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Advances in Enzyme Regulation

Author : George Weber
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Volume 42 lives up to its goal of advancing a few steps ahead of the general front of mammalian enzymic and metabolic regulation studies. This volume contains papers of 25 outstanding scientists working at the cutting edge of metabolic regulation. Much of the volume focuses on novel aspects of signal transduction with an emphasis on nuclear expression. One of the highlights of this volume is the Special Symposium Lecture. This was given for 15 years by Sir Hans A. Krebs who passed away 20 years ago. It was now given by Professor Sir Hans L. Kornberg, University Professor at Boston University. These volumes continue to be a source of information and inspiration and a laboratory and advanced teaching companion. The immediate and long-range significance of these cutting-edge presentations of these novel topics should be immediately clear to the reader.

Macromolecular Protein Complexes

Author : J. Robin Harris
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This volume of the established Subcellular Biochemistry series presents 20 chapters dealing with a broad range of interesting protein complexes. It will enable researchers to readily appreciate the major contribution from both X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy in this field of study. The biological significance of these structural studies is emphasised throughout the book. The diversity of the material included here indicates the breadth of this field and the tremendous progress that has been made in recent years. The book is directed primarily to advanced students and researchers in structural biology, and others in the biochemical sciences. It will be supplemented by other related books within the Subcellular Biochemistry series. One of the Editors (JM-W) is actively involved in structural biology and the other (JRH), as a retired academic and the Series Editor of Subcellular Biochemistry, has long experience at editing multi-author books./div

Nutritional Support in Organ Failure

Author : Takehiko Tanaka
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Books in Print

Author : Bowker Editorial Staff
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Proteins and Nucleic Acids

Author : Abraham Marcus
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V. 1 The plant cell. v. 2. Metabolism and respiration. v. 3. Carbohydrates. v. 4. Lipids. v. 5. Amino acids and derivates. v. 6. Proteins and nucleic acids. v. 7. Secondary plant products. v. 8. Photosynthesis. v. 9. Lipids: structure a nd function. v. 10. Photosynthesis. v. 11. Biochemistry of metabolism. v. 12. P hysiology of metabolism. v. 13. Methodology. v. 14. Carbohydrates. v. 15. Molecular biology. v.16. Intermediary nitrogen metabolism.

Canadian Journal of Biochemistry

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The Biology of Cholesterol and Related Steroids

Author : N. B. Myant
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The Biology of Cholesterol and Related Steroids focuses on the study of sterols in relation to living organisms. The publication first takes a look at the analysis of sterols and related steroids and the distribution of sterols and related steroids in nature, as well as the processes of extraction and separation and presence of sterols in plants, fungi, vertebrates, and invertebrates. The text then ponders on biosynthesis of sterols and metabolism of cholesterol. Topics include formation of fatty acid esters of cholesterol, steroid hormones, biosynthetic pathway to sterols, reaction mechanisms, and comparative aspects of sterol synthesis. The manuscript examines the developmental aspects of cholesterol metabolism and sterols in biological membranes. The book also reviews cholesterol synthesis in animal tissues, sterol metabolism in isolated cells, and epidemiology of the plasma cholesterol. Discussions focus on selection of statistical populations, genetic influences, regulation of sterol synthesis, general aspects of sterol metabolism, and removal of cell cholesterol in vivo. The publication is a dependable source of data for biochemists and readers interested in the biology of cholesterol and steroids.

Recently Discovered Systems of Enzyme Regulation by Reversible Phosphorylation

Author : Philip Cohen
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Enzyme Regulation and Mechanism of Action

Author : P. Mildner
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Enzyme Regulation and Mechanism of Action contains the proceedings of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies' Special Meeting on Enzymes held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1979. The meeting provided a forum for reviewing advances in understanding the regulation and mechanism of action of enzymes. The discussions are organized around three themes: regulation of enzyme activity; the role of enzymes in the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins; and proteolytic enzymes. Comprised of 33 chapters, this volume begins with an analysis of partial amino acid sequence of rabbit liver fructose 1,6-bisphophatase and sites of cleavage by proteinases. The reader is then introduced to physiological inactivation of enzymes in yeasts; structure and functions of protein kinases; and control points in the citric acid cycle. Subsequent chapters focus on ligand binding properties and subunit interactions in yeast alcohol dehydrogenase; the role of water in the acceleration of an enzymatic reaction; DNA polymerases of human normal and leukemic cells; and the phylogenetic and developmental aspects of gastric proteinases and their zymogens. This book is intended for enzymologists.

Concepts in Biochemistry

Author : Francis J. Reithel
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Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Metabolic Interconversion of Enzymes 1975

Author : S. Shaltiel
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Proceedings in Print

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The Enzymes

Author : Paul D. Boyer
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Regulation of Ribonucleoside Diphosphate Reductase MRNA Synthesis in Escherichia Coli

Author : Paul David Hanke
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Fat and Carbohydrate Metabolism in Exercise and Recovery

Author : Esther D. R. Pruett
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Cancer Biology and Therapeutics

Author : Joseph G. Cory
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In anticipation of the opening of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research lnstitut~ on the campus of the University of South Florida, an international symposium, "The First Annual H. Lee Moffitt Symposium on Cancer Biology and Therapeutics" was held in Tampa, Florida on January 20-22, 1986. In this first symposium we decided to present a broad-based series of topics dealing with the major issues in the field of cancer. These topics ranged from the biochemistry of the cancer cell to the design of antineoplastic agents, through tumor cell heterogeneity, treatment of ltuman neoplasms to immunological aspects of cancer biology and tr~atment. The speakers chosen represented individuals of international acclaim who are very active in the area of cancer research and treatment. The symposium brought together scien tists/physicians from six nations including Austria, Canada, France, Hungary, West Germany, and of course, the United States. The congeniality of the participants promoted the friendly exchange of knowledge which, it is hoped, will greatly hasten the time when successful management of human cancer will become routine. Future symposia in this series will be highly focused and will deal with a single facet of this vast field of cancer research and treatment. Joseph G. Cory, Editor Andor Szentivanyi, Editor University of South Florida, 1986 V ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This volume presents the Proceedings of the H. Lee Moffitt International Syn~osium on Cancer Biology and Therapeutics which was held in Tampa, Florida on January 20, 21, and 22, 1986.

Directory of Published Proceedings

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Gout and Hyperuricemia

Author : James B. Wyngaarden
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