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Access Solutions

Author : Arvin Meyer
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Two Microsoft Access MVPs show how you can become an Access power user Microsoft Access is the world’s leading database system, with millions of users and hundreds of thousands of developers. The best practices, tips, and techniques in this book can turn users into power users. Millions of eager users make Access the most popular database system in the world These Microsoft MVPs exploit key features in Access, providing advice on techniques for capturing, sharing and reporting Access data. Each tip provides detailed solutions with clear instructions for implementation, and samples of all can be found on the companion Web site Access 2010 Solutions offers professional advice that enables every Access user to get greater value from the Access database system.

Design and Implementation of DSL based Access Solutions

Author : Sanjeev Mervana
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Format : PDF, Docs
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The ultimate DSL deployment guides and reference Teaches the reader how to design and implement the network to offer services such as voice, video, and data Explains the various access and core architectures for xDSL technologies Details how to do mass provisioning and how to manage an end-to-end network Includes case studies that depict some of the most common deployed architectures, how they evolved, problems they faced, and how they were overcome Design and Implementation of DSL-Based Access Solutions addresses various architectures for DSL-based networks. It focuses on how to design and implement an end-to-end solution for service providers, considering various business models such as retail, wholesale, VPN, etc. This book depicts the different architectures, and helps you understand the key design principles in deploying them. It covers both access encapsulations such as bridging, PPPoA, PPPoE, and routing, as well as core architectures such as IP, L2TP, MPLS/VPN, and ATM. Because it focuses on end-to-end solutions, Design and Implementation of DSL-Based Access Solutions talks about how to do mass provisioning of subscribers and how to manage networks in the most efficient way. It also includes discussions of real-life deployments, their design-related issues, and their implementation.

Access for Persons with Disabilities to Passenger Vessels and Shore Facilities

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Broadband Access WDM Metro and Network Management

Author : D. W. Faulkner
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Volume 2 Broadband Access, WDM Metro and Network Management shows how new optical technologies and architectures can improve the performance of broadband access and WDM metropolitan networks. WDM passive optical networks and WDM rings feature strongly in this volume. A paper from a group of key vendors in Germany will describe a DWDM metro ring network with up to 800 Gb/s using novel add-drop multiplexers.

Complete Book of Remote Access

Author : Victor Kasacavage
File Size : 61.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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As technology advances, the demand and necessity for seamless connectivity and stable access to servers and networks is increasing exponentially. Unfortunately the few books out there on remote access focus on Cisco certification preparation, one aspect of network connectivity or security. This text covers both-the enabling technology and how to ma

FTTx Monthly Newsletter November 2010

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High speed Internet Access

Author :
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Photonics Components Monthly Newsletter November 2010

Author :
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Optical Access Networks and Advanced Photonics Technologies and Deployment Strategies

Author : Chochliouros, Ioannis P.
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"This book presents a comprehensive overview of emerging optical access network solutions to efficiently meet the anticipated growth in bandwidth demand"--Provided by publisher.

Microsoft Access Small Business Solutions

Author : Teresa Hennig
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Expert Access 2007 Programming

Author : Rob Cooper
File Size : 29.71 MB
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The Integrated Services Digital Network

Author : John Ronayne
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Handbook of Research on Wireless Multimedia Quality of Service and Solutions

Author : Cranley, Nicola
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"This book highlights and discusses the underlying QoS issues that arise in the delivery of real-time multimedia services over wireless networks"--Provided by publisher.

Corporate Networks E government and Universal Access Satellite Solutions and the Battle for Indian Spectrum

Author :
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Wireless Multi Access Environments and Quality of Service Provisioning Solutions and Application

Author : Muntean, Gabriel-Miro
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"This book serves as a vital resource for practitioners to learn about the latest research and methodology within the field of wireless technology, covering important aspects of emerging technologies in the heterogeneous next generation network environment with a focus on wireless communications and their quality"--Provided by publisher.

Mobile Access Safety

Author : Dominique Assing
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Over recent years, the amount of mobile equipment that needs to be connected to corporate networks remotely (smartphones, laptops, etc.) has increased rapidly. Innovative development perspectives and new tendencies such as BYOD (bring your own device) are exposing business information systems more than ever to various compromising threats. The safety control of remote access has become a strategic issue for all companies. This book reviews all the threats weighing on these remote access points, as well as the existing standards and specific countermeasures to protect companies, from both the technical and organizational points of view. It also reminds us that the organization of safety is a key element in the implementation of an efficient system of countermeasures as well. The authors also discuss the novelty of BYOD, its dangers and how to face them. Contents 1. An Ordinary Day in the Life of Mr. Rowley, or the Dangers of Virtualization and Mobility. 2.Threats and Attacks. 3. Technological Countermeasures. 4. Technological Countermeasures for Remote Access. 5. What Should Have Been Done to Make Sure Mr Rowley’s Day Really Was Ordinary. About the Authors Dominique Assing is a senior security consultant and a specialist in the management and security of information systems in the banking and stock markets sectors. As a security architect and risk manager, he has made information security his field of expertise. Stephane Calé is security manager (CISSP) for a major automobile manufacturer and has more than 15 years of experience of putting in place telecommunications and security infrastructures in an international context.

Wireless Local Loop Newsletter

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Green Communications and Networking

Author : F. Richard Yu
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Green Communications and Networking introduces novel solutions that can bring about significant reductions in energy consumption in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry-as well as other industries, including electric power. Containing the contributions of leading experts in the field, it examines the latest research advances

Configuring Windows 2000 without Active Directory

Author : Syngress
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Eliminate the hassles of Active Directory - install Windows 2000 without it! Windows 2000 is undoubtedly a great product. In one year after its release, Microsoft have sold have sold 10 million licenses. System administrators are praising its impressive abilities to coordinate Internet, intranet, extranets, and management applications creating a complete technical infrastructure. However, there has been a noticeable amount of organizations that are avoiding one of the most talked about features of Windows 2000 - Active Directory. The industry buzz is that Active Directory (although a great product) is a burden to implement and install and is not compatible with non Windows products like Solaris, NetWare and Linux. Configuring Windows 2000 WITHOUT Active Directory is a complete guide to installation and configuration of Windows 2000 (without Active Directory) for system administrators and network consultants. This book details not only the new features and functions of Windows 2000 but also how to integrate several features with existing Windows NT4 domains. The book does not cover the Active Directory function of Windows 2000. There is nothing like this book available, yet every Windows 2000 mail list, magazine and online forum shouts for his sort of coverage!

The Telecommunications Handbook

Author : Jyrki T. J. Penttinen
File Size : 53.13 MB
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This practical handbook and reference provides a complete understanding of the telecommunications field supported by descriptions and case examples throughout Taking a practical approach, The Telecommunications Handbook examines the principles and details of all of the major and modern telecommunications systems currently available to industry and to end-users. It gives essential information about usage, architectures, functioning, planning, construction, measurements and optimisation. The structure of the book is modular, giving both overall descriptions of the architectures and functionality of typical use cases, as well as deeper and practical guidelines for telecom professionals. The focus of the book is on current and future networks, and the most up-to-date functionalities of each network are described in sufficient detail for deployment purposes. The contents include an introduction to each technology, its evolution path, feasibility and utilization, solution and network architecture, and technical functioning of the systems (signalling, coding, different modes for channel delivery and security of core and radio system). The planning of the core and radio networks (system-specific field test measurement guidelines, hands-on network planning advices and suggestions for the parameter adjustments) and future systems are also described. Each chapter covers aspects individually for easy reference, including approaches such as: functional blocks, protocol layers, hardware and software, planning, optimization, use cases, challenges, solutions to potential problems Provides very practical detail on the planning and operation of networks to enable readers to apply the content in real-world deployments Bridges the gap between the communications in the academic context and the practical knowledge and skills needed to work in the telecommunications industry Section divisions include: General theory; Fixed telecommunications; Mobile communications; Space communications; Other and special communications; and Planning and management of telecommunication networks Covers new commercial and enhanced systems deployed, such as IPv6 based networks, LTE-Advanced and GALILEO An essential reference for Technical personnel at telecom operators; equipment and terminal manufacturers; Engineers working for network operators.