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Across Arctic America

Author : Knud Rasmussen
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Alone Across the Arctic

Author : Pam Flowers
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Eight sled dogs and one woman set out from Barrow, Alaska, to mush 2,500 miles. ALONE ACROSS THE ARCTIC chronicles this astounding expedition. For an entire year, Pam Flowers and her dogs made this epic journey across North America arctic coast. The first woman to make this trip solo, Pam endures and deals with intense blizzards, melting pack ice, and a polar bear. Yet in the midst of such danger, Pam also relishes the time alone with her beloved team. Their survival—-her survival—-hinges on that mutual trust and love.

Synoptical Flora of North America

Author : Asa Gray
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Reverse Shots

Author : Wendy Gay Pearson
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From the dawn of cinema, images of Indigenous peoples have been dominated by Hollywood stereotypes and often negative depictions from elsewhere around the world. With the advent of digital technologies, however, many Indigenous peoples are working to redress the imbalance in numbers and counter the negativity. The contributors to Reverse Shots offer a unique scholarly perspective on current work in the world of Indigenous film and media. Chapters focus primarily on Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and cover areas as diverse as the use of digital technology in the creation of Aboriginal art, the healing effects of Native humour in First Nations documentaries, and the representation of the pre-colonial in films from Australia, Canada, and Norway.

Arctic Naturalist

Author : Anthony Dalton
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Dewey Soper first travelled to the Arctic in 1923. During the next seven years he accepted three research postings on Baffin Island, each of which lasted between one and two years. In 1929 he discovered the breeding grounds of the blue goose in the southwest corner of Baffin Island. He also charted the final unknown region of Baffin Island’s coastline. Later in life he worked in the western Arctic. Outside the Far North, Soper studied bison in Wood Buffalo National Park, documented bird life on the Prairies, and made a detailed study of small mammals in Alberta. Soper was the last of the great pioneer naturalists in Canada. He was also a skilled and meticulous explorer. As a naturalist, he was a major contributor to the National Museum of Canada, as well as to the University of Alberta and other museums across the country.

Synoptical Flora of North America Ranunculace to Frankeniace

Author : Asa Gray
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Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Author : American Academy of Arts and Sciences
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Vol. 12 (from May 1876 to May 1877) includes: Researches in telephony / by A. Graham Bell.

When Worlds Collide

Author : T. Max Friesen
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The Inuvialuit region is the most under-reported and least-known portion of the North American Arctic, beyond its immediate community of anthropological/archaeological practitioners, and this book helps address that lacuna.

North American Shore Birds

Author : Daniel Giraud Elliot
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Ancient People of the Arctic

Author : Robert McGhee
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The Palaeo-Eskimos have left far more than the hundreds of pieces of art recovered by archaeologists and the evidence of human ingenuity and endurance on the perimeter of the habitable world. Their most valuable legacy lies in the realization that these two things occurred together and were part of the same phenomenon. They provide an example of lives lived richly and joyfully amid dangers and insecurities that are beyond the imagination of the present world.

Polar Imperative

Author : Shelagh D. Grant
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Based on Shelagh Grant’s groundbreaking archival research and drawing on her reputation as a leading historian in the field, Polar Imperative is a compelling overview of the historical claims of sovereignty over this continent’s polar regions. This engaging, timely history examines: the unfolding implications of major climate changes the impact of resource exploitation on the indigenous peoples the current high-stakes game for control over the adjacent waters of Alaska, Arctic Canada and Greenland the events, issues and strategies that have influenced claims to authority over the lands and waters of the North American Arctic, from the arrival of the first inhabitants around 3,000 BCE to the present sovereignty from a comparative point of view within North America and parallel situations in the European and Asian Arctic This book will become a standard reference on Arctic history and will redefine North Americans’ understanding of the sovereign rights and responsibilities of Canada’s northernmost region.

Contributions to the Natural History of Arctic America

Author : Ludwig Kumlien
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The primary object of the expedition, by Captain Howgate's order, was to collect material, skins, skin clothing, dogs, sledges, and Eskimo, for the use of a future colony on the shores of Lady Franklin Bay. The secondary object of the expedition was scientific work; and thirdly, whaling was to be one feature of the cruise.

Geographical Distribution of British Birds

Author : Henry Seebohm
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Notes on and List of Birds and Eggs Collected in Arctic America 1861 1866

Author : R[oderick] Mac Farlane
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Botanical Contributions 1862 1888

Author : Asa Gray
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Ethnographic Bibliography of North America Arctic and subarctic

Author : George Peter Murdock
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Approximately 15,000 entries dealing with ethnography, history, psychology, human biology and medicine of native peoples of North America. Includes published materials issued before and during 1972.

A L A Booklist

Author :
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Lessons in the New Geography

Author : Spencer Trotter
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Illustrated Moss Flora of Arctic North America and Greenland

Author :
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The Coldest Crucible

Author : Michael F. Robinson
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In the late 1800s, “Arctic Fever” swept across the nation as dozens of American expeditions sailed north to the Arctic to find a sea route to Asia and, ultimately, to stand at the North Pole. Few of these missions were successful, and many men lost their lives en route. Yet failure did little to dampen the enthusiasm of new explorers or the crowds at home that cheered them on. Arctic exploration, Michael F. Robinson argues, was an activity that unfolded in America as much as it did in the wintry hinterland. Paying particular attention to the perils facing explorers at home, The Coldest Crucible examines their struggles to build support for the expeditions before departure, defend their claims upon their return, and cast themselves as men worthy of the nation’s full attention. In so doing, this book paints a new portrait of polar voyagers, one that removes them from the icy backdrop of the Arctic and sets them within the tempests of American cultural life. With chronological chapters featuring emblematic Arctic explorers—including Elisha Kent Kane, Charles Hall, and Robert Peary—The Coldest Crucible reveals why the North Pole, a region so geographically removed from Americans, became an iconic destination for discovery.