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After Emmaus

Author : Marcel Dumais
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The New Evangelization calls Christians to return to the New Testament to understand its essential content but also to discover different ways of proclaiming the Good News. By exploring the witness and different missionary approaches of Jesus and the apostles Marcel Dumais, OMI, offers foundational models to apply to the context and circumstances of our own times. After Emmaus considers the Bible from the point of view of models of evangelization and faith. These biblical approaches include the direct proclamation proposed in the Acts of the Apostles, the enculturated discourses of St. Paul, the humanism of Jesus’ beatitudes, and the accompaniment of the risen Christ by the disciples of Emmaus. * Dumais teaches us to regard the biblical texts as lessons in evangelization by introducing us to the rich diversity of paths to God. These biblical models for the New Evangelization will inspire all those who wish to share their faith today.

Community Solidarity and Multilingualism in a Transnational Social Movement

Author : Maria Rosa Garrido Sardà
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Community, solidarity and multilingualism in a transnational social movement presents a critical sociolinguistic ethnography of the Emmaus movement that analyses linguistic and discursive practices in two local communities in order to provide insight into solidarity discourses and transnational communication more broadly. Integrating perspectives from a range of disciplines, the monograph seeks to understand the ways in which social movements are maintained across disparate communities grounded in shared cultural referents and communicative practices but not necessarily a shared language. The book focuses on Emmaus, the solidarity movement that emerged in post-war France which brings formerly marginalised people together with others looking for an alternative lifestyle into live-in communities dedicated to recycling work and social projects. The book first offers a historical overview of the Emmaus movement more generally, moving into an account of its development and spread across national and linguistic borders. The volume draws on data from two Emmaus communities in Barcelona and London to analyse the everyday communicative and discursive practices that appropriate and resignify the shared transnational movement ideas in different socio-political, economic, historical and linguistic contexts. Community, solidarity and multilingualism in a transnational social movement considers the social implications of local practices on the situated (re)production and evolution of transnational social movements more generally and will be of particular interest to students and researchers in sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, discourse studies, cultural studies, and sociology.

Poor Atlanta

Author : LeeAnn B. Lands
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Poor Atlanta looks at the poor people’s campaigns in Atlanta in the 1960s and 1970s, which operated in relationship to Sunbelt city- building efforts. With these efforts, city leaders aimed to prevent urban violence, staunch disinvestment, check white flight, and amplify Atlanta’s importance as a business and transportation hub. As urban leaders promoted Forward Atlanta, a program to, in Mayor Ivan Allen Jr.’s words, “sell the city like a product,” poor families insisted that their lives and living conditions, too, should improve. While not always operating within public awareness, antipoverty campaigns among the poor presented a regular and sometimes strident critique of inequality and Atlanta’s uneven urban development. With Poor Atlanta, LeeAnn B. Lands demonstrates that, while eclipsed by the Black freedom movement, antipoverty organizing (including direct action campaigns, legal actions, lobbying, and other forms of activism) occurred with regularity from 1964 through 1976. Her analysis is one of the few citywide studies of antipoverty organizing in late twentieth-century America.

In the Steps of Jesus

Author : Peter Walker
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Millions of people across the world have heard of Jesus Christ, but how many are truly acquainted with the key locations he frequented? In the second edition of this established text, Peter Walker shares the fruits of his lifetime s research and expert knowledge to present a rich and engaging guide to the historical aspects of Jesus world. Following the chronology of Jesus life and ministry and drawing especially on the Gospel of Luke, we move from Bethlehem to Nazareth to the desert, and then follow him on his final journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. In each chapter particular attention is given to what Jesus did in that location, placing his ministry within its original historical and geographical context, and raising questions of archaeology, authenticity and the recorded evidence of later pilgrims and historians. This new edition takes into account the archaeological discoveries of the last 15 years to provide an up-to-date guide to the Holy Land of today. Using maps, timelines and boxed features that highlight and analyse key topics, In the Steps of Jesus is a rich and absorbing text that presents scholars at all levels of study with a unique insight into Jesus world.

Dining in the Kingdom of God

Author : Eugene LaVerdiere
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In the Galilean ministry - On the way to Jerusalem - The Last Supper - At table with Jesus the Lord - Dining in the Kingdom of God.

Proverbs 27 17 Sharpen Your Spirit

Author : Scott Lindsey
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This is a christian book that i made that will better help other Christians, and them that are lost and seeking the truth of God. And to help them that are in the darkness of their own life, even if you are a christian. Feel free to comment on the posts that folks make... Proverbs 27:17 21st Century King James Version (KJ21) 17 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

A New Harmony of the Four Gospels in English

Author : George Whitefield Clark
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The Four Gospels as Interpreted by the Early Church

Author : Francis Henry Dunwell
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The Holy Land

Author : Jerome Murphy-O'Connor
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Of immense significance to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the Holy Land has been attracting visitors since the fifth century BC. Covering all the main sites both in the city of Jerusalem and throughout the Holy Land and including over 150 high quality site plans, maps, diagrams, and photographs, this book provides the ultimate visitor guide to the rich archaeological heritage of the region. Fully updated with all the latest information, this new edition includes updates on the crucial recent developments at the Holy Sepulchre and on six completely new sites, including a Middle Bronze Age water system in Jerusalem and what may be the original Pool of Siloam.

The Gospel

Author : Jongwoo Han
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This book merges and harmonizes the four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John into one. This unified version, which I call The Gospel, is based on the faith that the four different gospels exist in order to form together the complete story of Jesus life and ministry. I consolidated these sources by identifying common denominators among them as well as parts that are unique to each, and then interweaving it all into a single narrative, using only original texts. This integrated version may offer greater incentive to our youth, laymen, and non-believers as well as professionals to read and learn more about what Jesus did and taught. (Acts 1:1). In the past, there have been many attempts to make the four Gospels easier for readers, often displaying similar episodes in parallel columns, in an effort to resolve the Gospels narrative complexity by harmonizing them in one way or another; however, in regard to the text itself, previous books do not rise to the level of precision and completeness that is achieved here. Answering this need for a clear chronological telling of The Story of Jesus, this book unifies every account of the four Gospels into a single story, without omitting or compromising any part. On a given topic in Jesus ministry, this book uses as its base whichever gospel is the greatest common denominator, consolidates identical or similar parts from other Gospels, and integrates the unique and different elements of each book into a single story.