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Ailing in Place

Author : Michele Morrone
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Ailing in Place examines environmental conditions in Appalachia and explores the relationship between those conditions and certain health outcomes that are often incorrectly ascribed to poor individual choices.

Contextual Design

Author : Hugh Beyer
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This book introduces a customer-centered approach to business by showing how data gathered from people while they work can drive the definition of a product or process while supporting the needs of teams and their organizations. This is a practical, hands-on guide for anyone trying to design systems that reflect the way customers want to do their work. The authors developed Contextual Design, the method discussed here, through their work with teams struggling to design products and internal systems. In this book, you'll find the underlying principles of the method and how to apply them to different problems, constraints, and organizational situations. Contextual Design enables you to + gather detailed data about how people work and use systems + develop a coherent picture of a whole customer population + generate systems designs from a knowledge of customer work + diagram a set of existing systems, showing their relationships, inconsistencies, redundancies, and omissions

The New Natural Cat

Author : Anitra Frazier
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Here is the definitive handbook for concerned cat lovers everywhere, now thoroughly revised and updated with an all-new health encyclopedia. Offers basic tips on choosing a vet, dealing with litter box problems, selecting a scratching post, proper grooming and diet, caring for sick cats, and much more. 20 line drawings.

The Authorship of Place

Author : Dennis Lo
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The Authorship of Place is the first monograph dedicated to the study of the politics, history, aesthetics, and practices of location shooting for Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese, and coproduced art cinemas shot in rural communities since the late 1970s. Dennis Lo argues that rural location shooting, beyond serving aesthetic and technical needs, constitutes practices of cultural survival in a region beset with disruptive and disorienting social changes, including rapid urbanization, geopolitical shifts, and ecological crises. In response to these social changes, auteurs like Hou Xiaoxian, Jia Zhangke, Chen Kaige, and Li Xing engaged in location shooting to transform sites of film production into symbolically meaningful places of collective memories and aspirations. These production practices ultimately enabled auteurs to experiment with imagining Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese, and cross-strait communities in novel and contentious ways. Deftly guiding readers on a cross-strait tour of prominent shooting locations for the New Chinese Cinemas, this book shows how auteurs sought out their disappearing cultural heritage by reenacting lived experiences of nation building, homecoming, and cultural salvage while shooting on-location. This was an especially daunting task when auteurs encountered the shooting locations as spaces of unresolved historical, social, and geopolitical contestations, tensions which were only intensified by the impact of filmmaking on rural communities. This book demonstrates how these complex circumstances surrounding location shooting were pivotal in shaping both representations of the rural on-screen, as well as the production communities, institutions, and industries off-screen. Informed by cutting-edge perspectives in cultural geography and media anthropology, The Authorship of Place both revises Chinese-language film history and theorizes groundbreaking approaches for investigating the cultural politics of film authorship and production. “This extraordinary book discusses the uses of location shooting in films by contemporary Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese directors ranging from Li Xing to Jia Zhangke. It highlights the ways in which place, memory, and identity stances respond to social changes and geopolitical disparities. In a world full of uncertainty, the argument about the imaginary homeland as an experienced cinematic reality only renders it more urgent and universally relatable.” —Ping-hui Liao, University of California, San Diego “The Authorship of Place is certainly a welcome intervention into the study of Chinese cinemas and their auteurs that further contributes to the wider study of location shooting as well as cultural geographies and place-based imaginaries of film. It is rare to find a book dealing with space/place in and around cinema that is this inventive and nuanced in its methodologies.” —Stephanie DeBoer, Indiana University

Zeitschrift f r Assyriologie und vorderasiatische Arch ologie

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The Old Jacob s Place

Author : Mary Lou Hagerman (Plotts)
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"THE OLD JACOB'S PLACE" is a mystery that surrounds an old Victorian House and a beautiful flower garden where ghostly figures freely wanders, and a secret that no one knows, except for one. Adam Mathias Summers and his wife, Shannon Jacquenetta fell in love at first sight when they saw the old, but beautiful Victorian House. Sorry to say they did not know what lurked inside and out. Read to find out how the ghostly figures saved Shannon and her unborn child. Read to find out how Shannon unlocked the secret that made the shadowy figures restless in the old Jacob's Place.

GGSIPU B Sc Hons Nursing Guide 2022

Author : Deepa Chaudhary
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With the commencement of 2 Term Examination by CBSE Board, students are getting through with this new normal sense of examination. The second term or TERM II is a healthy amalgamation of multiple choice questions (MCQs) and subjective question. With more than ever important, the series of CBSE TERM II Sample Question Papers provides the complete and effective practice for the New Pattern of CBSE Exams. This series contains 10 Sample Questions designed as per guidelines issued on 14th Jan 2022. All the questions given in each paper, are strictly in line with pattern, type & nature of the question as given in Arihant’s Sample Paper. With the theme of ‘keep Practicing and Keep Scoring’, the book “CBSE TERM II Sample Paper – Informatics Practices” class 12th, consists of: 1. 10 Sample Question Papers as per latest CBSE TERM II Sample Paper 2. One Day Revision Notes to revise all the concepts in a day before the exam 3. The Qualifier – Chapterwise to Check Preparation Level of each chapter 4. CBSE Question Bank and Latest CBSE Term II Sample Paper with detailed explanation TOC One Day Revision, The Qualifiers, CBSE Question Bank, Latest CBSE Term II Sample Paper, Sample Paper [1-10]

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Abraham Ibn Ezra on Elections Interrogations and Medical Astrology

Author : Abraham ben Meïr Ibn Ezra
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This volume offers the first critical edition, with English translation and commentary, of seven astrological treatises by Abraham Ibn Ezra: the Book of Elections (3 versions); the Book of Interrogations (3 versions); and the Book of the Luminaries.

American Gardening

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