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Alevism Between Standardisation and Plurality

Author : Benjamin Weineck
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The book analyses the ongoing struggle for a shared 'Alevi Cultural Heritage'. In these processes, the actors have to negotiate standardisation and plurality cutting across the manifold ethnic and socio-religious differences among Alevis.


Author : Umit Cetin
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Special Issue: Alevi Kurds: History, Politics and Identity | Guest edited by Umit Cetin, Celia Jenkins, and Suavi Aydın | EDITORIAL: Alevi Kurds: History, Politics and Identity by Umit Cetin, Celia Jenkins, and Suavi Aydın | Politics and Identity in Alevi Kurds: An Interview with Martin van Bruinessen by Umit Cetin, Celia Jenkins, and Suavi Aydın | A Survey of the Roots and History of Kurdish Alevism: What are the Divergences and Convergences between Kurdish Alevi Groups inTurkey? by Suavi Aydın | Reflections on the 19th Century Missionary Reports as Sources for the History of the (Kurdish) Kizilbash by Ayfer Karakaya-Stump | Political Representation of Alevi Kurds in Turkey: Historical Trends and Main Transformations by Cengiz Gunes | The Struggle to Make Diaspora Alevis Companion with Working Class: Alevism in Kavga / Kervan Magazine by Tuncay Bilecen | Diasporic Homeland, Rise of Identity and New Traditionalism: The Case of the British Alevi Festival by Cemal Salman | Language Attitudes and Religion: Kurdish Alevis in the UK by Birgul Yilmaz | “Aspirational Capital” and Transformations in First-Generation Alevi-Kurdish Parents’ Involvement with Their Children’s Education in theUK by Celia Jenkins | Unregulated Desires: Anomie, the “Rainbow Underclass” and Second-Generation Alevi Kurdish Gangs in London by Umit Cetin | Book Reviews

Aesthetic and Performative Dimensions of Alevi Cultural Heritage

Author : Martin Greve
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In diesem Band werden die ästhetischen und performativen Dimensionen des alevitischen Kulturerbes in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart in einem interdisziplinären Rahmen untersucht. Die Beiträge analysieren traditionelle wie gegenwärtige Entwicklungen im alevitischen Kulturleben, lokale wie transnationale Praktiken und berücksichtigen dabei Textquellen, moderne Adaptionen wie auch Materialität. Die Herangehensweisen der in unterschiedlichen Fachbereichen tätigen AutorInnen – darunter Robert Langer, Nicolas Elias, Sinibaldo De Rosa, Jérôme Cler, Judith Haug und Janina Karolewski – belegen die Komplexität der sozio-historischen und sozio-kulturellen Dynamiken. Der vorliegende Band soll Zugang gewähren zu einer komplexen Thematik, die zweifellos weitere Forschungen und Analysen verdient.

Religious Diversity at School

Author : Ednan Aslan
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This volume features chapters by international experts in education, sociology, and theology who consider a range of challenges faced by educators in primary and secondary schools that are becoming increasingly diverse in terms of the ethnic and religious backgrounds of pupils. From the non-religious, to the refugee, to student fundamentalism and even radicalization—these multiple, fresh approaches analyze the dynamics of the changing pedagogical landscape in an age of ever increasing globalization and cultural plurality. Today’s classrooms are often the most crucial spaces where children and adolescents encounter new cultural, religious, and other worldviews. Increasingly, teachers are called on to empower their pupils with the tools and competencies necessary to reflect on and process this plurality in ways that are productive for their intellectual growth and moral maturation. Regional case studies provide extensive data while offering insights into developments in school settings across Europe, in Turkey, and in the United States. In addition, a number of the contributions address the delivery, content, and policies of Islamic Religious Education in European contexts, the educational strategies employed in multi-religious societies, and interreligious dialogue in schools, whether intentional or spontaneous.

Ottoman Sunnism

Author : Erginbas Vefa Erginbas
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Addressing the contested nature of Ottoman Sunnism from the 14th to the early 20th century, this book draws on diverse perspectives across the empire. Closely reading intellectual, social and mystical traditions within the empire, it clarifies the possibilities that existed within Ottoman Sunnism, presenting it as a complex, nuanced and evolving concept. The authors in this volume rescue Ottoman Sunnism from an increasingly bipolar definition that seeks to present the Ottomans as enshrining a clearly defined orthodoxy, suppressing its contrasting heterodoxy. Challenging established notions that have marked the existing literature, the chapters contribute significantly not only to the ongoing debate on the Ottoman age of confessionalisation but also to the study of religion in the Ottoman context.

Migration und Ritualtransfer

Author : Robert Langer
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Der Transfer von Ritualen über historische Zeiträume, gesellschaftliche und religiöse Grenzen hinweg ist ein neues Forschungsgebiet der Islamwissenschaft. Da Migration und die damit einhergehende Entstehung transnationaler Religionsgemeinschaften solche Transferphänomene befördert, verlangt dieses Forschungsgebiet Methodenpluralismus und die Kooperation mit anderen Disziplinen wie der Religionswissenschaft, der Soziologie und der Ethnologie. Dieser Band versammelt die erweiterten Beiträge des Symposions «Migration und Ritualtransfer: Religiöse Minderheiten zwischen islamischer Welt und westlicher Diaspora». Die Tagung wurde vom islamwissenschaftlichen Teilprojekt «Ritualtransfer» des Sonderforschungsbereichs 619 «Ritualdynamik» der Universität Heidelberg veranstaltet. Zentrales Thema der Beiträge ist der Transfer von Ritualen bei Aleviten, Jesiden und Nusairiern zwischen Herkunfts- und Diasporagemeinden sowie die Untersuchung der damit einhergehenden Transformationen der religiösen Praxis.

Religion and Politics in the Middle East

Author : Robert D. Lee
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Analyzes the interaction of politics and religion in the Middle East as demonstrated by Egypt, Israel, Turkey, and Iran, focusing on how each addresses key identity, ideological, institutional, and political challenges while considering whether religion is an obstacle or aid to politics in each region. Original.

Sociological Abstracts

Author :
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