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Adam s Fall

Author : Sandra Brown
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For the past few years, Lilah Mason has watched her sister find love, get married, and have children, while she's been more than content to channel her energies into her career. A physical therapist with an unsinkable spirit and unwavering compassion, she's one of the best in the field. But when Lilah takes on a demanding new case, her patient's life isn't the only one transformed. Her new patient, Adam, challenges her methods and authority at every turn. Yet Lilah is determined to help him recover the life he's lost. What she can't see, until it's much too late, is that while she's winning Adam's battle, she's losing her heart... And as professional duty and her passionate yearnings clash, she must choose the course right for them both.

Adam s Fall

Author : Paul Fairall
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In the aftermath of a series of terrible events, the United States emerges a very different place with a new agenda. It is a place of great persecution and corruption, where Christians are viewed as narrow-minded traitors. The police have full reign to find these traitors and wipe them out. In the midst of this dark time, new heroes emerge an unlikely group of teens who will challenge everything in their quest to strengthen and spread their faith. As Joseph, Sarah, and their friends flee from an evil captain, they discover a powerful weapon that could tip the scales in their favor. Will the weapon save them, or can they find some other way to defeat the troopers? In Adam's Fall, author Paul Fairall takes readers on a nonstop thrill ride that will keep them guessing until the very end.

Adam s Fall

Author : Robert V. Bullough
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On a warm summer's evening, while riding his bicycle with his girlfriend down a gentle slope something inexplicable happened. Suddenly, Adam flew over his handle bars, bounced on the street, and crushed the back of his head. TBI-traumatic brain injury. In that moment, Adam's life and the life of his family changed forever. Like tens of thousands of other young people who probably rode their bikes that day, Adam was not wearing a helmet. "Adam's Fall" tells a very personal story of a young man's struggle to survive first while in prolonged coma and then to heal and to recover himself. It is a story of the heroic efforts of doctors, nurses and therapists who saved his life and of those who have since supported his healing. But mostly, it is a story of a family facing every parent's worst nightmare, a story of faith and of hope that continues to unfold in often surprising ways.

In Adam s Fall

Author : Ian A. McFarland
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This engaging and scholarly book offers refreshingly original insights into the contemporary relevance of the Christian doctrine of original sin – one that has inspired fierce debate for the last two millennia. Challenges the many prevailing opinions about the Christian doctrine of original sin, arguing that it is not only theological defensible, but stimulating and productive for a life of faith Shows how it is possible to affirm the universality of sin without losing sight of the distinct ways in which individuals both participate in and suffer the consequences of sinful behavior Balances historic and contemporary criticism with original theological arguments; combining the substance of a traditional Augustinian doctrine of sin with the pastoral and social concerns of contemporary contextual theologies Provides a depth and range of engagement with contemporary criticism of traditional doctrine that is lacking in other recent treatments of the topic

Durch Adams Fall

Author : Girolamo Frescobaldi
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Analyzing Bach Cantatas

Author : Eric Chafe
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Bach's cantatas are among the highest achievements of Western musical art, yet studies of the individual cantatas that are both illuminating and detailed are few. In this book, noted Bach expert Eric Chafe combines theological, historical, analytical, and interpretive approaches to the cantatas to offer readers and listeners alike the richest possible experience of these works. A respected theorist of seventeenth-century music, Chafe is sensitive to the composer's intentions and to the enduring and universal qualities of the music itself. Concentrating on a small number of representative cantatas, mostly from the Leipzig cycles of 1723-24 and 1724-25, and in particular on Cantata 77, Chafe shows how Bach strove to mirror both the dogma and the mystery of religious experience in musical allegory. Analyzing Bach Cantatas offers valuable information on the theological relevance of the structure of the liturgical year for the design and content of these works, as well as a survey of the theories of modality that inform Bach's compositional style. Chafe demonstrates that, while Bach certainly employed "pictorialism" and word-painting in his compositions, his method of writing music was a more complex amalgam of theological concepts and music theory. Regarding the cantatas as musical allegories that reflect the fundamental tenets of Lutheran theology as established during Bach's lifetime, Chafe synthesizes a number of key musical and theological ideas to illuminate the essential character of these great works. This unique and insightful book offers an essential methodology for understanding one of the central bodies of work in the Western musical canon. It will prove indispensable for all students and scholars of Bach's work, musicology, and theological studies.

Wayward Contracts

Author : Victoria Kahn
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Why did the language of contract become the dominant metaphor for the relationship between subject and sovereign in mid-seventeenth-century England? In Wayward Contracts, Victoria Kahn takes issue with the usual explanation for the emergence of contract theory in terms of the origins of liberalism, with its notions of autonomy, liberty, and equality before the law. Drawing on literature as well as political theory, state trials as well as religious debates, Kahn argues that the sudden prominence of contract theory was part of the linguistic turn of early modern culture, when government was imagined in terms of the poetic power to bring new artifacts into existence. But this new power also brought in its wake a tremendous anxiety about the contingency of obligation and the instability of the passions that induce individuals to consent to a sovereign power. In this wide-ranging analysis of the cultural significance of contract theory, the lover and the slave, the tyrant and the regicide, the fool and the liar emerge as some of the central, if wayward, protagonists of the new theory of political obligation. The result is must reading for students and scholars of early modern literature and early modern political theory, as well as historians of political thought and of liberalism.

Christology in the Making

Author : James D. G. Dunn
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This excellent study of the origins and early development of Christology by James D. G. Dunn clarifies in rich detail the beginnings of the full Christian belief in Christ as the Son of God and incarnate Word. By employing the exegetical methods of "historical context of meaning" and "conceptuality in transition," Dunn illumines the first-century meaning of key titles and passages within the New Testament that bear directly on the development of the Christian understanding of Jesus.

Rationality realism revision

Author : Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie. Internationaler Kongress
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Includes bibliographical references and index.

The Organ Music of J S Bach Volume 2

Author : Peter Williams
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