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Alamo Story

Author : J. C. Edmondson
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J.R Edmondson's The Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts is the millennium's first book to thoroughly examine the famous "Shrine of Texas Liberty" from its origin as a Spanish New World mission to its modern status.

The Alamo Story

Author : Dean Kirkpatrick
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Are you going to the Alamo? Read this book first, then take it with you to see and remember it all. Most visitors just see the Alamo compound, where it ended, but the 1836 siege and battle took place all over the city. The Alamo Story and Battleground Tour is the first Alamo history book that tells the story at the places throughout San Antonio where Alamo events actually happened. This book combines an Alamo history from 1685 to 1836 with a self-guided tour. The places on the tour may be experienced through the pictures in the book or by following the maps and directions the book provides and actually walking the ground where the Alamo heroes walked. Covering a distance of about two miles, much of it along the San Antonio River Walk, the written history and self-guided tour take you to the locations of: Davy Crockett's ashes, Jim Bowie's river palace, General Santa Anna's death flag, the Cos surrender house, La Villita, the forbidden footbridge, the Old Mill Ford, Jim Bowie's wedding in 1831, and many others. "It was a really interesting concept on that book and I enjoyed reading it. He did a good job on that one." − Daughter of the Republic of Texas, Alamo Committee Member (Designated Reviewer) "We can see that this book was a true labor of love....." − Ann Serrano, Librarian, The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas "To see the Alamo in a new way, you need to get this book." - Texas Country Reporter "Your research and knowledge and gift for the telling of this story is truly a tribute to those brave men who perished at that place and time in history." − Reader

The Alamo Reader

Author : Todd Hansen
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If everyone was killed inside the Alamo, how do we know what happened? This surprisingly simple question was the genesis for Todd Hansen's compendium of source material on the subject, "The Alamo Reader". Utilising obscure and rare sources along with key documents never before published, Hansen carefully balances the accounts against one another, culminating in the definitive resource for Alamo history.

Eyewitness to the Alamo

Author : Bill Groneman
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Eyewitness to the Alamo is the actual account of the siege and Battle of the Alamo by those who were present during the attack. This book is the first complete accounting of the Battle of the Alamo by one of our country's foremost authorities on the event.

Inherit the Alamo

Author : Holly Beachley Brear
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Long overshadowed by the towering buildings of downtown San Antonio, the modest little Alamo still evokes tremendous feeling among Texans and, indeed, many other Americans. For Anglo Texans, the Alamo is the "Cradle of Texas Liberty" and a symbolic confirmation of Manifest Destiny. For Hispanic Texans, however, the Alamo has increasingly become a stolen symbol, its origin as a Spanish mission forgotten, its famous defeat used to exclude Hispanics from an honorable place in Texas history. In this important new book, Holly Beachley Brear explores in fascinating detail what the Alamo means to the numerous groups that lay claim to its heritage. She shows how Alamo myths often diverge from the historical facts—and why. She decodes the agendas of various groups, including the Daughters of the Republic of Texas (who maintain the Alamo buildings and grounds), the Order of the Alamo, the Texas Cavaliers, and LULAC. And she probes attempts by individuals and groups to rewrite the Alamo myth to include more positive roles for themselves, as she explains the value in laying claim to the Alamo’s past. With new perspectives on all the sacred icons of the Alamo and the Fiesta that celebrates (one version of) its history each year, Inherit the Alamo is guaranteed to challenge stereotypes and offer new understanding of the Alamo’s ongoing role in shaping Texas and American history and mythology.It will be of interest to a wide popular and scholarly audience.

Remembering the Alamo

Author : Richard R. Flores
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Remember the Alamo! reverberates through Texas history and culture, but what exactly are we remembering? Over nearly two centuries, the Mexican victory over an outnumbered band of Alamo defenders has been transformed into an American victory for the love of liberty. Why did the historical battle of 1836 undergo this metamorphosis in memory and mythology to become such a potent master symbol in Texan and American culture? In this probing book, Richard Flores seeks to answer that question by examining how the Alamo’s transformation into an American cultural icon helped to shape social, economic, and political relations between Anglo and Mexican Texans from the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries. In the first part of the book, he looks at how the attempts of heritage society members and political leaders to define the Alamo as a place have reflected struggles within Texas society over the place and status of Anglos and Mexicans. In the second part, he explores how Alamo movies and the transformation of Davy Crockett into an Alamo hero/martyr have advanced deeply racialized, ambiguous, and even invented understandings of the past.

Giant Country

Author : Don Graham
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In Giant Country Don Graham brings together a collection of lively, absorbing essays written over the past two decades. The collection begins with a twist on book introductions that sets the tone for the essays to come—a self-interview conducted poolside at an eccentric Houston motel favored by regional rock bands. Over piña coladas the author works on his tan and discusses timeless Texas themes: the transition of the state from a rural to an urban world, the sense of a vanishing era, and the way that artists in literature and film represent a state both infectiously grand and too big for its britches. In “Fildelphia Story,” Graham remembers his Ivy League professorial stint in a city the small-town Texan who rented him a moving van looked up under “F.” In “Doing England” the Lone Star Yankee courts Oxford University and returns with a veddy British education. In “The Ground Sense Necessary” a native son journeys inward to explore the dry ceremonies of frontier Protestantism and to recount movingly his father's funeral in Collin County. With his wide-ranging knowledge of classic regional works, Graham unerringly traces the style and substance of local literary giants and offers a sometimes irreverent but always entertaining look at the Texas triumvirate of Dobie, Webb and Bedichek. Other essays look at such Texas greats as Katherine Anne Porter, George Sessions Perry, William Humphrey and John Graves. In a section he calls “Polemics,” Graham includes his best known essays, “Palefaces vs. Redskins,” a sardonic survey of the Texas literary landscape, and “Anything for Larry,” a tour de force that has already become a minor classic. The essay weighs the puny financial achievements of Graham against those of mega-author Larry McMurtry and never fails to bring down the house when Graham gives a public reading. A recognized authority on celluloid Texas, Graham provides a rich sampling of his knowledge of Texas movies in pieces that blanket the territory from moo-cow cattle-drive epics to soggy Alamo sagas to urban cowboy melodramas. In the larger-than-life state that is Texas, nobody sizes up the Lone-Star mythos, its interpreters, boosters and detractors better than Don Graham.

Culture on Tour

Author : Edward M. Bruner
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Analysing a variety of tourist productions, ranging from dance dramas in Bali to an Abraham Lincoln heritage site in Illinois, Bruner considers the diverse perspectives of various actors, including the tourists, the producers, the natives & the anthropologist himself.

Exhibiting Patriotism

Author : Teresa Bergman
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American nationalism, patriotism and citizenship are proudly on display at historical sites across America—but they are also contested and reshaped by visitors and their engagement with those places. In Exhibiting Patriotism, Bergman analyzes exhibits, interpretive materials, and orientation films at major US sites, from Mt. Rushmore and to the USS Arizona Memorial, where controversy has erupted over the stories they tell about the past. She shows how historic narratives are the result of dynamic relationships between institutions and the public, and how these relationships are changing in an era when museums are becoming more visitor-centered, seeing visitors as partners in historical interpretation. Drawing on film theory, memory studies, visual communication, and visitor studies, Bergman offers an important analysis for scholars and professionals in American studies, museum studies, public history, and communication and media studies.

Twentieth century Texas

Author : John Woodrow Storey
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A collection of fifteen essays which cover Indians, Mexican Americans, African Americans, women, religion, war on the homefront, music, literature, film, art, sports, philanthropy, education, the environment, and science and technology in twentieth-century Texas.