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Addressing Violence Abuse and Oppression

Author : Barbara Fawcett
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This book provides a broad overview of violence in relation to a range of groups and areas that social workers and human service professionals work with - men, women, children, mental health, youth, older people, the workplace, disability, sexuality and rural communities.

Addressing Violence Abuse and Oppression

Author : Barbara Fawcett
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This book provides a broad overview of violence in relation to a range of groups and areas that social workers and human service professionals work with - men, women, children, mental health, youth, older people, the workplace, disability, sexuality and rural communities.

Honour Based Crimes and the Law

Author : Mukaddes Gorar
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Honour based violence and abuse manifests itself in different forms and this book offers a comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon. This book argues that the limits of honour crimes must be defined more widely so that they include conducts and behaviours that originate from the patriarchal notion of honour, such as honour based oppression and breast ironing. The book provides a critical analysis and synthesis of the law in England and Wales and in the international human rights sphere. The relevant domestic legislation and cases are examined to reflect on whether adequate protection is provided for the victims and potential victims of honour based violence and abuse. Since honour based violence is a violation of human rights, the relevant international human rights law is examined to illustrate the perception of such crimes in the international arena. The effectiveness of any remedy for victims of honour based violence and abuse depends on its capability to change deep rooted behaviours in communities with honour based patriarchal values. This book argues that the law does not provide the effective impact required, in part due to patriarchal structures, and that more efforts should be dedicated to changes in education. It is held that there is a need for an educational programme that is especially designed to tackle violence and promote gender equality. The book will be essential reading for academics, researchers and policy-makers working in the areas of Human Rights Law, Criminal Law and Gender Studies.

Preventing and Reducing Aggression and Violence in Health and Social Care

Author : Kelvin Ford
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No one should face aggression or violence in the workplace but these problems are increasingly being reported by health and social care workers and the people using their services. This helpful book explores the reasons why some individuals may become aggressive or violent and explains how a holistic approach can offer effective ways of preventing, anticipating, reducing and dealing with aggression and violence when they arise. By critically exploring the common issues and difficulties encountered by professionals, the authors provide valuable insights into this behaviour and how to implement safeguards against it.Contents include: A holistic approach OCo Violence and aggression in services and the social context OCo Essential principles and theoretical models OCo Safe, therapeutic environments OCo De-escalation: Reducing arousal and aggression OCo Non-verbal and verbal communication OCo Biological explanations of violence and aggression OCo Culture, diversity and communication OCo Individuals with specific communication needs OCo More on individuals with specific communication needs OCo ClientsOCO physical health needs OCo Psychosocial interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy OCo Other types of psychotherapy and therapeutic communities"

Domestic Violence in Diverse Contexts

Author : Sarah Wendt
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Overwhelmingly, it is women who are the victims of domestic violence and this book puts women’s experiences of domestic violence at its centre, whilst acknowledging their many diverse and complex identities. Concentrating on the various forms of domestic abuse and its occurrence and manifestations within different contexts, it argues that gender is centrally implicated in the unique factors that shape violence across all these areas. Individual chapters outline the experiences of: Mothers Older women Women with religious affiliations Refugee women Rural women Aboriginal women Women in same-sex relationships Women with intellectual disabilities. Exploring how domestic violence across varying contexts impacts on different women’s experiences and understandings of abuse, this innovative work draws on post-structural feminist theory and how these ideas view, and potentially allow, gendered explanations of domestic violence. Domestic Violence in Diverse Contexts is suitable for academics and researchers interested in issues around violence and gender.

Working with Domestic Violence

Author : Deborah Walsh
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This textbook equips social workers and human services practitioners with the knowledge and skills to work effectively with both the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Written to address the needs of the social work and human services student learner, the book covers a range of domestic violence issues that will prepare the student for practice. With an underlying structural feminist conceptual framework that works towards empowering service users whilst challenging the structures that perpetuate violence, Working with Domestic Violence includes: 18 chapters covering the broad spectrum of issues that arise from working with domestic violence A clear practice framework for applying theoretical knowledge when working with individuals and families in domestic violence contexts Practice tips, key facts, case examples, activities, and reflective questions designed to enhance the reader’s engagement with the ideas, debates, and practice challenges introduced in the text An extensive index and glossary to support student understanding of the material A user-friendly and engaging style that will find application as an entire course book as well as for students or lecturers interested in selecting individual chapters for certain modules Working with Domestic Violence is essential reading for students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate coursework courses in social work and human services, and those completing a postgraduate counselling qualification. The book will also be a valuable resource for students of community work, youth work, education, nursing and other allied health courses, community services, disability, and welfare studies.

Practising Critical Reflection to Develop Emancipatory Change

Author : Christine Morley
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Overwhelmingly, critical practitioners working across a range of human service fields, who are committed to emancipatory and progressive social change ideals, report feeling powerless, alienated from the means of change, and hopeless about their capacities to make a difference in the lives of the individuals, groups or communities with whom they work because of restrictive contexts that ultimately determine the nature and parameters of their work. This ground-breaking book addresses this dilemma by demonstrating how critical reflection as an educational tool enables practitioners to envision possibilities for change. The legal system, particularly in its response to sexual assault provides a perfect example of this type of context and this volume explores the work of sexual assault practitioners that are engaged in supporting victims/survivors of sexual assault through the legal process. By reshaping ideas that have previously been considered as predominantly theoretical and abstract, Morley’s work provides an innovative framework that enables social work and human services practitioners to find hope, agency and practical strategies to work towards change, despite operating in contexts that appear immutably oppressive.

The Routledge International Handbook of Rural Criminology

Author : Joseph F Donnermeyer
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49% of the world’s population lives in small towns, villages and farms, yet until recent years criminological scholarship has focused almost exclusively on urban crimes. The Routledge International Handbook of Rural Criminology is the first major publication to bring together this growing body of scholarship under a single cover. For many years rural criminology has remained marginalized and often excluded from the mainstream, with precedence given to urban criminology: this volume intends to address that imbalance. Pioneering in scope, this book brings together leading international scholars from fourteen different countries to offer an authoritative synthesis of theoretical and empirical literature. This handbook is divided in to seven parts, each addressing a different aspect of rural criminology: Rurality and crime Criminological dimensions of food and agriculture Violence and rurality Drug use, production and trafficking in the rural context Intersections between rural and green criminology Policing, justice and rurality Teaching rural criminology Edited by a world renowned scholar of rural criminology, this book explores rural crime issues in over thirty-five countries including Japan, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Tanzania, the US, and the UK. This is the first Handbook dedicated to rural criminology and is an essential resource for criminologists, sociologists and social geographers engaged with rural studies and crime.

Our Voices

Author : Bindi Bennett
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The second edition of Our Voices is a ground-breaking collection of writings from Aboriginal social work educators who have collaborated to develop a toolkit of appropriate behaviours, interactions, networks, and intervention. The the text explores a range of current and emerging social work practice issues such as cultural supervision, working with communities, understanding trauma, collaboration and relationship building, and the ubiquity of whiteness in Australian social work. It covers these issues with new and innovative approaches and provides valuable insights into how social work practice can be developed, taught and practiced in ways that more effectively engage Indigenous communities.

Freeing the Oppressed

Author : Ron Clark
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When Jesus spoke at his local synagogue he boldly proclaimed that he was the one sent to free those who were oppressed. He came to provide hope, peace, and safety to those suffering in the world. When he left this earth, his followers were left with the task of continuing this ministry. Statistics suggest that in America one in four women has experienced physical violence in an intimate relationship. Dating violence, intimate-partner violence, and child abuse rank as some of our nation's largest problems. Men are also being abused by intimate partners, parents, or care providers at increasing rates. The statistic is even more alarming worldwide. Unfortunately, these statistics represent only reported incidents. The rates of verbal, emotional, and spiritual abuse are even higher. In addition, countless women are encouraged by clergy to return to their abusive spouses. The faith community, while called by God to free the oppressed, has been slow to respond to this sin against humanity. Few seminaries offer quality domestic-violence-prevention training for clergy. However, clergy still continue to be sought for help from the community and as advocates for victims of domestic violence. A partnership between the church and community (locally and abroad) is necessary if we wish to transform humans caught in this form of oppression. In Setting the Captives Free Ron Clark proposed a theology of addressing domestic violence and its application for clergy. Freeing the Oppressedis a book that seeks to condense Clark's previous work into a readable form for those seeking spiritual answers concerning abuse and batterer intervention, and for helpers of those caught in the cycle of family violence. It is also designed as an outreach for those seeking help from the faith community.