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African American Superstars Set

Author : Therese M Shea
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Some African American superstars are role models for many young people. They've made history and challenged the status quo. This set highlights the many achievements of some of today's most influential African Americans, including Patrick Mahomes and Lizzo. Biographical information shares these stars' stories from sometimes-humble beginnings and documents their lives as they blaze a trail for people of color and others. The stories will enthrall readers and inspire them to work hard to achieve their dreams. Features include: Full-color photographs aid readers in making important connections between the narratives and real life. Age-appropriate language coupled with glossaries assist readers in strengthening their vocabulary. Timelines guide readers through important moments and milestones.

The African American Almanac

Author : L. Mpho Mabunda
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Provides the history, growth, and achievements of African-Americans, with brief biographies of noted individuals in such areas as politics, sports, music, science, education, and religion.


Author : Anthony Appiah
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In this newly expanded edition, more than 4,000 articles cover prominent African and African American individuals, events, trends, places, political movements, art forms, businesses, religions, ethnic groups, organizations, countries, and more.

Journal of Public Policy Marketing JPP M

Author :
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African American Holidays Festivals and Celebrations

Author : Kathlyn Gay
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"Provides information about the history and celebration of more than 100 holidays, festivals, and other events observed by Americans of African descent. Features include narrative overviews, chronology of historical events related to holidays and festival

Yesterday s Heroes

Author : John Smallwood
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Examines the history of African American basketball players, showcases the challenges met and overcome by some of the greatest players in history, and considers their inspirations, role models, and hopes for the future.

African American Religious Leaders

Author : Jim Haskins
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BLACK STARS Meet the black religious leaders who helpedshape the African American experience--from colonial to modern times * Absalom Jones * Richard Allen * Jarena Lee * Lemuel Haynes * Peter Williams Sr. * Peter Williams Jr. * John Marrant * Denmark Vesey * Sojourner Truth * Nat Turner * Maria Stewart * John Jasper * Alexander Crummell * Henry Highland Garnett * Henry McNeal Turner * Richard Henry Boyd * Bishop C. M. "Sweet Daddy" Grace * Vernon Johns * Elijah Muhammad * Howard Thurman * Adam Clayton Powell Jr. * Joseph E. Lowery * Malcolm X * Martin Luther King Jr. * Andrew J. Young * James L. Bevel * John Lewis * Prathia Hall Wynn * Jesse L. Jackson * Vashti Murphy McKenzie * Fredrick J. Streets * Al Sharpton * Renita J. Weems * T. D. Jakes

Focus On 100 Most Popular African American Players of American Football

Author : Wikipedia contributors
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African American Healers

Author : Clinton Cox
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Profiles over thirty notable African Americans in the health field, including Civil War nurse Susie King Taylor, Dr. Charles Drew, father of the blood bank, and young pioneering surgeon Ben Carson.

Shaping the Future of African American Film

Author : Monica White Ndounou
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In Hollywood, we hear, it’s all about the money. It’s a ready explanation for why so few black films get made—no crossover appeal, no promise of a big payoff. But what if the money itself is color-coded? What if the economics that governs film production is so skewed that no film by, about, or for people of color will ever look like a worthy investment unless it follows specific racial or gender patterns? This, Monica Ndounou shows us, is precisely the case. In a work as revealing about the culture of filmmaking as it is about the distorted economics of African American film, Ndounou clearly traces the insidious connections between history, content, and cash in black films. How does history come into it? Hollywood’s reliance on past performance as a measure of potential success virtually guarantees that historically underrepresented, underfunded, and undersold African American films devalue the future prospects of black films. So the cycle continues as it has for nearly a century. Behind the scenes, the numbers are far from neutral. Analyzing the onscreen narratives and off-screen circumstances behind nearly two thousand films featuring African Americans in leading and supporting roles, including such recent productions as Bamboozled, Beloved, and Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Ndounou exposes the cultural and racial constraints that limit not just the production but also the expression and creative freedom of black films. Her wide-ranging analysis reaches into questions of literature, language, speech and dialect, film images and narrative, acting, theater and film business practices, production history and financing, and organizational history. By uncovering the ideology behind profit-driven industry practices that reshape narratives by, about, and for people of color, this provocative work brings to light existing limitations—and possibilities for reworking stories and business practices in theater, literature, and film.

Brown Sugar

Author : Donald Bogle
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In these pages are the incandescent women who have lit up Broadway and movie screens; turned clubs, cafes, concert halls, and televisions aglow with their particular brand of black magic; sold millions of CDs and DVDs; and are the subjects of endless fascination in the tabloids and on the Internet.

A New Anthology of Art Songs by African American Composers

Author : Margaret R. Simmons
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This is a collection of art songs from contemporary African American composers.

The Afro American in United States History

Author : Benjamin DaSilva
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Encyclopedia of African American Society

Author : Gerald David Jaynes
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An encyclopedic reference of African American history and culture.

Soap Opera Mythology Racial ethnic Social Change

Author : Cathy Lynette James
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The Dictionary Catalog of the Vivian G Harsh Collection of Afro American History and Literature the Chicago Public Library

Author : Chicago Public Library. Vivian G. Harsh Collection
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The Set Up Men

Author : Sarah L. Trembanis
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This book is an examination of cultural resistance to segregation in the world of black baseball through an analysis of editorial art, folktales, nicknames, "manhood" and the art of clowning. African Americans worked to dismantle Jim Crow through the creation of a cultural counter-narrative that centered on baseball and the Negro Leagues that celebrated black achievement and that highlighted the contradictions and fallacies of white supremacy in the first half of the twentieth century.

Afro American Biographies

Author : Sara Mitchell
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This Bibliography presents citations of hundreds of biographies of Afro-Americans under the categories of General, Science, Engineering and Invention, Entertainment, Sports, Civil Rights, Women and the Arts. Access is provided via Title, Author and Subject Indexes.

What Was African American Literature

Author : Kenneth W. Warren
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Warren argues, quite bluntly, that “African American literature” has outlived its relevance as the dominant category for poetry, fiction, and plays written by African Americans. Contradicting an influential portion of the field, which regards this literature as an emanation of vernacular expression going back to slavery, and even to Africa, Warren asserts that African American literature was the body of literature and criticism written by black Americans within and against the strictures of Jim Crow America. In arguing against the continued relevance of the category of African American literature, Warren is certainly not claiming that racism has ceased to exist. Rather, he says that while it continues to make a great difference in African American life, other social and political factors weigh heavily also - so much so that categories which take race as the fundamental unifying category of black expression no longer serve well in meeting the challenges of the moment. In this respect, Warren shows that “African American literature” is a category that has not sufficiently adjusted with our current material and ideological circumstances to warrant claims to a changing present or a provisional futurity. Warren argues that the presumptions and protocols of the category remain ossified within the past, within a definition that only shows how its primary arbiters and practitioners were themselves ossified as contradictory or compromised men of their time.

Encyclopedia of African American Business Updated and Revised Edition 2nd Edition 2 volumes

Author : Jessie Smith
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This two-volume set showcases the achievements of African American entrepreneurs and the various businesses that they founded, developed, or promote as well as the accomplishments of many African American leaders—both those whose work is well-known and other achievers who have been neglected in history. • Provides a broad overview of the development of African American business and business leaders, from the beginning of black life in America through the present • Demonstrates that African Americans developed self-sufficiency early on despite rampant racism and legal restrictions and how their efforts and accomplishments impacted the economy • Identifies many women African American business leaders • Introduces readers to the success of African American entrepreneurs beyond American shores • Shows the influence of social media on the shaping of businesses in the modern context