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Age of Iron

Author : Colin Dueck
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"Age of Iron attempts to describe the past, present, and possible future of conservative nationalism in American foreign policy. It argues that a kind of conservative US nationalism long predates the Trump presidency, and goes back to the American founding. Different aspects of conservative American nationalism have been incorporated into the Republican Party from its creation. Every Republican president since Theodore Roosevelt has tried to balance elements of this tradition with global US foreign policy priorities. Donald Trump was able to win his party's nomination and rise to the presidency, in part, by challenging liberal internationalist assumptions. Yet in practice, he too has combined nationalist assumptions with global US foreign policy priorities. The long-term trend within the Republican party, predating Trump, is toward political populism, cultural conservatism, and white working-class voters -- and this has international implications. Republican foreign policy nationalism is not about to disappear. The book concludes with recommendations for US foreign policy, based upon an understanding that the optimism of the post-Cold War quarter-century is over. Nationalism; conservatism; populism; Trump presidency; American foreign policy; liberal internationalism; US diplomatic history; geopolitics; American party politics; the Republican Party"--

Age of Iron

Author : Angus Watson
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LEGENDS AREN'T BORN. THEY'RE FORGED. Dug Sealskinner is a down-on-his-luck mercenary travelling south to join up with King Zadar's army. But he keeps rescuing the wrong people. First, Spring, a child he finds scavenging on the battlefield, and then Lowa, one of Zadar's most fearsome warriors, who's vowed revenge on the king for her sister's execution. Now Dug's on the wrong side of that thousands-strong army he hoped to join - and worse, Zadar has bloodthirsty druid magic on his side. All Dug has is his war hammer, one rescued child and one unpredictable, highly-trained warrior with a lust for revenge that's going to get them all killed . . . It's a glorious day to die. Look out now for YOU DIE WHEN YOU DIE - first in a new historical fantasy series from Angus Watson. 'Watson's tale is gore soaked and profanity laden - full of visceral combat and earthy humor, and laced with subtle magic. The blend of historical accuracy and authorial liberties suggests an old-school sword-and-sorcery epic, though with some modern sensibilities thrown in for good measure!' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY 'Would I read the next one? Yes, absolutely. Bring me my hammer, bring my beer, bring it on.' SF CROWSNEST 'Watson has created a brilliant and confident debut . . . If you like your fantasy packed with hammer-wielding heroes, bloodthirsty druids, strong female leads, action, intrigue, betrayal, and a brilliantly conceived world then AGE OF IRON is for you.' THE BOOK BEARD 'Thoroughly entertaining from the get go . . . I really got a kick out of the AGE OF IRON' THE ELOQUENT PAGE For more epic action from Angus Watson, check out: West of West Trilogy You Die When You Die The Land you Never Leave Where Gods Fear to Go The Iron Age Trilogy Age of Iron Clash of Iron Reign of Iron

The Aegean from Bronze Age to Iron Age

Author : Oliver Dickinson
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Following Oliver Dickinson’s successful The Aegean Bronze Age, this textbook is a synthesis of the period between the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization in the thirteenth and twelfth centuries BC, and the rise of the Greek civilization in the eighth century BC. With chapter bibliographies, distribution maps and illustrations, Dickinson’s detailed examination of material and archaeological evidence argues that many characteristics of Ancient Greece developed in the Dark Ages. He also includes up-to-date coverage of the 'Homeric question'. This highly informative text focuses on: the reasons for the Bronze Age collapse which brought about the Dark Ages the processes that enabled Greece to emerge from the Dark Ages the degree of continuity from the Dark Ages to later times. Dickinson has provided an invaluable survey of this period that will not only be useful to specialists and undergraduates in the field, but that will also prove highly popular with the interested general reader.

After Our Golden Age the Age of Iron

Author : Andrew B. Goewey
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The sonnets in this book are a result of having been kept illegally in a psychiatric hospital (being censored) for more than 4 years, getting tortured with microwaves every day of this time. I had cancer/leukemia symptoms many times but was healed through prayer, faith healing. I think Military Intelligence has done this or the FBI. They are appalling in their lack of respect for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and over violating of the Torture Convention, etc., to which we are signatories. My time receiving this microwave harassment since August 10 of 1993 has been the worst part of my life, but thank God, I have made it so far. Without Him it would have been impossible

The Coming of the Age of Iron

Author : Theodore A. Wertime
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Literatur und Lebenskunst

Author : Eva Oppermann
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Studies in the Archaeology of the Iron Age in Israel and Jordan

Author : Amihai Mazar
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Thirteen essays on the Iron Age in Israel and Jordan, covering settlement patterns, iconography, cult, palaeography and the archaeology of certain key sites. This volume offers an exceptionally informed update in a fast-moving area of discovery and interpretation. The first section deals with spatial archaeology and settlement patterns, all the papers based on the fieldwork by A. Zertal in Samaria, A. Ofer in Judah, G. Lehmann in the Akko Plain, and S. Gibson in various areas in the hill country of Israel. The second section covers religion and iconography. The two single Iron Age temples known today in Israel, at Dan and Arad, are discussed by A. Biran and Z. Herzog. R. Kletter and K. Prag discuss clay figurines and other cult objects; T. Ornan identifies Ishtar on a number of seals and on a silver pendant; and N. Franklin examines the iconography and meaning of the wall relief in Room V at Sargon's palace in Khorsabad. The last section includes three studies related to specific sites. M. Steiner considers urban development in Jerusalem during Iron Age II; A. Mazar presents data from Iron Age II Beth Shean, and P. Bienkowski and L. Sedman discuss finds from Buseirah, the capital of Edom.

Iron Age Hillforts in Britain and Beyond

Author : Dennis Harding
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Widely regarded as major visible field monuments of the Iron Age, hillforts are central to an understanding of later prehistoric communities in Britain and Europe from the later Bronze Age. With such a range of variants represented, no single explanation of their function or social significance could satisfy all possible interpretations of their role. Critically reviewing the evidence of hillforts in Britain, in the wider context of Irelandand continental Europe, the volume focuses on their structural features, chronology, landscape context, and their social, economic and symbolic functions, and is well illustrated throughout with siteplans, reconstruction drawings, and photographs. Harding reviews the changing perceptions of hillforts and the future prospects for hillfort research, highlighting aspects of contemporary investigation and interpretation.

History of the Manufacture of Iron in All Ages

Author : James Moore Swank
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James Moore Swank (1832-1914) was a US expert on iron and steel, and wrote widely about the industry. In 1873 he became secretary of the American Iron and Steel Association. This second edition (1892) of his influential book on iron manufacture was significantly expanded compared to the 1884 original, with 132 more pages, 15 extra chapters, and revisions throughout the text. Swank aimed to move away from the highly technical approach and European focus that had dominated previous works. Instead, he would emphasise names, dates, facts and results, and give special attention to the growth of the industry in the United States while providing an international context. He includes every country and US state that produced iron. The book is organised chronologically, and provides a fascinating account of the manufacture of iron from the ancient Egyptian period through early modern Britain to late nineteenth-century America.

Africa in the Iron Age

Author : Roland Anthony Oliver
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Traces the dramatic political, social, economic, and religious changes that occurred throughout the African continent as a result of the technological advances of the period