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Author : Richard Wagner
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A B-Flat Calrinet Solo, composed by Richard Wagner.

Adagio and Rondo

Author : Carl Maria von Weber
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A Cello solo with Piano Accompaniment composed by Carl Maria von Weber and arranged by Gregor Piatigorsky.


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This is an adaptation of the well-known "Adagio" by Tomaso Albinoni. Especially noted for its depth and beauty, this piece is arranged for the intermediate-level classical quartet (or large ensemble). Includes score and individual parts plus optional parts for contrabass guitar and soprano guitar. Written in standard notation only.

The Adagio

Author : Alan Austin
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"Enchanting music leads him into hell"--Cover.

Adagio Fine

Author : Nathan Neuharth
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The Healing Adagio

Author : Melony McGrant
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A Love Symphony In Five Parts For the unemployed, under-employed or employed--- and All Truth Seekers of every faith and cultural tradition ---The Healing Adagio is a new book written by Melony McGant where small poetic thoughts become big ideas that offer compassion, hope and inspiration in difficult and challenging times. The Healing Adagio Moving Forward Heart Songs are written by Deborah Ballard and H. Daniel Mujahid, along with Heart Songs from James Aloway, Peter Andrews, Evens Anozine, Gloria Brown, Tehuti Carter Jones, Andrea Christofferson, Adrienne Croix, Kay Dendy, Katherine Henry, Gayle Hodnett Dobbs, Rev. Sedrick Gardner, Sunil Gupta, Patricia Moore, Karen Piazza, Pamela Patrick, Norbu Tsering, and Dr. Glory Van Scott "For Our Children... "I can only hope that our enthusiasm and desire for goodness becomes more poignant and real each passing day. May we learn to embody mercy and compassion for all so that all are safe and free to make good choices. May we live our lives as a good neighbors in loving prosperous communities of respect and tolerance. May we share our time together nurturing hearts and building strong peaceful, healing foundations of hope for children to explore and grow and share their many gifts with love. Call Me A Dreamer!" Melony McGant considers herself a seeker of truth “quietly in service to those in need of guidance and positive thoughts. She has spoken with thousands of people seeking new employment, shifting careers, exploring new life options and seeking spiritual re-assurance and the path to re-discovering joy. "Reverend Melony McGant’s written words of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement,---travel beautifully off the pages of her new book The Healing Adagio. The reader’s eyes behold words of her truly universal spirit---which touches your heart, and gently rocks your soul. Her timely messages of truth will gladden and uplift your day, and gladden and uplift your year!” ---Producer, writer and choreographer, Dr. Glory Van Scott Front Cover photo by Tyrone Rasheed

Adagio and Lamentation

Author : Naomi Ruth Lowinsky
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Naomi's words and images meander through shadows and light, between demons and angels, yet the poetry is always accessible. In this moving collection, she often goes back in time, to the days when her family lived in (and escaped from) Hitler's Europe. The journey helps inform who she is today, including the indelible scar worn by anyone whose family has borne witness to genocide. —Stewart Florsheim, author of The Short Fall from Grace. "(W)e are all/each other's/raw/material" writes Naomi Ruth Lowinsky in her wise and moving book Adagio and Lamentation, the "we" born not only of others but histories and places, all of this inspiring our very human connection over time to vitality and imagination. Lowinsky's music is poignant and haunting, moving the listeners and readers of her poems with the miracle of arrival that is all new life and the celebration of thriving. —Forrest Hammer, author of Call and Response, Middle Ear, and Rift. Naomi Lowinsky's poetry is both fierce and tender, political yet intimate; and, for her, the political is personal. Lowinsky's poems "voices from the ashes"and "great lake of my mother" are particularly moving. Her work is deeply lyrical and transformative. It makes you think and feel. It makes you wish you'd written these poems. Adagio and Lamentation is a stunning and memorable book. —Susan Terris, author of Contrariwise, Natural Defenses, and Fire is Favorable to the Dreamer. Naomi Ruth Lowinsky was the first child born in the New World to a family of German Jewish refugees from the Shoah. Many in her family were lost in the death camps. It has been the subject and the gift of her poetry and prose-to write herself out of the terror, into life. Naomi had a special tie with her only surviving grandparent, the painter Emma Hoffman, whom she called "Oma." Oma showed her that making art can be a way to transmute grief, a way to bear the unbearable. The cover of Adagio and Lamentation is a watercolor by Emma Hoffman-an interior view of the Berkeley home where Naomi visited her often as a teenager. Oma tried her best to make a painter of her, but Naomi was no good at it. Poetry was to be her vehicle. Adagio and Lamentation is Naomi's offering to her ancestors, a handing back in gratitude and love. It is also her way of bringing them news of their legacy-the cycle of life has survived all they suffered-Naomi has been blessed by many grandchildren.

Final Adagio

Author : Giselle M. Stancic
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Tonight's performance of Mahler's Ninth Symphony marks a new beginning for Maestro Auguste Leloir. Behind him are the ghosts of his first appearance with the Chicago Philharmonia thirty years ago, when the dreams of the conductor and his new bride were brutally destroyed by the blade of an unknown assailant. But at the end of the evening's triumphant concert, death emerges once again to take the solo bow. The Philharmonia's principal oboist and Auguste's longtime friend, Nicholas Koshevsky, suffers a heart attack onstage during the fading chords of Mahler's great requiem, the Final Adagio. Observing the reactions of those closest to Nicholas, Auguste begins to question whether the oboist's death was inevitable. As he unravels the backstage labyrinth of orchestral politics and personal betrayal, he discovers that death by natural causes serves as a convenient cover for murder. Offstage, Leloir is lured into a web of deceit and long-held hatreds that hold the key to solving his wife's murder--and ultimately to his own survival.

Adagio and Allegro Opus 70

Author : Robert Schumann
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Expertly arranged French Horn Solo by Robert Schumann from the Kalmus Edition series. This is from the Romantic era.

Adagio and rondo in C minor K 617 for piano flute oboe viola and cello

Author : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
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Mozart's Adagio and Rondo (K. 617) was written for the armonica, or musical glasses (a set of tuned glass bowls) and a quartet consisting of flute, oboe, viola, and cello. The music is effective played as an organ solo. The Adagio may be registered "forte," in the style of Mozart's Fantasia (K. 608). The Rondo should be played on the flute stops. Arranged for organ by E. Power Briggs.