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Active Ageing with Music

Author : Andrea Creech
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Active Ageing with Music explores the powerful potential for active music-making to support wellbeing among older people. While major demographic transitions are currently underway, significant problems of social isolation, depression, and chronic disease among older people have been noted, requiring cost-effective and compassionate responses. This book demonstrates that engagement in active music-making offers just such a response. Supported by strong evidence, Active Ageing with Music balances research with practice, including: * Practical issues of accessibility and resources; * Potential barriers to participation - structural, intrapersonal, social - alongside case-studies of potential solutions; * Supporting principles and practices for facilitating groups of older people, especially musical groups. In parallel, this book uses the participants' own stories to underpin the argument that musical development is possible across a lifetime, and that older people can and do progress as musicians. The book will be of interest to all academics and practitioners interested in music psychology, the impact of music on wellbeing, and leading musical activities with older people, as well as occupational therapists and community musicians. Most importantly, Active Ageing with Music will be of interest to people who want to preserve and sustain their cognitive, social, and emotional wellbeing throughout the latter stages of their lives.

The Oxford Handbook of Community Music

Author : Brydie-Leigh Bartleet
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Community music as a field of practice, pedagogy, and research has come of age. The past decade has witnessed an exponential growth in practices, courses, programs, and research in communities and classrooms, and within the organizations dedicated to the subject. The Oxford Handbook of Community Music gives an authoritative and comprehensive review of what has been achieved in the field to date and what might be expected in the future. This Handbook addresses community music through five focused lenses: contexts, transformations, politics, intersections, and education. It not only captures the vibrant, dynamic, and divergent approaches that now characterize the field, but also charts the new and emerging contexts, practices, pedagogies, and research approaches that will define it in the coming decades. The contributors to this Handbook outline community music's common values that center on social justice, human rights, cultural democracy, participation, and hospitality from a range of different cultural contexts and perspectives. As such, The Oxford Handbook of Community Music provides a snapshot of what has become a truly global phenomenon.

Engaging in Community Music

Author : Lee Higgins
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Engaging in Community Music: An Introduction focuses on the processes involved in designing, initiating, executing and evaluating community music practices. Designed for both undergraduate and graduate students, in community music programmes and related fields of study alike, this co-authored textbook provides explanations, case examples and ‘how-to’ activities supported by a rich research base. The authors have also interviewed key practitioners in this distinctive field, encouraging interviewees to reflect on aspects of their work in order to illuminate best practices within their specialisations and thereby establishing a comprehensive narrative of case study illustrations. Features: a thorough exploration and description of the emerging field of community music; succinctly and accessibly written, in a way in which students can relate; interviews with 26 practitioners in the US, UK, Australia, Europe, Canada, Scandinavia and South Africa, where non-formal education settings with a music leader, or facilitator, have experienced success; case studies from many cultural groups of all ages and abilities; research on life-long learning, music in prisons, music and ritual, community music therapy, popular musics, leisure and recreation, business and marketing strategies, online communities – all components of community music.

Active Ageing in Asia

Author : Alan Walker
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East Asian societies are changing rapidly, and one of the most important facets of this transformation is population the ageing. of society. "Active ageing" is one of the few concepts available today to effectively address the problems arising from a highly-aged and, particularly in East Asia, fast-ageing society, offering a new social policy paradigm to redirect and innovate new social policies, particularly social services, social transfers, social regulations and laws, towards more investment in and support of the fast rising number of olderelderly citizens. This book focuses on the experiences of East Asian societies where active ageing has been implemented. It presents a thorough analysis of the concept of active ageing and its potential and problems of implementations in different stages of development in East Asia, whilst providing theoretical clarity to, and broadening the concept of, active ageing. Further, the country-focused case studies explore how to design, pursue, measure and evaluate social policies, highlight the problems related to the implementation of the concept of active ageing in social policy and outline the practical implications of active ageing theory forin policy making. Active Ageing in Asia will appeal to students and scholars of social and public policy, social work, gerontology and health and social administration, as well as to policy makers working in the field.

Ageing and Youth Cultures

Author : Paul Hodkinson
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What happens to punks, clubbers, goths, riot grrls, soulies, break-dancers and queer scene participants as they become older? For decades, research on spectacular 'youth cultures' has understood such groups as adolescent phenomena and assumed that involvement ceases with the onset of adulthood. In an age of increasingly complex life trajectories, Ageing and Youth Cultures is the first anthology to challenge such thinking by examining the lives of those who continue to participate into adulthood and middle-age. Showcasing a range of original research case studies from across the globe, the chapters explore how participants reconcile their continuing involvement with ageing bodies, older identities and adult responsibilities. Breaking new ground and establishing a new field of study, the book will be essential reading for students and scholars researching or studying questions of youth, fashion, popular music and identity across a wide range of disciplines.

A Life Course Approach to Healthy Ageing

Author : Diana Kuh
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Healthy ageing has long been a neglected area of epidemiological research as the traditional focus has been on specific chronic diseases of older life. There is a growing consensus from scientists, research funders and policy makers that ageing itself needs to be studied from an interdisciplinary and life course perspective, to inform strategies for reducing the societal and individual costs of an ageing population. A Life Course Approach to Healthy Ageing is a synthesis of life course perspectives in epidemiology and interdisciplinary perspectives in ageing research. It brings together expert investigators of maturing birth cohort and ageing studies, cross-cutting methodologists, and authorities in ageing research and knowledge transfer from across the world in one wide-ranging volume. Contributors discuss how aspects of healthy ageing are conceptualised, defined and measured; relate to each other; change across life; and are influenced by biological, psychological and social factors operating from early life onwards. They identify research gaps, and suggest how evidence from observational studies can be strengthened through improved study design and longitudinal analysis, thereby increasing the research contribution to practice or policy change. The book considers how we might delay or slow down the progressive, generalised impairment of function that occurs at the individual, body system and cellular levels, as people grow older. It also considers the determinants of wellbeing in older people, including personal fulfilment, positive emotions and social relationships. Broad in scope, discussing topics from genetics to psychological and social wellbeing, A Life Course Approach to Healthy Ageing is a key resource for epidemiologists, social scientists, clinicians, public health physicians, policy makers and practitioners with a research interest in healthy ageing.

The Ashgate Research Companion to Popular Musicology

Author : Derek B. Scott
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The research presented in this volume is very recent, and the general approach is that of rethinking popular musicology: its purpose, its aims, and its methods. Contributors to the volume were asked to write something original and, at the same time, to provide an instructive example of a particular way of working and thinking. The essays have been written with a view to helping graduate students with research methodology and the application of relevant theoretical models. The team of contributors is an exceptionally strong one: it contains many of the pre-eminent academic figures involved in popular musicological research, and there is a spread of European, American, Asian, and Australasian scholars.

Active Ageing in Europe

Author : Dragana Avramov
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Demography Active Ageing and Pensions

Author : Clive Tucker
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Recoge: 1. The demographic revoluction in Europe - 2. Economic, employment and social implications of Europe's demographic trends - 3. Active ageing - 4. Pensions - 5. Conclusions.

Arts and Culture for Older People in Singapore An Annotated Bibliography

Author : Belinda Yuen
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This book combines in a single volume numerous studies concerning the use of arts and culture to enhance quality of life, health and wellbeing among older people, especially in Singapore. The bibliography covers not only research conducted in Singapore (both published and grey literature), but also a global body of work encompassing the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America. In addition to the annotated bibliography, the opening chapter introduces the current state of policy, practice and research on arts and culture for older people in Singapore. The book offers a valuable point of reference for all readers interested in the use of artistic and cultural development as creative and non-pharmacological approaches to providing support throughout the ageing process. It will be particularly useful for anyone interested in research advances in participatory arts therapies and recreational activities for older individuals.

The New Science of Ageing

Author : Walker, Alan
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This unique book represents the first multi-disciplinary examination of ageing, covering everything from basic cell biology, to social participation in later life, to the representations of old age in the arts and literature. A comprehensive introductory text about the latest scientific evidence on ageing, the book draws on the pioneering New Dynamics of Ageing Programme, the UK’s largest research programme in ageing. This programme brought together leading academics from across the arts and humanities, social and biological sciences and fields of engineering and medical research, to study how ageing is changing and the ways in which this process can be made more beneficial to both individuals and society. Comprising individual, local, national and global perspectives, this book will appeal to everyone with an interest in one of the greatest challenges facing the world – our own ageing.

Social Welfare

Author : Freda Marie (Houlston) Bedi
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Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Author : Australia. Parliament. House of Representatives
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The Aged Population of Singapore

Author : G. Shantakumar
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The Music At Long Verney

Author : Sylvia Townsend Warner
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The 20 stories in this collection, which have been freshly assembled from Sylvia Townsend Warner’s archives, have never before been published in book form. They are, therefore, an exceptional and wholly unexpected treasure trove. In these stories the author of the classic Lolly Willowes is at her most witty and beguiling. Written over five decades, from 1929 to 1977, they are crowded with vivid, irrepressible characters – from the nymph hunting chorister to the garrulous mother warding off her daughter’s unwanted suitors – and equally animated objects and incidents. There are tales of romantic love, of the mysteries of marriage, of gardens and houses, of possessions and those that fancy they own them. The centerpiece of the collection is a series of five linked episodes concerning one singular establishment, the Abbey Antique Galleries, its eccentric proprietor, Mr Edom and his erratic staff, clientele and wares. With a foreword by William Maxwell, her long time editor at the New Yorker, and edited by Michael Steinman, The Music at Long Verney is both an important supplement to Sylvia Townsend Warner’s legacy and the perfect introduction to her light wit and spry social observation.

Who s who in Australia

Author : Suzannah Pearce
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The Rise of Musical Classics in Eighteenth century England

Author : William Weber
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The English invented the idea of the musical classics. Eighteenth-century England was the first country where old musical works were performed regularly and reverentially, and where a collective notion of such works - 'ancient music' - first appeared. This is the first book to explore theformation of musical 'classics' in regard to repertory and social context. It examines the performance of old music in eighteenth-century England, from the interest in music of the Elizabethan period at the beginning of the century, through the performance of works by Henry Purcell, ArcangeloCorelli, and other English and Italian composers, to the development of festivals that featured choral-orchestral works of Purcell and Handel. It concludes with the establishment of the Concert of Antient Music in 1776, where the traditions of performing old works came together as a self-consciouscanon focused upon the work of Handel. The book examines closely the political and social reasons for these developments. In addition, it shows how they laid the groundwork for the classical-music tradition of the nineteenth century. Readership: Musicologists and social and political historians ofEngland in the 18th century.

Healthy Brain Aging Evidence Based Methods to Preserve Brain Function and Prevent Dementia An issue of Clinics in Geriatric Medicine E Book

Author : Abhilash K. Desai
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This issue examines what is a healthy aging brain and covers preventive measures for succesful cognitive aging. Topics covered include: A road map to healthy aging brain; Cardiovascular risk factors, cerebrovascular disease burden and healthy aging brain; Healthy aging brain: Impact of head injury, alcohol and environmental toxins; Healthy aging brain: What has sleep go to do with it?; Endocrine aspects of healthy aging brain; Healthy aging brain: Role of exercise and physically active lifestyle; Healthy aging brain: Role of nutrition and nutritional supplements; Healthy aging brain: Role of cognitive reserve, cognitive stimulation and cognitive exercises; Healthy aging brain: Impact of positive and negative emotions; Dementia risk predictor. Are we there yet?; Potential future neuroprotective therapies for neurodegenerative disorders and stroke; Healthy aging brain: Importance of promoting resilience and creativity.

Health Visitor

Author :
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Media and Memory

Author : Joanne Garde-Hansen
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Covers the variety of complex ways that media engage with memory.