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African Spirituality Politics and Knowledge Systems

Author : Toyin Falola
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Focusing on the three leading religious traditions in Africa (African Traditional Religion, Islam, and Christianity), this book shows how belief in the supremacy of sacred words compels actions and influences practices in contemporary Africa. "Sacred words” are taken to mean holy texts as in divination, the Quran and the Bible. Toyin Falola evaluates how religious leaders engage with sacred words, both orals and texts, engendering practices that reveal the expression of religious beliefs, the impact of those beliefs, and the knowledge contained in them. Attention is given to the key ideas in the words chosen by religious leaders, and how they form a continuous knowledge system, impacting the politics of managing society and people.

Decolonizing African Knowledge

Author : Toyin Falola
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Addressing the consequences of European slavery, colonialism, and neo-colonialism on African history, knowledge and its institutions, this innovative book applies autoethnography to the understanding of African knowledge systems. Considering the 'Self' and Yoruba Being (the individual and the collective) in the context of the African decolonial project, Falola strips away Eurocentric influences and interruptions from African epistemology. Avoiding colonial archival sources, it grounds itself in alternative archives created by memory, spoken words, images and photographs to look at the themes of politics, culture, nation, ethnicity, satire, poetics, magic, myth, metaphor, sculpture, textiles, hair and gender. Vividly illustrated in colour, it uses diverse and novel methods to access an African way of knowing. Exploring the different ways that a society understands and presents itself, this book highlights convergence, enmeshing private and public data to provide a comprehensive understanding of society, public consciousness, and cultural identity.

African Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Systems

Author : Ikechukwu Anthony Kanu
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The perspectives in this book reveal how in African anthroposophy, earth-based spiritual traditions and innovative spiritual practices are already emerging in response to the painful realities of climate change, mass extinction, biodiversity loss, and the disruption of local and global ecosystems which have for long not received the attention that it duly deserves. This piece, therefore, will become one of the greatest ornaments and lights in the world of African eco-spirituality as it responds to questions that are long overdue.

The Impact of Knowledge Systems on Human Development in Arica

Author : South African Science and Religion Forum. Conference
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Religious and Political Ethics in Africa

Author : Harvey J. Sindima
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An analysis of the relationship between organized religion and secular states in modern Africa.

The Heartbeat of Indigenous Africa

Author : R. Sambuli Mosha
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Empowered by findings and insights from the wit and wisdom of the indigenous Chaga educational system, Dr. Mosha contends that an authentic educational program in Tanzania and elsewhere should be holistic in its quest to educate.

The Quest for Humanity in Science and Religion

Author : Augustine Shutte
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These essays by a group of South African researchers from diverse cultural backgrounds - bring to light a transcendent dimension of our human nature that is often overlooked in the international science-and-religion debate. This is a dimension of our humanity that transcends what the sciences are able to study because it is what enables us to be the creators and judges of science. It is also what endows us with the freedom and responsibility of deciding which, if any, religion to follow. These essays bring together insights, drawn from both European and African traditions of thought, that illuminate this ultimately mysterious dimension of our humanity.

Religion and Spirituality in South Africa

Author : Duncan Brown
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"Religion and spirituality are closely woven into the fabric of South African public and private life - though not always seamlessly or in matching thread. This book is concerned with the role of religion and spirituality in individual identity and belief, as well as in the public spheres of governance and policy-making. It brings together significant researchers from various disciplinary perspectives, ranging from law and politics to theology, literature and media studies, with the aim of investigating new critical approaches to religion and spirituality, particularly in the postcolony/South. The authors engage seriously with the challenge of accounting for the range and power of religious and spiritual discourses that run through individual and communal identification. This volume provides stimulation for further thought and work in this crucial area of South African, and postcolonial, study and life"--Cover.

Ghana Journal of Development Studies

Author :
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Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Natural Resource Management in Southern Africa

Author : Joseph Z. Z. Matowanyika
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