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Akira Volume 2

Author : Katsuhiro Otomo
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In Neo-Tokyo, built on the former site of Tokyo after World War III, two teenagers are targeted by agencies after they develop paranormal abilities.

I m Just a Comic Book Boy

Author : Christopher B. Field,
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 Comics and the punk movement are inextricably linked—each has a foundational do-it-yourself ethos and a nonconformist spirit defiant of authority. This collection of new essays provides for the first time a thorough analysis of the intersections between comics and punk. The contributors expand the discussion beyond the familiar U.S. and UK scenes to include the influence punk has had on comics produced in other countries, such as Spain and Turkey.

Integrated Global Models of Sustainable Development Volume II

Author : Akira Onishi
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Integrated Global Models of Sustainable Development is a component of Encyclopedia of Technology, Information, and Systems Management Resources in the global Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), which is an integrated compendium of twenty one Encyclopedias. In the 21st century the human society is facing the challenge of sustainable development with constraints of global environmental changes. In order to cope with poverty and international per capita income disparity (IPCID), there should be further needs for economic development to provide employment opportunities against “Terrorism and refugees". The coverage in three volumes tires to show a possibility of sustainable development from a global viewpoint by using alternative policy simulations. The chapters are organized so that the readers might understand archived historical trends in global modeling for sustainable development. Starting from global models in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, the updated latest modeling works are also included as far as possible. The chapters deal with roles of integrated global models, scope and methodologies and policy implications. These three volumes are aimed at the following five major target audiences: University and College students Educators, Professional practitioners, Research personnel and Policy analysts, managers, and decision makers and NGOs

Cobalt Rogue Vol 2

Author : Alexander Engel-Hodgkinson
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[Contains Episodes 015 - 037] Damian and the others finally make it to the the floating country of Sky Japan so that Damian could keep his end of the bargain to help the Knight Sisters find their mother. Unfortunately, things aren't going to be that simple, especially after Damian and the Knight Sisters become entangled in a brutal power struggle between warring criminal syndicates and anti-government factions. On top of that, Damian is given a job to save hundreds of children from the most powerful and sadistic ringleader of the Sky Japan criminal underworld, and he has three different military groups and his vengeful enemy closing in on him from all sides, and only four hours to deal with them all before everything goes to hell. [PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS 'DARK-BOY']


Author : Katsuhiro Ōtomo
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This post-apocalyptic saga charts the coming of the creature known only as Akira, a power both feared and prized for its potential to shake the recovering world.

Popular Series Fiction for Middle School and Teen Readers

Author : Rebecca L. Thomas
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A guide to more than eight hundred fiction series, including graphic novels and manga.


Author : Akira Ishida
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Average schoolgirl Nanami's life is now anything but average! Having learned she's the descendent of a powerful demon princess and gained herself three demonic minions - Tsurugi, Kusabi, and Mori - the poor girl has no time to let it all sink in...because she still has to go to class! And as if that's not bad enough, Tomotaka, the demon slayer who wanted Nanami's head on a silver platter when they first met, no longer sees Nanami as a demon to slay; now she's the bait to lure in other demons! Will the hunter and the former quarry ever stop being at each other's throats?!


Author :
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Proceedings of the ASME JSME Thermal Engineering Joint Conference Natural convection

Author : Yasuo Kurosaki
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Royals of Cardenas Vol 2

Author : Elise Marion
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This e-book bundle contains books 4-5, plus a bonus novella from Royals of Cardenas, a lush, opulent series of historical romances set in the fantasy kingdom of Cardenas. Enter a world of scandal, intrigue, and adventure, where sweeping romance awaits one very page and happy-ever-afters are guaranteed! Book Four: Wild Gypsy Rose Catching the eye of a rich and titled lord seemed like a dream come true, but a few months after a whirlwind elopement, Tatiana Angelo found herself abandoned by the man who claimed to love her. Now, all she wishes to do is return to her previous life of simplicity and freedom. When she meets Adrian Wilshire, Tatiana is certain she's found in him the freedom and passion she desires. But, when the truth of his identity comes to light, the consequences of their connection begin to rear their ugly heads. A few months ago, Adrian was nothing more than the illegitimate son of a courtesan and a lord. After years of hard work, he's finally saved enough to begin the modest but quiet life he's always craved, hoping to leave the ghosts of his tormented past behind. When he sets eyes on the vivacious Gypsy woman dancing under the moonlight, Adrian knows that he has finally found the one who could make his dream of a happy future complete. But the strain of a responsibility he never wanted weighs heavily on him, as the demands of an estate left to him by his father press in on him from all sides. Can he survive trapped in a gilded cage he despises and still keep the heart of a woman who desires freedom above all else? Book Five: The Gypsy Lord When Desmond Amador's sister married the king of Cardenas, the son of a Gypsy dancer and a sailor became a titled lord with more wealth, land, and power than he could have ever hoped to possess. But, before long he discovered the true nature of both his adulterous wife and the gilded world of the royal court. Bitter and jaded after a public divorce, Desmond cultivates a reputation for himself as a conscienceless rake, one he wears as a badge of honor. After the death of her father, Lady Anastasia Harden flees the only home she's ever known to escape the clutches of her despicable cousin, who plans to force her into marrying him. Taking shelter within The Red Rose, a brothel catering to a wealthy and titled clientele, Anastasia faces a choice between working her fingers to the bone as a maid or earning wealth and comfort as the lover a dark lord.Upon finding the enigmatic Ana working as a maid at The Red Rose, Desmond is determined to have her, and no price is too great. With an arrangement agreed upon, he thinks to indulge in a meaningless affair, but finds himself rapidly falling under Ana's spell. As feelings of passion begin to develop into something more, he will be forced to acknowledge his growing love for her. Bonus Novella: The Courtesan Once the mistress of a prince, and then the wife of a king, Davina Keane now finds herself divorced and banished from Cardenas. Now a penniless widow, she faces a life of poverty; prostitution being her only other option besides living on the street. Desperate to save herself, she makes one final attempt at forging a new life … by marriage to Rafe Rothwell. As an arrangement of convenience becomes something more, Davina is faced with the possibility of losing her husband over the truth of a past she kept secret when entering the marriage. Will love be enough to erase the mistakes of her past, or will they threaten to upend her newfound happiness? The Royals of Cardenas Series was previously published as Kings of Cardenas, and was republished in 2019 with new covers, new edits, and new content.