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Relations Between Africans African Americans and Afro Caribbeans

Author : Godfrey Mwakikagile
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Africans, African Americans and Afro-Caribbeans also known as West Indians, and how they relate to each other are the focus of this study. Tensions which exist between a significant number of Africans and Afro-Caribbeans in Britain - between Jamaicans and Nigerians and others - is one of the subjects addressed in the book. The author also looks at how members of these groups cooperate in a number of areas but concedes that even in the absence of overt - or covert - hostility between them there is indifference towards each other in many cases. There are many other subjects covered in the book about these communities including the impact of African independence on the civil rights movement in the United States. The author has focused on Britain and the United States. Both countries have large numbers of African and Afro-Caribbean (West Indian) immigrants.

Africans on African Americans

Author : Yekutiel Gershoni
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Between the end of the nineteenth century and the outbreak of World War 2, Africans displaced by colonial rule created an African-American myth - a myth which aggrandized the life and attainments of African Americans despite full knowledge of the discrimination to which they were subjected. The myth provided Africans in all parts of the continent with much needed succour and underpinned various religious, educational, political and social models based on the experience of African Americans whereby Africans sought to better their own lives.

Great Speeches by African Americans

Author : James Daley
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Følger kampen for frihed og menneskerettigheder i 150 år. Denne antologi indeholder taler af indflydelsesrige historiske personer indenfor Afro-amerikansk kultur og politik

Africans and African Americans Complex Relations Prospects and Challenges

Author :
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African American Psychology

Author : Faye Z. Belgrave
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African American Psychology: From Africa to America, Fourth Edition provides comprehensive coverage of the field of African American psychology. Authors Faye Z. Belgrave and Kevin W. Allison skillfully convey the integration of African and American influences on the psychology of African Americans using a consistent theme throughout the text—the idea that understanding the psychology of African Americans is closely linked to understanding what is happening in the institutional systems in the United States. The Fourth Edition reflects notable advances and important developments in the field over the last several years, and includes evidence-based practices for improving the overall well-being of African American communities. New to the Fourth Edition Coverage of current issues affecting African Americans and causing changes in the social-political environment include the Black Lives Matter movement, racial trauma, and more. Content from blogs has been added to chapter-opening cover stories to reflect the more modern ways news and information are obtained. More coverage of literature and research on Blacks throughout the diaspora, especially in Africa, provide historical context and documents heterogeneity among African Americans in the United States. Expanded coverage of topics as a result of recent research includes LGBTQ individuals, African American fathers, colorism, intersectionality, electronic cigarettes, social media, and more. More...

Pan Africanism in the African Diaspora

Author : Ronald W. Walters
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This groundbreaking volume analyzes important case studies of Black political movements since the 1960s and the impact of the movements on the African-American community. Previous studies on this subject have been largely historical in nature, focusing on the thought of nineteenth-century Pan Africanist or early twentieth-century formal Pan African movements, such as those led by W. E. B. Du Bois and Marcus Garvey. In this book, Walters analyzes heretofore largely unaddressed cases in which African-American societies forged connections with others in the Diaspora within the framework of significant political movements. He applies social science theory to the analysis of the cases, based on the proposition that Pan African studies - a subject within the broad field of Africana Studies - is itself very diverse and lends itself to analysis by an unlimited number of modern disciplinary approaches and perspectives. Walters uses the tools of comparative politics for examining similar Black and white social institutions and organizations in the United States and other countries and for creating a "tailored" Pan African perspective as a criteria with which to describe the interactive relationships between the American Black community and Blacks in Britain, South Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean. He fashions a unique and radically new perspective and model for addressing the age-old question of the African continuum by advancing the notion that Pan Africanism can be about the struggle for community - a struggle not incompatible with efforts to change the State. His is a twenty-first century view of race relations and classes in the post-modern era of capitalism. Pan Africanism in the African Diaspora is broadly a work of political science in that it is concerned with political phenomena and applies methods of analysis from that field. Nevertheless, it is also interdisciplinary in content, perspective, and analytical approach. Walters' new data transcends the notions previously put forth, and forms a significant contribution to political theory in African and African-American studies.

Media Images of Africa and African Americans Attitudes Toward Africa

Author : Ekra Miezan
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Between Homeland and Motherland

Author : Alvin B. Tillery, Jr.
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In Between Homeland and Motherland, Alvin B. Tillery Jr. considers the history of political engagement with Africa on the part of African Americans, beginning with the birth of Paul Cuffe’s back-to-Africa movement in the Federal Period to the Congressional Black Caucus’ struggle to reach consensus on the African Growth and Opportunity Act of 2000. In contrast to the prevailing view that pan-Africanism has been the dominant ideology guiding black leaders in formulating foreign policy positions toward Africa, Tillery highlights the importance of domestic politics and factors within the African American community. Employing an innovative multimethod approach that combines archival research, statistical modeling, and interviews, Tillery argues that among African American elites—activists, intellectuals, and politicians—factors internal to the community played a large role in shaping their approach to African issues, and that shaping U.S. policy toward Africa was often secondary to winning political battles in the domestic arena. At the same time, Africa and its interests were important to America’s black elite, and Tillery’s analysis reveals that many black leaders have strong attachments to the "motherland." Spanning two centuries of African American engagement with Africa, this book shows how black leaders continuously balanced national, transnational, and community impulses, whether distancing themselves from Marcus Garvey’s back-to-Africa movement, supporting the anticolonialism movements of the 1950s, or opposing South African apartheid in the 1980s.

African Americans and Africa

Author : Nemata Amelia Blyden
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An introduction to the complex relationship between African Americans and the African continent What is an "African American" and how does this identity relate to the African continent? Rising immigration levels, globalization, and the United States' first African American president have all sparked new dialogue around the question. This book provides an introduction to the relationship between African Americans and Africa from the era of slavery to the present, mapping several overlapping diasporas. The diversity of African American identities through relationships with region, ethnicity, slavery, and immigration are all examined to investigate questions fundamental to the study of African American history and culture.

Out of America

Author : Keith B. Richburg
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The former African bureau chief for the Washington Post traces his journey across Africa in search of his roots--a search that expelled his romantic illusions about Africa as a homeland for African Americans