic library information services, and academic library internal operations. Reflects most recent emerging technologies which might impact on library administrations, resources, services and instructions Draws a clear roadmap how and where to monitor emerging technologies which began to emerge under academic library environments Provides practical and realistic suggestions and solutions how to utilize emerging technologies in academic learning environments