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On the Horizon of World Literature

Author : Emily Sun
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On the Horizon of World Literature compares literary texts from asynchronous periods of incipient literary modernity in different parts of the world: Romantic England and Republican China. These moments were oriented alike by “world literature” as a discursive framework of classifications that connected and re-organized local articulations of literary histories and literary modernities. World literature thus provided—and continues to provide—a condition of possibility for conversation between cultures as well as for their mutual provincialization. The book offers readings of a selection of literary forms that serve also as textual sites for the enactment of new socio-political forms of life. The literary manifesto, the tale collection, the familiar essay, and the domestic novel function as testing grounds for questions of both literary-aesthetic and socio-political importance: What does it mean to attain a voice? What is a common reader? How does one dwell in the ordinary? What is a woman? In different languages and activating heterogeneous literary and philosophical traditions, works by Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lu Xun, Charles and Mary Lamb, Lin Shu, Zhou Zuoren, Jane Austen, and Eileen Chang explore the far-from-settled problem of what it means to be modern in different lifeworlds. Sun’s book brings to light the disciplinary-historical impact world literature has had in shaping literary traditions and practices around the world. The book renews the practice of close reading by offering the model of a deprovincialized close reading loosened from confinement within monocultural hermeneutic circles. By means of its own focus on England and China, the book provides methods useful for comparatists working between other Western and non-Western languages. It establishes the critical significance of Romanticism for the discipline of literary studies and opens up new paths of research in global Romanticism and global nineteenth-century studies. And it offers a new approach to analyzing the cosmopolitan character of the literary and cultural transformations of early twentieth-century China.

Disaster on the Horizon

Author : Bob Cavnar
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Disaster on the Horizon is a behind-the-scenes investigative look at the worst oil well accident in US history, which led to the current environmental and economic catastrophe on the Gulf Coast. Cavnar uses his 30 years in the business to take readers inside the disaster, exposing the decisions leading up to the blowout and the immediate aftermath. It includes personal accounts of the survivors, assembled from testimony during various investigations, as well as personal interviews with survivors, witnesses, and family. It also provides a layman's look at the industry, its technology, people, and risks. It deconstructs events and decisions made by BP, Transocean, and the US Government before and after the disaster, and the effects of those decisions, both good and bad. Cavnar explains what happened in the Gulf, explores how we arrived at deep water drilling in the first place and then charts a course for how to avoid these disasters in the future.

Sunset on the Horizon A Maroon Woman s Story

Author : H M Hanlan
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Cubah returns to Jamaica from London to mourn a loss. She goes back in time to 'find herself' through a woven tale of love, family and kinship. The journey, set on the Isle of Springs, mirrors a gamut of 'real life' characters all of whom represent TIME PAST, TIME PRESENT and TIME FUTURE.

Muslims against the Muslim League

Author : Ali Usman Qasmi
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The popularity of the Muslim League and its idea of Pakistan has been measured in terms of its success in achieving the goal of a sovereign state in the Muslim majority regions of North West and North East India. It led to an oversight of Muslim leaders and organizations which were opposed to this demand, predicating their opposition to the League on its understanding of the history and ideological content of the Muslim nation. This volume takes stock of multiple narratives about Muslim identity formation in the context of debates about partition, historicizes those narratives, and reads them in the light of the larger political milieu of the period. Focusing on the critiques of the Muslim League, its concept of the Muslim nation, and the political settlement demanded on its behalf, it studies how the movement for Pakistan inspired a contentious, influential conversation on the definition of the Muslim nation.

Walking on Lava

Author : The Dark Mountain Project,
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The Dark Mountain Project began with a manifesto published in 2009 by two English writers—Dougald Hine and Paul Kingsnorth—who felt that literature was not responding honestly to the crises of our time. In a world in which the climate is being altered by human activities; in which global ecosystems are being destroyed by the advance of industrial civilisation; and in which the dominant economic and cultural assumptions of the West are visibly crumbling, Dark Mountain asked: where are the writers and the artists? Why are the mainstream cultural forms of our society still behaving as if this were the twentieth century—or even the nineteenth? Dark Mountain’s call for writers, thinkers and artists willing to face the depth of the mess we are in has made it a gathering point for a growing international network. Rooted in place, time and nature, their work finds a home in the pages of the Dark Mountain books, with two new volumes published every year. Walking on Lava brings together the best of the first ten volumes, along with the original manifesto. This collection of essays, fiction, poetry, interviews and artwork introduces The Dark Mountain Project’s groundbreaking work to a wider audience in search of ‘the hope beyond hope, the paths which lead to the unknown world ahead of us.’

Travels of a Nig Nog

Author : Keith Milton
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From a young boy to manhood, Keith Milton takes us on a journey through his life as a soldier in the British Army. His travels take us halfway across the world to the heart of Africa, locked in the Mau Mau rebellion.Keith Milton was born in the West Riding of Yorkshire in 1932. A retired public servant now residing in Canberra, Australia, he has worked as a mechanic, soldier, salesman and toolmaker.

Popular Science

Author :
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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

The Lost Dutch Claim To Australia

Author : Bruce Iliff
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The far-sighted Loomans recorded his claim in writing. But the document was lost for centuries until knowledge of their presence was unearthed, starting a race between two countries to find the title deed to Australia.

Missing in the Hollows

Author : Patricia Komar
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A student goes missing from Hollow Hills Middle School. Students report seeing Callie in the early morning hours sitting in the hallway. And that was the last time anyone saw her. Even the police cannot find any leads. Teachers ask students to report any information. Has she become a runaway? Sounds like a quest for the Hollow Hills Explorers. Go along with the Hollow Hills Explorers--Dalton, Faith, Finn, and Oliver--as they follow the trail and the evidence that Callie left behind. Even though Faith was bullied by Callie in a scheme to make her look bad in front of the whole school and her boyfriend, Dalton, Faith and Dalton will use their tracking dogs, Spirit and Keeper, to help find her. As Callie wrestles with her own conscience and finds herself surrounded by strange, mysterious, paranormal phenomena as she struggles to survive, the Hollow Hills Explorers and Spirit and Keeper follow their noses to discover a mysterious portal at the front door of the school--and they might be the first dogs to travel to other times and dimensions! Join the Hollow Hills Explorers in the second book of the Hollow Hills Explorers series as they tackle exciting new adventures involving survival, mystery, paranormal happenings, time travel, and meteor showers.

Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement A Global Assessment for Sustainable Development

Author : Ephraim Nkonya
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This volume deals with land degradation, which is occurring in almost all terrestrial biomes and agro-ecologies, in both low and high income countries and is stretching to about 30% of the total global land area. About three billion people reside in these degraded lands. However, the impact of land degradation is especially severe on livelihoods of the poor who heavily depend on natural resources. The annual global cost of land degradation due to land use and cover change (LUCC) and lower cropland and rangeland productivity is estimated to be about 300 billion USD. Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) accounts for the largest share (22%) of the total global cost of land degradation. Only about 38% of the cost of land degradation due to LUCC - which accounts for 78% of the US$300 billion loss – is borne by land users and the remaining share (62%) is borne by consumers of ecosystem services off the farm. The results in this volume indicate that reversing land degradation trends makes both economic sense, and has multiple social and environmental benefits. On average, one US dollar investment into restoration of degraded land returns five US dollars. The findings of the country case studies call for increased investments into the rehabilitation and restoration of degraded lands, including through such institutional and policy measures as strengthening community participation for sustainable land management, enhancing government effectiveness and rule of law, improving access to markets and rural services, and securing land tenure. The assessment in this volume has been conducted at a time when there is an elevated interest in private land investments and when global efforts to achieve sustainable development objectives have intensified. In this regard, the results of this volume can contribute significantly to the ongoing policy debate and efforts to design strategies for achieving sustainable development goals and related efforts to address land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.