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Analyzing Bach Cantatas

Author : Eric Chafe
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Bach's cantatas are among the highest achievements of Western musical art, yet studies of the individual cantatas that are both illuminating and detailed are few. In this book, noted Bach expert Eric Chafe combines theological, historical, analytical, and interpretive approaches to the cantatas to offer readers and listeners alike the richest possible experience of these works. A respected theorist of seventeenth-century music, Chafe is sensitive to the composer's intentions and to the enduring and universal qualities of the music itself. Concentrating on a small number of representative cantatas, mostly from the Leipzig cycles of 1723-24 and 1724-25, and in particular on Cantata 77, Chafe shows how Bach strove to mirror both the dogma and the mystery of religious experience in musical allegory. Analyzing Bach Cantatas offers valuable information on the theological relevance of the structure of the liturgical year for the design and content of these works, as well as a survey of the theories of modality that inform Bach's compositional style. Chafe demonstrates that, while Bach certainly employed "pictorialism" and word-painting in his compositions, his method of writing music was a more complex amalgam of theological concepts and music theory. Regarding the cantatas as musical allegories that reflect the fundamental tenets of Lutheran theology as established during Bach's lifetime, Chafe synthesizes a number of key musical and theological ideas to illuminate the essential character of these great works. This unique and insightful book offers an essential methodology for understanding one of the central bodies of work in the Western musical canon. It will prove indispensable for all students and scholars of Bach's work, musicology, and theological studies.

The Organ Music of J S Bach Volume 2

Author : Peter Williams
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A Treatise Clearing certaine Doubts concerning Predestination Together with an Examination thereof written by William Twisse

Author : John Cotton
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The Thematic Catalogue of the Musical Works of Johann Pachelbel

Author : Jeanne Martha Perreault
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The Thematic Catalogue of the Musical Works of Johana Pachelbel provides scholars and performers with a survey of the breadth and variety of the repertoire of the composer described by Christoph Wolff as "one of the most seminal and influential musicians of the pre-Bach generation in Germany." Pachelbel composed the majority of his 527 works for keyboard instruments, as well as choral, vocal, and chamber music, and this Thematic Catalogue presents incipits for those that can be identified. The list of works is intended to determine the totality of the corpus and knowledge about it, establish the best means of identifying each work, and settle problems of identity among similarly titled works. An essay on authorities examines the controversies over the authenticity of Pachelbel's manuscripts. Meticulously compiled with copious notes and comments, this unique volume will be invaluable to those already familiar with Pachelbel's compositions and will create new interest among those who were aware only of the universally loved canon movement of his Canon and Gigue in D.

Calvin Institutes of the Christian Religion

Author : John Calvin
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Synopsis Papismi that is A generall view of papistrie wherein the whole mysterie of iniquitie and summe of antichristian doctrine is set downe which is maintained by the synagogue of Rome Together with an antithesis of the true Christian faith Now this fourth time perused and published by the former Author and augmented with divers additions etc

Author : Andrew WILLET
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Sweet Thing

Author : Nicholas Stoia
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As children, many of us learn to sing, "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands." But despite the familiarity of this tune, few of us realize that what we're singing is actually part of a pervasive - and centuries-old - musical scheme. This particular pattern, the "Sweet Thing" scheme, has generated a large group of songs spanning a broad range of topics, genres, and time periods, but all related through a specific stanzaic form. Early twentieth-century blues songs "My Babe" and "Motherless Children," country songs "Peg and Awl" and "Crawdad Song," and gospel songs "Pure Religion" and "This Train" use this form, along with popular songs like Ray Charles's "I Got a Woman," The Beatles's "One After 909," and the Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting for the Man." Sweet Thing: The History and Musical Structure of a Shared American Vernacular Form studies one of the most productive and enduring shared musical resources in North American vernacular music. Author Nicholas Stoia offers the most comprehensive examination to date of the long history of the "Sweet Thing" scheme, exploring how it made its way from sixteenth-century Scotland to eighteenth-century British broadside ballads to nineteenth-century American ragtime. Stoia also examines the form in various contexts, including early blues and country music, and moving forward to rhythm and blues, soul, and rock music, connecting these modern forms to their ancient roots. Through this close look at a ubiquitous musical from, Sweet Thing shows us how it has linked listeners and musicians alike across the boundaries of genre, race, and even time.

The General View of the Holy Scriptures Or the Times Places and Persons of the Holy Scriptures Second Edition Revised and Inlarged Few MS Notes

Author : Thomas HAYNE
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J S Bach

Author : Albert Schweitzer
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Synopsis Papismi that is a General View Op Papestrie Wherein the Whole Mysterie of Iniquitie and Summe of Antichristian Doctrine is Set Down Wich is Maintained this Day by the Synagogue of Rome Against the Church of Christ

Author :
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