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AIDS Crisis in America

Author : Eric K. Lerner
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This comprehensive revised edition documents recent developments in the AIDS crisis and the progress in addressing it since the first edition was published in 1992. An insightful introduction outlines the historical background of the epidemic and the roles of communities, business, and the government in responding to it. A chronology and biographical sketches, current facts and statistics, legislation and court cases, a directory of hot lines and organizations, and updated lists of print and nonprint resources complete this handbook, which will prove invaluable to students, nonprofit organizations, policymakers, and librarians.

VIRAL The Fight Against AIDS in America

Author : Ann Bausum
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Groundbreaking narrative nonfiction for teens that tells the story of the AIDS crisis in America. Thirty-five years ago, it was a modern-day, mysterious plague. Its earliest victims were mostly gay men, some of the most marginalized people in the country; at its peak in America, it killed tens of thousands of people. The losses were staggering, the science frightening, and the government's inaction unforgivable. The AIDS Crisis fundamentally changed the fabric of the United States. Viral presents the history of the AIDS crisis through the lens of the brave victims and activists who demanded action and literally fought for their lives. This compassionate but unflinching text explores everything from the disease's origins and how it spread to the activism it inspired and how the world confronts HIV and AIDS today.

AIDS the Winter War

Author : Arthur D. Kahn
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"The most complete history of how AIDS treatment activism began - and an appalling look at the government AIDS mismanagement which continues today." -John S. James, editor, AIDS Treatment News "In persuasive detail Kahn demonstrates [that] the struggle against AIDS requires a continuous fight against vested interests that have little regard for alternative ideas and against egotists who put self-aggrandizement above a worldwide crisis Arthur Kahn's book presents the history of the clinical struggle and identifies heroes, many of whom have died fighting for all of us. Their efforts must be recognized. Their struggle is not over." -William Regelson, M.D., Professor, College of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University (from the introduction)

AIDS Trauma and Politics

Author : Aimee Pozorski
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This book revisits representations of AIDS in the 1980s in the U.S. in order to highlight a discourse of trauma and witness that emerged in the wake of a crisis. The book also emphasizes the potential of literary language to call attention to historical trauma where other discourses may fail.

AIDS in the Mind of America

Author : Dennis Altman
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Examines the political aspects of the AIDS epidemic, discusses press coverage of the disease, and analyzes public hysteria concerning AIDS and its victims

The AIDS Pandemic in Latin America

Author : Shawn C. Smallman
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Of the more than 40 million people around the world currently living with HIV/AIDS, two million live in Latin America and the Caribbean. In an engaging chronicle illuminated by his travels in the region, Shawn Smallman shows how the varying histories and cultures of the nations of Latin America have influenced the course of the pandemic. He demonstrates that a disease spread in an intimate manner is profoundly shaped by impersonal forces. In Latin America, Smallman explains, the AIDS pandemic has fractured into a series of subepidemics, driven by different factors in each country. Examining cultural issues and public policies at the country, regional, and global levels, he discusses why HIV has had such a heavy impact on Honduras, for instance, while leaving the neighboring state of Nicaragua relatively untouched, and why Latin America as a whole has kept infection rates lower than other global regions, such as Africa and Asia. Smallman draws on the most recent scientific research as well as his own interviews with AIDS educators, gay leaders, drug traffickers, crack addicts, transvestites, and doctors in Cuba, Brazil, and Mexico. Highlighting the realities of gender, race, sexuality, poverty, politics, and international relations throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, Smallman brings a fresh perspective to understanding the cultures of the region as well as the global AIDS crisis.

Activism and Marginalization in the AIDS Crisis

Author : Michael A Hallett
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Activism and Marginalization in the AIDS Crisis shows readers how the advent of HIV-disease has brought into question the utility of certain forms of “activism” as they relate to understanding and fighting the social impacts of disease. This informative and powerful book is centrally concerned about the ways in which institutionally governed social constructions of HIV/AIDS affect policy and public images of the disease more so than activist efforts. It asserts that an accounting of the power institutional structures have over the dominant social constructions of HIV disease is fundamental to adequate forms of present and future AIDS activism. Chapters in Activism and Marginalization in the AIDS Crisis demonstrate how, despite what is thought of as the “successful activism” of the past decade, the claims of the HIV-positive are still being ignored, still being marginalized, and still being administratively “handled” and exploited even as the plight of those who find themselves HIV-positive worsens. Although chapters reject the assertion that activism has been a highly effective remedy to HIV-positive voicelessness, authors do not deny that activists have been vocal, but that they continue to be ignored despite their vocality. Contributors in Activism and Marginalization in the AIDS Crisis offer numerous examples of institutional control and demonstrate that institutional structures, and not activists, are controlling the public meaning of HIV-related issues. Readers learn how messages about HIV/AIDS are produced, negotiated, modified, and sustained through institutional mechanisms that serve mostly institutional interests rather than those of the HIV-positive. In gaining an understanding of these issues, readers will begin to learn how to modify and strengthen activist efforts with valuable insight on: the lack of HIV-positive voices in mainstream news portrayals of HIV/AIDS research on constructions of HIV-disease at the state government level social constructions and how they affect HIV/AIDS policy the political construction of AIDS and interest-based struggles the emergent “bio-politics” of HIV and homosexuality in the U.S. how institutional power works to govern public understanding of HIV disease Institutional structures are defined in this book as groups engaged in and defined by the production of various “truths” which sustain them. Institutional power may be defined as the capacity to regulate, constrain, and disseminate versions of “truth.” Activism and Marginalization in the AIDS Crisis reveals how HIV activist groups have been outmaneuvered when it comes to the production and dissemination of various “truths” about HIV/AIDS by institutional structures more deeply steeped in social legitimacy and which have a superior capacity for message dissemination. HIV/AIDS activists, HIV-positive persons and those with AIDS, HIV/AIDS educators, public and institutional policymakers, health professionals, and the general public will find this book essential to understanding the social constructions of HIV/AIDS, how these affect HIV/AIDS-related policy and public opinion, and how to begin to cipher through the plethora of information to find and promote the “truth.”

Victory Deferred

Author : John-Manuel Andriote
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Discusses the effect of AIDS on individuals, political groups, pharmaceutical companies, and gay and lesbian organizations

The AIDS Crisis in Two American Cities

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Government Operations. Human Resources and Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee
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Enemies Within

Author : Jacqueline Foertsch
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She considers the "false binaries" (straight/gay, patriot/traitor, healthy/infected) that promise protection from an invasive threat and the utopian impulse to purge, homogenize, and relocate problematic individuals outside the city walls."--BOOK JACKET.