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Agricultural Policies in Developing Countries

Author : Frank Ellis
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This book is designed for undergraduate and graduate students taking courses related to agricultural policy, agricultural economics, or rural development in developing countries.

Developed country Agricultural Policies and Developing country Food Supplies

Author : Tim Josling
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Implications for Developing Countries of Likely Reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union

Author : Alan Swinbank
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Over the next three years negotiations will be taking place in the WTO (World Trade Organisation) on agriculture. This report will help participants and analysts to understand the EU's negotiating position.

Agricultural Trade Policy in Developing Countries During Take off

Author : Michael Stockbridge
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Agricultural trade has always been one of the most sensitive international trade issues. Governments around the world have long been reluctant to abandon policy instruments that give them influence over domestic prices and allow them to raise revenues. This study looks briefly at the agriculture and trade policies of six different developing countries, each of which has enjoyed unusually high rates of economic growth and development: South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Viet Nam, Chile, and Botswana. Their experience may shed further light on the extent to which governments should retain their powers to intervene in trade as opposed to relinquishing them in favour of market liberalisation.

Explaining Agricultural and Agrarian Policies in Developing Countries

Author : Hans P. Binswanger
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Agricultural Stabilization and Structural Adjustment Policies in Developing Countries

Author : Alexander Sarris
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Case Studies in Food Policy for Developing Countries Institutions and international trade policies

Author : Per Pinstrup-Andersen
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The third volume of case studies designed to complement the book "Food Policy for Developing Countries" by Per Pinstrup-Andersen and Derrill D. Watson II.

The Implications of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture for Developing Countries

Author : Stephen Healy
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This Manual has been prepared as part of a series of training materials for use in programmes of capacity-building in policy formulation and analysis. Its aim is to explain the content of the Agreement on Agriculture and the main functions of the World Trade Organisation and to help agricultural policy analysts in developing countries assess the economic and administrative implications of the Agreement on Agriculture. In particular, the manual is meant to contribute to the formulation of WTO-compatible agricultural domestic and trade policies in investigating new trade opportunities and improving the understanding of the impact of the Agreement on a country's food security.

Agricultural Development Policy

Author : Roger D. Norton
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Publisher Description

The Development Dimension Trade Agriculture and Development Policies Working Together

Author : OECD
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These conference proceedings explore why policy coherence is important, how it affects global agricultural trade, and whether it can help reduce poverty and hunger.

Food Policy for Developing Countries

Author : Per Pinstrup-Andersen
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A "social entrepreneurship" approach to food policy analysis that calls on a wide variety of disciplines (economics, nutrition, sociology, anthropology, environmental science, medicine, and geography).

Agricultural Export Subsidies and Developing Countries Interests

Author : Chris Milner
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A new impetus has been given to faltering WTO trade discussions by the recent EU mandate supporting the liberalisation of agricultural trade policies and removal of export subsidies on agricultural products, within an environment in which all countries start reforming their trade policies.Until now, discussions have centred on agriculture in general, rather than at specific commodity level. This paper rises to the challenge laid down by the EU in identifying the specific commodities for which developing countries would gain benefit in any subsequent reforms. The paper outlines the nature of export subsidies. It discusses the effect of reform on developing countries, indicating the scale of any changes. The policy implications of removing agricultural support in the EU are given and the consequences for net food exporting and importing countries examined. Finally, the impact of EU agricultural policy reform on other policies, such as the Protocols of the Lome Convention are considered.

Agricultural Policies Protectionism and Trade

Author :
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Agricultural Producer Support Estimates for Developing Countries

Author : Orden, David
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By examining and comparing agricultural policies in India, Indonesia, China, and Vietnam, this study helps fill a significant gap in development research. The report provides an assessment of conceptual and measurement issues related to the effects of trade and domestic-support policies and policy reforms on the incentives of agricultural producers and presents empirical estimates of the degree of protection or disprotection in the four countries. From India's countercyclical policy outcomes and Indonesia's high levels of agricultural protection, to the trend toward modest support of agriculture in China and Vietnam, the report's results demonstrate both how changes in agricultural policy can improve farmers' incentives as economic growth occurs and how difficult it is to reform entrenched policy interventions. Through such findings, the report contributes to policy discussions on creating propoor policies related to agricultural support and trade, both at the domestic level and in international negotiations.

Agricultural Price Policies

Author : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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Naast een analyse van de prijsontwikkelingen op de landbouwmarkt sinds begin 1970 en van het beleid hierbij in voornamelijk de ontwikkelingslanden, wordt ook het prijzenbeleid in de rijkere landen bekeken, die internationaal meer invloed hebben, en in de centraal geregeerde landen, deze laatste zowel inhoudende de meer welvarende als de minder welvarende landen

Developing Country Agriculture and the New Trade Agenda

Author : Bernard M. Hoekman
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The Development Dimension Agriculture and Development The Case for Policy Coherence

Author : OECD
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Agriculture and Development, OECD 2005, discusses the extent to which OECD country agricultural and agricultural trade policies are coherent with, and supportive of, the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, particularly the elimination of extreme poverty and hunger.

European Trade Policies and Developing Countries

Author : Jacob Kol
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First published in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

China in the Global Economy Agricultural Policies in China after WTO Accession

Author : OECD
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This book presents the proceedings of an OECD conference reflecting on how China can best manage its reform process under WTO integration.

Agricultural Policies for Poverty Reduction

Author : OECD
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This volume sets out a strategy for raising rural incomes which emphasises the creation of diversified rural economies with opportunities within and outside agriculture.