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Advances in Multilingual and Multimodal Information Retrieval

Author : Cross-Language Evaluation Forum. Workshop
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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed proceedings of the 8th Workshop of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum, CLEF 2007, held in Budapest, Hungary, September 2007. The revised and extended papers were carefully reviewed and selected for inclusion in the book. There are 115 contributions in total and an introduction. The seven distrinct evaluation tracks in CLEF 2007, are designed to test the performance of a wide range of multilingual information access systems or system components. The papers are organized in topical sections on Multilingual Textual Document Retrieval (Ad Hoc), Domain-Specific Information Retrieval (Domain-Specific), Multiple Language Question Answering ([email protected]), cross-language retrieval in image collections (Image CLEF), cross-language speech retrieval (CL-SR), multilingual Web retrieval (WebCLEF), cross-language geographical retrieval (GeoCLEF), and CLEF in other evaluations.

Information Retrieval

Author : Ayse Goker
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This book is an essential reference to cutting-edge issues and future directions in information retrieval Information retrieval (IR) can be defined as the process of representing, managing, searching, retrieving, and presenting information. Good IR involves understanding information needs and interests, developing an effective search technique, system, presentation, distribution and delivery. The increased use of the Web and wider availability of information in this environment led to the development of Web search engines. This change has brought fresh challenges to a wider variety of users’ needs, tasks, and types of information. Today, search engines are seen in enterprises, on laptops, in individual websites, in library catalogues, and elsewhere. Information Retrieval: Searching in the 21st Century focuses on core concepts, and current trends in the field. This book focuses on: Information Retrieval Models User-centred Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems Multimedia Resource Discovery Image Users’ Needs and Searching Behaviour Web Information Retrieval Mobile Search Context and Information Retrieval Text Categorisation and Genre in Information Retrieval Semantic Search The Role of Natural Language Processing in Information Retrieval: Search for Meaning and Structure Cross-language Information Retrieval Performance Issues in Parallel Computing for Information Retrieval This book is an invaluable reference for graduate students on IR courses or courses in related disciplines (e.g. computer science, information science, human-computer interaction, and knowledge management), academic and industrial researchers, and industrial personnel tracking information search technology developments to understand the business implications. Intermediate-advanced level undergraduate students on IR or related courses will also find this text insightful. Chapters are supplemented with exercises to stimulate further thinking.

Guide to OCR for Indic Scripts

Author : Venu Govindaraju
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This is the first comprehensive text on Optical Character Recognition for Indic scripts. It covers many topics and describes OCR systems for eight different scripts—Bangla, Devanagari, Gurmukhi, Gujarti, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Urdu.

Information Retrieval Evaluation in a Changing World

Author : Nicola Ferro
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This volume celebrates the twentieth anniversary of CLEF - the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum for the first ten years, and the Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum since – and traces its evolution over these first two decades. CLEF’s main mission is to promote research, innovation and development of information retrieval (IR) systems by anticipating trends in information management in order to stimulate advances in the field of IR system experimentation and evaluation. The book is divided into six parts. Parts I and II provide background and context, with the first part explaining what is meant by experimental evaluation and the underlying theory, and describing how this has been interpreted in CLEF and in other internationally recognized evaluation initiatives. Part II presents research architectures and infrastructures that have been developed to manage experimental data and to provide evaluation services in CLEF and elsewhere. Parts III, IV and V represent the core of the book, presenting some of the most significant evaluation activities in CLEF, ranging from the early multilingual text processing exercises to the later, more sophisticated experiments on multimodal collections in diverse genres and media. In all cases, the focus is not only on describing “what has been achieved”, but above all on “what has been learnt”. The final part examines the impact CLEF has had on the research world and discusses current and future challenges, both academic and industrial, including the relevance of IR benchmarking in industrial settings. Mainly intended for researchers in academia and industry, it also offers useful insights and tips for practitioners in industry working on the evaluation and performance issues of IR tools, and graduate students specializing in information retrieval.

Advances in Information Retrieval

Author : Maarten de Rijke
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This book constitutes the proceedings of the 36th European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2014, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in April 2014. The 33 full papers, 50 poster papers and 15 demonstrations presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 288 submissions. The papers are organized in the following topical sections: evaluation, recommendation, optimization, semantics, aggregation, queries, mining social media, digital libraries, efficiency, and information retrieval theory. Also included are 3 tutorial and 4 workshop presentations.

Multilingual Information Retrieval

Author : Carol Peters
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We are living in a multilingual world and the diversity in languages which are used to interact with information access systems has generated a wide variety of challenges to be addressed by computer and information scientists. The growing amount of non-English information accessible globally and the increased worldwide exposure of enterprises also necessitates the adaptation of Information Retrieval (IR) methods to new, multilingual settings. Peters, Braschler and Clough present a comprehensive description of the technologies involved in designing and developing systems for Multilingual Information Retrieval (MLIR). They provide readers with broad coverage of the various issues involved in creating systems to make accessible digitally stored materials regardless of the language(s) they are written in. Details on Cross-Language Information Retrieval (CLIR) are also covered that help readers to understand how to develop retrieval systems that cross language boundaries. Their work is divided into six chapters and accompanies the reader step-by-step through the various stages involved in building, using and evaluating MLIR systems. The book concludes with some examples of recent applications that utilise MLIR technologies. Some of the techniques described have recently started to appear in commercial search systems, while others have the potential to be part of future incarnations. The book is intended for graduate students, scholars, and practitioners with a basic understanding of classical text retrieval methods. It offers guidelines and information on all aspects that need to be taken into consideration when building MLIR systems, while avoiding too many ‘hands-on details’ that could rapidly become obsolete. Thus it bridges the gap between the material covered by most of the classical IR textbooks and the novel requirements related to the acquisition and dissemination of information in whatever language it is stored.


Author : Henning Müller
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The pervasive creation and consumption of content, especially visual content, is ingrained into our modern world. We’re constantly consuming visual media content, in printed form and in digital form, in work and in leisure pursuits. Like our cave– man forefathers, we use pictures to record things which are of importance to us as memory cues for the future, but nowadays we also use pictures and images to document processes; we use them in engineering, in art, in science, in medicine, in entertainment and we also use images in advertising. Moreover, when images are in digital format, either scanned from an analogue format or more often than not born digital, we can use the power of our computing and networking to exploit images to great effect. Most of the technical problems associated with creating, compressing, storing, transmitting, rendering and protecting image data are already solved. We use - cepted standards and have tremendous infrastructure and the only outstanding ch- lenges, apart from managing the scale issues associated with growth, are to do with locating images. That involves analysing them to determine their content, clas- fying them into related groupings, and searching for images. To overcome these challenges we currently rely on image metadata, the description of the images, - ther captured automatically at creation time or manually added afterwards.

Handbook of Natural Language Processing

Author : Nitin Indurkhya
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The Handbook of Natural Language Processing, Second Edition presents practical tools and techniques for implementing natural language processing in computer systems. Along with removing outdated material, this edition updates every chapter and expands the content to include emerging areas, such as sentiment analysis.New to the Second EditionGreater

Information Retrieval and Management Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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With the increased use of technology in modern society, high volumes of multimedia information exists. It is important for businesses, organizations, and individuals to understand how to optimize this data and new methods are emerging for more efficient information management and retrieval. Information Retrieval and Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is an innovative reference source for the latest academic material in the field of information and communication technologies and explores how complex information systems interact with and affect one another. Highlighting a range of topics such as knowledge discovery, semantic web, and information resources management, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for researchers, developers, managers, strategic planners, and advanced-level students.

Research Anthology on Bilingual and Multilingual Education

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Given the boost in global immigration and migration, as well as the emphasis on creating inclusive classrooms, research is turning to the challenges that teachers face with the increasing need for bilingual and multilingual education. The benefits of bilingual education are widespread, allowing students to develop important cognitive skills such as critical thinking and problem solving as well as opening further career opportunities later in life. However, very few resources are available for the successful practice and implementation of this education into the curriculum, with an even greater lack of appropriate cultural representation in the classroom. Thus, it is essential for educators to remain knowledgeable on the emerging strategies and procedures available for making bilingual and multilingual education successful. The Research Anthology on Bilingual and Multilingual Education is a comprehensive reference source on bilingual and multilingual education that offers the latest insights on education strategy and considerations on the language learners themselves. This research anthology features a diverse collection of authors, offering valuable global perspectives on multilingual education. Covering topics such as gamification, learning processes, and teaching models, this anthology serves as an essential resource for professors, teachers, pre-service teachers, faculty of K-12 and higher education, government officials, policymakers, researchers, and academicians with an interest in key strategy and understanding of bilingual and multilingual education.