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Acts of Mercy

Author : Ciara Graves
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Mages. Sirens. Demons. Dragons. Gryphons. A Federal Paranormal Unit. Attackers of magic. The Mercy Temple Chronicles will hook you! Mercy Temple lives in a world where paranormals are a thing. Humans know of their existence, but the two species don’t interact. Or so it is thought. She works for a bounty hunter, doing any job he needs done. From killing someone, to finding someone, to bringing them in. She has a love/hate relationship with the bounty hunter. He knows her secret and that’s how he keeps her working for him. But still, he pays her well. Rafael is a demon. He isn’t a good guy, but not a bad guy either. He wants to know Mercy’s secret, but he has one of his own. He works for the Federal Paranormal Unit. Undercover. And he is hunting the same person she is. Warning: Unputdownable action-packed fantasy, with mages, sirens, demons, dragons, gryphons and a Federal Paranormal Unit.

Acts of Mercy

Author : Mariah Stewart
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From New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes a novel of sexy romantic suspense for fans of Nora Roberts, Catherine Coulter, and Karen Robards. Former FBI agent Sam Delvecchio brings the keen skills of a profiler to his new position as a Mercy Street Foundation operative–and not a moment too soon. His first assignment, the cold-case murder of a local soup kitchen volunteer, has all the telltale signs of a serial killer’s work. That grim suspicion is confirmed when FBI agent Fiona Summers shares the details of two other killings with eerie similarities to Sam’s case: The bodies in all three cases have been carefully posed. And when a fourth victim is discovered, the two investigators realize they’re pursuing the same twisted quarry. Local parish priest Kevin Burch, Mercy Street founder Robert Magellan’s cousin, recognizes the posings for what they are: The killer is staging the church’ s seven Acts of Mercy (“Feed the hungry, clothe the naked . . .”) with the bodies of his victims. But as Sam and Fiona race to prevent the final three murders, taunting messages from their target lead to the most chilling realization of all. From the Paperback edition.

Acts of Mercy

Author : Amy K. Bond
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Everyone is a soul seeker, no matter who you are or what you have accomplished. Nevada Leigh Rain, abandoned, homeless and heartbroken, searches for a reason to continue on with her life. Captain Elliott Townsend Jr., of the Salvation Army Shelter in the slums of Seattle, Washington, travels beyond the call of duty to reach her.

Acts of Mercy

Author : Bill Pronzini
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A chilling, ingenious brain-teaser by two masters of the psychological thriller. Nicholas Augustine was a rancher and a railroad enthusiast, a popular maverick whose meteoric rise to the Presidency dumbfounded every self-styled expert in Washington. But scandal threatens when someone is murdered in the White House. Loyal secret service agent Christopher Justice will do anything to protect the President. A masterful thriller of murder in the White House.

My Brother s Keeper

Author : Daniel N. Rolph
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Countless books on the Civil War recount the carnage, vengeance, and heroism in battle. But there was another aspect of the Civil War as well: one in which Yankees and Rebels during the heat of battle saved one another, often at risk of their own lives; one in which soldiers and civilians, prison guards and prisoners, though on opposing sides, not only traded with one another, but gave humanitarian aid and sustenance in times of need. This "brotherhood for the enemy" contradicted all the rules of normal warfare but did in fact take place. Using primary source materials such as diaries, letters, military reports, and newspapers, Daniel Rolph opens up a unique and little-know genre of Civil War history.

The Beatitude of Mercy

Author : Terry A. Veling
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What is the relationship between justice and mercy? This is not merely a speculative question; it goes to the heart of many of our activities as human beings in both our personal and social relationships. How can I live with my fellow human beings in ways that are both just and merciful? The Beatitude of Mercy is a meditative exploration of this question. While it recognizes the importance of social justice--as a mutual indebtedness--it argues that without social mercy, even justice itself cannot save us. Mercy is not a countermeasure or complement to justice; rather, mercy "watches over justice." Mercy does not seek to thwart or deny justice's rightful claims, but to ensure that our practices of justice are never conducted solely according to calculation and measurement, but are also weighed or motivated by mercy and love.

The Seven Acts of Mercy

Author : Anders Lustgarten
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You have to be tough to be kind. That's what I've learned from you, Granddad. Tough and fearless and strong. So that's what I'm going to be. Naples, 1606. Inside an unfinished church, a painting is emerging from the darkness. The Seven Acts of Mercy is Caravaggio's masterpiece - and his first painting since he killed a man and fled Rome. As the artist works, he is fueled by anger, self-loathing and his driving need to create a work that speaks of compassion in a violent world. Bootle, the present day. A retired dock worker teaches his grandson, as around them a community is disintegrating under the pressure of years of economic and political degradation. With all he has left, a book of great works of art, he tries to open the boy's eyes to the tragedy and beauty of the life he faces. And the boy reciprocates in the only way he knows. Playing out across a gap of 400 years, Anders Lustgarten's visceral play confronts the dangerous necessity of compassion, in a world where it is in short supply. The Seven Acts of Mercy received its world premiere at the Swan Theatre, RSC, on 24 November 2016.

The practical works of David Clarkson

Author : David Clarkson
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The Works of that Eminent Servant of Christ Mr John Bunyan The holy war The desire of the righteous granted The saint s privilege and profit Christ a compleat saviour The saints knowledge of Christ s love A discourse of the house of the forest of Lebanon Of Anti christ and his ruin Saved by grace Christian behaviour A discourse touching prayer The strait gate Some gospel truths opened A vindication of gospel truths opened Light for them that sit in darkness Instruction for the ignorant The holy city The resurrection of the dead and eternal judgment A caution to stir up to watch against sin An exposition on the ten first chapters of Genesis and part of the eleventh The work of Jesus Christ as an advocate Seasonable counsel Divine emblems Mr Bunyan s last sermon Ebal and Gerizzim Prison meditations

Author : John Bunyan
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The Complete Works of Thomas Manton D D

Author : Thomas Manton
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