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Author : Chantal Mouffe
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Political conflict in our society is inevitable, and the results are often far from negative. How then should we deal with the intractable differences arising from complex modern culture? In Agonistics, Mouffe develops her philosophy, taking particular interest in international relations, strategies for radical politics and the politics of artistic practices. In a series of coruscating essays, she engages with cosmopolitanism, post-operaism, and theories of multiple modernities to argue in favor of a multipolar world with a real cultural and political pluralism.


Author : Janet Lungstrum
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Focuses on a very significant psycho-cultural concept (that of "agonistics" or "contestatory creativity") with ramifications in several areas of the postmodern debate: cultural philosophy, psychologies of race, gender and the body, and narratology.

Decolonization Agonistics in Postcolonial Fiction

Author : C. Okonkwo
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This book explores through theory and in-depth textual criticism how novelists from formerly colonised societies have exploited indigenous codes and conventions of aesthetic representation to transform the novel into an effective medium for cultural and political resistance to (neo)colonialism. Concentrating on novels written between the late 1940s and early 1990s in Africa, Polynesia, and the West Indies, it offers a fresh mode of postcolonial critique which takes account of the ideological impulses behind the novelists' interpretation of the colonial experience.

Lyotard Dictionary

Author : Stuart Sim
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Drawing on a multidisciplinary team of experts, The Lyotard Dictionary provides a clear and accessible introduction to all of his main concepts, contextualising these within his work as a whole and relating him to his contemporaries.

Decolonization Agonistics in Postcolonial Fiction

Author : Chidi Okonkwo
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From Friend Enemy to Agonistic Pluralism Chantal Mouffe s way of dealing with Carl Schmitt

Author : David Schneider
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Seminar paper from the year 2017 in the subject Politics - Political Theory and the History of Ideas Journal, grade: High Merit, , course: The Challenge of Carl Schmitt, language: English, abstract: Carl Schmitt is not only known for his remarkable influence on 20th century legal and political theory, but also for his close allegiance with Nazism. Whereas some say that his Nazi experience can’t be separated from his ideas, it is even more surprising that radical democrat Chantal Mouffe comes up with a way of using Schmitt’s ideas to rethink contemporary politics. Her reflection on and modification of Schmitt’s friend-enemy distinction led her to a friend-adversary distinction that underlies her notion of agonistic pluralism. The aim of this essay is to outline in what way Mouffe’s account of agonistic pluralism resembles Schmitt’s friend-enemy distinction. First, we have a look on Schmitt’s friend-enemy distinction. Then, we will focus on Chantal Mouffe’s modification of Schmitt’s distinction and mention besides widely discussed commonalities and differences between her and Schmitt’s conception a difference that until now hasn’t received much attention in the literature: the different accounts of the preferred location of the friend’s opponent. In the last part of this essay, a weakness that both conceptions share and that until now didn’t receive the attention it deserves, will be presented, namely their failure to recognize that friend-opponent distinctions are not necessarily tied to membership of a certain political entity. In the last paragraph, possible implications of this weakness on the relationship between Schmitt’s and Mouffe’s friend-opponent distinctions and cosmopolitanism will be outlined.

The Agonistic Imperative

Author : Kwesi Otabil
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This study takes issue with the notion of cultural relativism, a notion which translates into the proposition that all known (or knowable) cultures are co-equally worthy, valid in their own right, and need therefore to be addressed on their own terms so as to be genuinely appreciated. Accredited by the liberal school of Western cultural anthropology, the proposition is basically a moral concession, nay, a compulsion to redistributive egalitarianism within the cultural kaleidoscope that our planet has grown to be. But beyond its unctuously moral appeal, cultural relativism becomes an intellectual humbug. For it conceals the starkly conflictual dynamic to the very comparison of cultures or peoples in the first place. The dynamic is no other than the order of modernity, an order that has levered into relief, over the past four centuries, the inequality among cultures. It is mainly to help combat the propagation of said faith among Africans that I have contributed the "Agonistic Imperative". The last is a category for distinguishing among the culture complexes that make up the field of modernity. Underlying it is the idea of self-transcending, unrelenting struggle as a property of the human mind, an idea that finds expression in the survivalist potentials of given cultures.

God and the Between

Author : William Desmond
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Explores the space between religion and philosophy, as the religious person cannot escape philosophical perplexity and the philosopher of religion. This work is primarily an effort to rethink the question of god in a constructive spirit. It is a contribution to the ongoing scholarly debates surrounding the intersection of philosophy and religion.

For a Left Populism

Author : Chantal Mouffe
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We are currently witnessing in Western Europe a “populist moment” that signals the crisis of neoliberal hegemony. The central axis of the political conflict will be between right- and left-wing populism. By establishing a frontier between “the people” and “the oligarchy,” a leftpopulist strategy could bring together the manifold struggles against subordination, oppression and discrimination.This strategy acknowledges that democratic discourse plays a crucial role in the political imaginary of our societies. And through the construction of a collective will, mobilizing common affects in defence of equality and social justice, it will be possible to combat the xenophobic policies promoted by right-wing populism.

Jean Fran ois Lyotard

Author : Stuart Sim
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The French theorist, Jean-Francois Lyotard, is one of the major contemporary thinkers whose work seriously challenged foundationalist philosophy. This volume provides a survey of his works and comments on his postmodernism and Marxism, in particular through his most influential book, The Postmodern Condition. Attention is also given to his more specialized philosophical and political writings, which are sometimes marginalized in more general commentaries. The work engagies with Lyotardean concepts such as, grand narrative, differend, paganism and svelteness which have been generally adopted throughout the field of cultural enquiry.

Ghaz l and the Poetics of Imagination

Author : Ebrahim Moosa
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Moosa (Duke Univ.) offers a comprehensive study that brilliantly clarifies the multifaceted and conflicted legacy of the great Muslim medieval religious philosopher al-Ghazali. Competing religious, cultural, and political agendas have distorted his real contributions to Islamic culture. Spurned by both fundamentalists and rationalists in the contemporary Muslim world, Ghazali is prized by traditionalists for his mystical piety and ethical insight. Centering his inquiry on the image of the dihliz, the threshold which occupies the border between the subjective and the objective, Moosa explores problems of knowledge through a focus on the self as it manifests in poetics, self-creation, the pursuit of virtue, ethical self-mastery, and ultimately the sociopolitical realm, where ethics meets law and jurisprudence. Ghazali's own crisis of faith led him to reinvigorate his own religious tradition by situating traditional problems in metaphysics, theology, ethics, law, and mysticism in the context of the soul's overcoming its exile from God. Thus, ethics ceases to be only abstract theory and becomes the art of transformation. Especially impressive is Moosa's linking of historical inquiry with the existential interests of contemporary Muslim subjectivity. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-level undergraduates through researchers/faculty. Upper-division Undergraduates; Graduate Students; Researchers/Faculty. Reviewed by J. Bussanich

New Philosophy of Social Conflict

Author : Leonard C. Hawes
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A New Philosophy of Social Conflict joins in the contemporary conflict resolution and transitional justice debates by contributing a Deleuze-Guattarian reading of the post-genocide justice and reconciliation experiment in Rwanda -the Gacaca courts. In doing so, Hawes addresses two significant problems for which the work of Deleuze and Guattari provides invaluable insight: how to live ethically with the consequences of conflict and trauma and how to negotiate the chaos of living through trauma, in ways that create self-organizing, discursive processes for resolving and reconciling these ontological dilemmas in life-affirming ways. Hawes draws on Deleuze-Guattarian thinking to create new concepts that enable us to think more productively and to live more ethically in a world increasingly characterized by sociocultural trauma and conflict, and to imagine alternative ways of resolving and reconciling trauma and conflict.

Comic Sense

Author : Thomas Pughe
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The idea for this study came to me in the course of my reading of innova tive US-American! fiction of the last three decades. I observed that much of it is cast in the comic mode - or, more precisely, that there seems to be in contemporary fiction an affinity between 'innovation' and 'the comic' and that this affinity, furthermore, appears to be characteristic of postmo dernism. It is obvious, at the same time, that comic has become an elusive and, more often than not, a disputable category. Frederick Karl, in his sur vey of American Fictions 1940-1980, maintains, for instance, that much comic writing consists in ridicule that lacks deeper intellectual and cul tural roots. "Wit and mockery," he notes, "by themselves have little lasting value. Even in the best of such fiction, Gravity's Rainbow, one is made aware of attenuated skits stiched onto previous segments, rather than baked in by a defined point of view. " (Karl: 27) Such assessments of course challenge my view that the comic is in significant ways connected with what is innovative in postmodernist US-American fiction. Yet the term comic -or related terms like humour, parody, irony and so fort- is regularly and heavily employed in discussions or reviews of con temporary fiction.

God of No Fixed Address

Author : Jean-Claude Verrecchia
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Where does God live? This is not an idle question. Does God dwell there near us or away from us? Does he live in one place or is he willing to relocate? Is it possible to visit his house--and in this case what are the entrance requirements? Does he live in a closed place, totally, forbidden for any human visit? Answering these questions is the subject of God of No Fixed Address. The tone used is very accessible, and sometimes even disturbing. Misconceptions about the Jewish sanctuary, the Jerusalem temple, and the sacrificial system of the Old Testament will be flattened down and swept when necessary. They will triumph the amazing divine will, which takes man off balance, which refuses any confinement, which tears the sails and demolishes the stones to pitch his tent in every heart and in every community of faith. God of No Fixed Address is a journey for those who love discovering new territories.

Epistemologies of African Conflicts

Author : Z. Wai
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This book offers a bold, ground-breaking epistemological critique of the dominant discourses on African conflicts. Based on a painstaking study of the ways in which the Sierra Leone civil war has been interpreted, it considers how Africa is constructed as a site of knowledge and the implications that this has for the continent and its people.

Racing and E Racing Language

Author : Ellen J. Goldner
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Explores poetry, critical essays, personal narrative, dialogue, and political speech of diverse ethnic groups in America's history. This anthology - the first of its kind - considers the poetry, critical analysis of literature and language, personal narrative, dialogue and political speech by African American, Asian American, and European American authors. Racing and (E)Racing explores geners in American literature from the 1850s through the 1990s - from work songs to poetry; from fiction to theater. This book sheds light on many kinds of American language and throws into relief the written word as a shifting common ground - a charged and unpredictable space - where different voices, ethnic groups, and classes exert different kinds and varying degrees of influence on one another.

The Postcolonial Indian Novel in English

Author : Geetha Ganapathy-Doré
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Indian writers of English such as G. V. Desani, Salman Rushdie, Amit Chaudhuri, Amitav Ghosh, Vikram Seth, Allan Sealy, Shashi Tharoor, Arundhati Roy, Vikram Chandra and Jhumpa Lahiri have taken the potentialities of the novel form to new heights. Against the background of the genre’s macro-history, this study attempts to explain the stunning vitality, colourful diversity, and the outstanding but sometimes controversial success of postcolonial Indian novels in the light of ongoing debates in postcolonial studies. It analyses the warp and woof of the novelistic text through a cross-sectional scrutiny of the issues of democracy, the poetics of space, the times of empire, nation and globalization, self-writing in the auto/meta/docu-fictional modes, the musical, pictorial, cinematic and culinary intertextualities that run through this hyperpalimpsestic practice and the politics of gender, caste and language that gives it an inimitable stamp. This concise and readable survey gives us intimations of a truly world literature as imagined by Francophone writers because the postcolonial Indian novel is a concrete illustration of how “language liberated from its exclusive pact with the nation can enter into a dialogue with a vast polyphonic ensemble.”

Samuel Beckett

Author : Laura Salisbury
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Ranging widely over Beckett's fiction, drama and critical writings, the book demonstrates that it is through Beckett's comic timing that we can understand the double gesture of his art: the ethical obligation to represent the world how it is while, at the

Lyotard and the End of Grand Narratives

Author : Gary K. Browning
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Lyotard's work challenges the presumption and orientation of modern political philosophy. In particular, he repudiates attempts to justify knowledge and society in terms of "grand" narratives of, for example, the liberation of mankind or the immanence of science. He argues that the totalising perspective of these meta-narratives is superseded by a post-modern acceptance of difference and variety and a scepticism towards unifying meta-theories.

The Oxford English Dictionary

Author : John Andrew Simpson
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Provides definitions of approximately 290,500 English words, arranged alphabetically in twenty volumes, with cross-references, etymologies, and pronunciation keys, and includes a bibliography.