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Adorno s Minima Moralia in the 21st Century

Author : Caren Irr
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This interdisciplinary volume revisits Adorno's lesser-known work, Minima Moralia, and makes the case for its application to the most urgent concerns of the 21st century. Contributing authors situate Adorno at the heart of contemporary debates on the ecological crisis, the changing nature of work, the idea of utopia, and the rise of fascism. Exploring the role of critical pedagogy in shaping responses to fascistic regimes, alongside discussions of extractive economies and the need for leisure under increasingly precarious working conditions, this volume makes new connections between Minima Moralia and critical theory today. Another line of focus is the aphoristic style of Minima Moralia and its connection to Adorno's wider commitment to small and minor literary forms, which enable capitalist critique to be both subversive and poetic. This critique is further located in Adorno's discussion of a utopia that is reliant on complete rejection of the totalising system of capitalism. The distinctive feature of such a utopia for Adorno is dependent upon individual suffering and subsequent survival, an argument this book connects to the mutually constitutive relationship between ecological destruction and right-wing authoritarianism. These timely readings of Adorno's Minima Moralia teach us to adapt through our survival, and to pursue a utopia based on his central ideas. In the process, opening up theoretical spaces and collapsing the physical borders between us in the spirit of Adorno's lifelong project.

Minima Moralia

Author : Theodor W. Adorno
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A reflection on everyday existence in the 'sphere of consumption of late Capitalism', this work is Adorno's literary and philosophical masterpiece.

Cosmic Miniatures and the Future Sense

Author : Leslie Adelson
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Alexander Kluge’s revolutionary storytelling for the 21st-century pivots on the production of anti-realist hope under conditions of real catastrophe. Rather than relying on possibility alone, his experimental miniatures engender counterfactual horizons of futurity that are made incrementally accessible to lived experience through narrative form. Innovative close readings and theoretical reflection alike illuminate the dimensional quality of future time in Kluge’s radical prose, where off-worldly orientation and unnatural narrative together yield new sensory perspectives on associative networks, futurity, scale, and perspective itself. This study also affords new perspectives on the importance of Kluge’s creative writing for critical studies of German thought (including Kant, Marx, Benjamin, and especially Adorno), Holocaust memory, contemporary globalization, literary miniatures, and narrative studies of futurity as form. Cosmic Miniatures contributes an experiential but non-empirical sense of hope to future studies, a scholarly field of pressing public interest in endangered times.

Communism in the 21st Century 3 volumes

Author : Shannon Kurt Brincat
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A compelling three-volume exploration of the philosophical, social, and political facets of the theory and practice of communism within the conditions of 21st-century world politics and late capitalism. • Presents viewpoints from leading Marxist philosophers, economists, and historians alongside those from experts critical of communist ideas to provide a balanced, diverse collection on modern communism • Re-examines established debates within communist and radical politics to show how these discussions have been reconfigured to how communism is currently situated in world politics and may develop in the future • Explores Marx's vision from various interpretive backgrounds, including the socialist, economic, humanist, cosmopolitan, post-modern, feminist, environmental, and cultural, to engage a wide readership: students, academics, activists, and laypersons

Minima Moralia

Author : Theodor W. Adorno
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Brief essays discuss Proust, Freud, intellectual emigrants, psychology, aesthetics, and science

The Politics of Literature in a Divided 21st Century

Author : Katharina Donn
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How does literature matter politically in the 21st century? This book offers an ecocritical framework for exploring the significance of literature today. Featuring a diverse body of texts and authors, it develops a future-oriented politics embedded in those transgressive realities which our political system finds impossible to tame. This book re-imagines political agency, voices, bodies and borders as transformative processes rather than rigid realities, articulating a ‘dia-topian’ literary politics. Taking a contextual approach, it addresses such urgent global issues as biopolitics, migration and borders, populism, climate change, and terrorism. These readings revitalize fictional worlds for political enquiry, demonstrating how imaginative literature seeds change in a world of closed-off horizons. Prior to the pragmatics of power-play, literary language breathes new energy into the frames of our thought and the shapes of our affects. This book shows how relation, metamorphosis and enmeshment can become salient in a politics beyond the conflict line.

Absent Rebels Criticism and Network Power in 21st Century Dystopian Fiction

Author : Annika Gonnermann
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Absent Rebels: Criticism and Network Power in 21st Century Dystopian Fiction focuses on the relationship between literary dystopia, network power and neoliberalism, explaining why rebellion against a dystopian system is absent in so many contemporary dystopian novels. Also, this book helps readers understand modern power mechanisms and shows ways how to overcome them in our own daily lives.

Hell in Contemporary Literature

Author : Falconer Rachel Falconer
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What does it mean when people use the word 'Hell' to convey the horror of an actual, personal or historical experience? Now available in paperback, this book explores the idea that modern, Western secular cultures have retained a belief in the concept of Hell as an event or experience of endless or unjust suffering. In the contemporary period, the descent to Hell has come to represent the means of recovering - or discovering - selfhood. In exploring these ideas, this book discusses descent journeys in Holocaust testimony and fiction, memoirs of mental illness, and feminist, postmodern and postcolonial narratives written after 1945. A wide range of texts are discussed, including writing by Primo Levi, W.G. Sebald, Anne Michaels, Alasdair Gray, and Salman Rushdie, and films such as Coppola's Apocalypse Now and the Matrix trilogy. Drawing on theoretical writing by Bakhtin, Levinas, Derrida, Judith Butler, David Harvey and Paul Ricoeur, the book addresses such broader theoretical issues as: narration and identity; the ethics of the subject; trauma and memory; descent as sexual or political dissent; the interrelation of realism and fantasy; and Occidentalism and Orientalism.Key Features*Defines and discusses what constitutes Hell in contemporary secular Western cultures*Relates ideas from psychoanalysis to literary traditions ranging from Virgil and Dante to the present*Explores the concept of Hell in relation to crises in Western thought and identity. e.g. distortions of global capitalism, mental illness, war trauma and incarceration*Explains the significance of this narrative tradition of a 'descent to hell' in the immediate political context of 9/11 and its aftermath

Hating Empire Properly

Author : Sunil M. Agnani
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Discusses arguments made against empire and colonialism in the eighteenth century through works by Denis Diderot and Edmund Burke. Explores the limits and failures of their arguments by emphasizing what they wrote on the two indies, especially India and Haiti.

Arendt and Adorno

Author : Lars Rensmann
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Hannah Arendt and Theodor W. Adorno, two of the most influential political philosophers and theorists of the twentieth century, were contemporaries with similar interests, backgrounds, and a shared experience of exile. Yet until now, no book has brought them together. In this first comparative study of their work, leading scholars discuss divergences, disclose surprising affinities, and find common ground between the two thinkers. This pioneering work recovers the relevance of Arendt and Adorno for contemporary political theory and philosophy and lays the foundation for a critical understanding of political modernity: from universalistic claims for political freedom to the abyss of genocidal politics.

The Philosophy Book

Author : DK
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For all the deep thinkers with questions about the world, this encyclopedia holds the answers you have been searching for. What is the meaning of life? What is the Universe made of? Read what our eminent philosophers thought about the nature of reality, and the fundamental questions we ask ourselves. To help you understand the subject and what it is about, The Philosophy Book introduces you to ancient philosophers such as Plato and Confucius. But it doesn't stop there, read about our modern thinkers such as Chomsky and Derrida too. Short and sweet biographies of over a hundred philosophers and their profound questions. Work your way through the different branches of philosophy such as metaphysics and ethics. Understand how philosophical questions have led to breakthroughs in maths and science. Get to grips with how the history of philosophy informs our modern lives, exploring topics such as how science can predict the future and how language shapes our thoughts and decisions. Your Philosophical Questions Explained If you thought philosophy was full of difficult concepts, The Philosophy Book presents the key ideas in an easy to follow layout. Explained in simple terms with visual guides such as mind maps, diagrams, and timelines for the progression of ideas. Enjoy the stunning graphics that add a little wit to the serious subject. Travel from ancient philosophers to contemporary thinkers: - The Ancient World 700 BGE - 250 CE - The Medieval World 250 - 1500 - Renaissance and the Age of Reason 1500 - 1750 - The Age of Revolution 1750 - 1900 - The Modern World 1900 - 1950 - Contemporary Philosophy The Series Simply Explained With over 7 million copies sold worldwide to date, The Philosophy Book is part of the award-winning Big Ideas series from DK Books. It uses innovative graphics along with engaging writing to make complex subjects easier to understand.

Jewish Identities

Author : Klara Moricz
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Jewish Identities mounts a formidable challenge to prevailing essentialist assumptions about "Jewish music," which maintain that ethnic groups, nations, or religious communities possess an essence that must manifest itself in art created by members of that group. Klára Móricz scrutinizes concepts of Jewish identity and reorders ideas about twentieth-century "Jewish music" in three case studies: first, Russian Jewish composers of the first two decades of the twentieth century; second, the Swiss American Ernest Bloch; and third, Arnold Schoenberg. Examining these composers in the context of emerging Jewish nationalism, widespread racial theories, and utopian tendencies in modernist art and twentieth-century politics, Móricz describes a trajectory from paradigmatic nationalist techniques, through assumptions about the unintended presence of racial essences, to an abstract notion of Judaism.

Speaking into the Air

Author : John Durham Peters
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Communication plays a vital and unique role in society-often blamed for problems when it breaks down and at the same time heralded as a panacea for human relations. A sweeping history of communication, Speaking Into the Air illuminates our expectations of communication as both historically specific and a fundamental knot in Western thought. "This is a most interesting and thought-provoking book. . . . Peters maintains that communication is ultimately unthinkable apart from the task of establishing a kingdom in which people can live together peacefully. Given our condition as mortals, communication remains not primarily a problem of technology, but of power, ethics and art." —Antony Anderson, New Scientist "Guaranteed to alter your thinking about communication. . . . Original, erudite, and beautifully written, this book is a gem." —Kirkus Reviews "Peters writes to reclaim the notion of authenticity in a media-saturated world. It's this ultimate concern that renders his book a brave, colorful exploration of the hydra-headed problems presented by a rapid-fire popular culture." —Publishers Weekly What we have here is a failure-to-communicate book. Funny thing is, it communicates beautifully. . . . Speaking Into the Air delivers what superb serious books always do-hours of intellectual challenge as one absorbs the gradually unfolding vision of an erudite, creative author." —Carlin Romano, Philadelphia Inquirer


Author : Stefan Müller-Doohm
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'Even the biographical individual is a social category', wrote Adorno. ‘It can only be defined in a living context together with others.’ In this major new biography, Stefan Müller-Doohm turns this maxim back on Adorno himself and provides a rich and comprehensive account of the life and work of one of the most brilliant minds of the twentieth century. This authoritative biography ranges across the whole of Adorno's life and career, from his childhood and student years to his years in emigration in the United States and his return to postwar Germany. At the same time, Muller-Doohm examines the full range of Adorno's writings on philosophy, sociology, literary theory, music theory and cultural criticism. Drawing on an array of sources from Adorno's personal correspondence with Horkheimer, Benjamin, Berg, Marcuse, Kracauer and Mann to interviews, notes and both published and unpublished writings, Muller-Doohm situates Adorno's contributions in the context of his times and provides a rich and balanced appraisal of his significance in the 20th Century as a whole. Müller-Doohm's clear prose succeeds in making accessible some of the most complex areas of Adorno's thought. This outstanding biography will be the standard work on Adorno for years to come.

Edward Said and Critical Decolonization

Author : Ferial J Gbazoul
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This book is dedicated to Edward Said (1935-2003), a major literary and cultural critic, who has been instrumental in promoting decolonization through his analytical and critical writing. Scholarly articles tackle various aspects of Said's writing on fiction, criticism, politics, and music, and the volume includes an extensive bibliography of Edward Said. Edward Said and Critical Decolonization strives to cover the multifaceted career of Said, with emphasis on his critical contribution to decolonization and resistance to hegemony. There are moving testimonies by friends and relatives, students and colleagues, which throw light on his personality. An article by Said himself on the idea of the university is published here for the first time. The volume also includes articles exploring in depth Said's political, critical, and aesthetic positions--including his views on intellectuals and secular criticism, on traveling theory, and humanism. And Said's thought is explored in relation to other major thinkers such as Freud and Foucault. Contributors: Fadwa Abdel Rahman, Richard Armstrong, Mostafa Bayoumi, Terry Eagleton, Rokus de Groot, Stathis Gourgouris, Hoda Guindi, Ananya Kabir, Lamis El Nakkash, Daisuke Nishihara, Rubén Chuaqui, Yasmine Ramadan, Andrew Rubin, Edward Said, Najla Said, Yumna Siddiqi, David Sweet, Michael Wood, and Youssef Yacoubi.

Negativity and Democracy

Author : Vasilis Grollios
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The current political climate of uncompromising neoliberalism means that the need to study the logic of our culture—that is, the logic of the capitalist system—is compelling. Providing a rich philosophical analysis of democracy from a negative, non-identity, dialectical perspective, Vasilis Grollios encourages the reader not to think of democracy as a call for a more effective domination of the people or as a demand for the replacement of the elite that currently holds power. In doing so, he aspires to fill in a gap in the literature by offering an out-of-the-mainstream overview of the key concepts of totality, negativity, fetishization, contradiction, identity thinking, dialectics and corporeal materialism as they have been employed by the major thinkers of the critical theory tradition: Marx, Engels, Horkheimer, Lukacs, Adorno, Marcuse, Bloch and Holloway. Their thinking had the following common keywords: contradiction, fetishism as a process and the notion of spell and all its implications. The author makes an innovative attempt to bring these concepts to light in terms of their practical relevance for contemporary democratic theory.

Beyond Friend and Foe

Author : Volker Heins
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The book provides a thematic account of the changing political thought of critical theorists from Adorno to Habermas and Honneth. Its purpose is to establish the relevance of this tradition for contemporary political theory and philosophy.

Contestatory Cosmopolitanism

Author : Tom Bailey
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Contemporary global politics poses urgent challenges – from humanitarian, migratory and environmental problems to economic, religious and military conflicts – that strain not only existing political systems and resources, but also the frameworks and concepts of political thinking. The standard cosmopolitan response is to invoke a sense of global community, governed by such principles as human rights or humanitarianism, free or fair trade, global equality, multiculturalism, or extra-national democracy. Yet, the contours, grounds and implications of such a global community remain notoriously controversial, and it risks abstracting precisely from the particular and conflictual character of the challenges which global politics poses. The contributions to this collection undertake to develop a more fruitful cosmopolitan response to global political challenges, one that roots cosmopolitanism in the particularity and conflict of global politics itself. They argue that this ‘contestatory’ cosmopolitanism must be dialectical, agonistic and democratic: that is, its concepts and principles must be developed immanently and critically out of prevailing normative resources; they must reflect and acknowledge their antagonistic roots; and they must be the result of participatory and self-determining publics. In elaborating this alternative, the contributions also return to neglected cosmopolitan theorists like Hegel, Adorno, Arendt, Camus, Derrida, and Mouffe, and reconsider mainstream figures such as Kant and Habermas. This collection was originally published as a special edition of Critical Horizons.

Jews and Christians

Author : James D. G. Dunn
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Ways / Graham N. Stanton -- A note on the textual evidence for the omission of Matthew 9:34 / J. Neville Birdsall -- "In Him was life" : John's Gospel and the parting of the ways / John McHugh -- Das Christusbild der Paulus-Schule : eine Skizze / Peter Stuhlmacher -- The question of anti-semitism in the New Testament writings of the period / James D. G. Dunn -- The parting of the ways : the evidence of Jewish and Christian apocalyptic and mystical material / Christopher Rowlan.

Metamodernism and Contemporary British Poetry

Author : Antony Rowland
File Size : 61.52 MB
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This book discusses contemporary British poetry in the context of metamodernism. The author argues that the concept of metamodernist poetry helps to recalibrate the opposition between mainstream and innovative poetry, and he investigates whether a new generation of British poets can be accurately defined as metamodernist. Antony Rowland analyses the ways in which contemporary British poets such as Geoffrey Hill, J. H. Prynne, Geraldine Monk and Sandeep Parmar have responded to the work of modernist writers as diverse as T. S. Eliot, H. D. and Antonin Artaud, and what Theodor Adorno describes as the overall enigma of modern art.