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All Eyes on Her

Author : Poonam Sharma
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In this town, nice gets you nowhere... As a junior associate at the most sought-after marital mediation and divorce boutique in Beverly Hills, Monica is part mediator, part lawyer, part marriage therapist and all celebrity babysitter. She's so good at her job that she's handling the firm's superstar clients Cameron and Lydia Johnson--Hollywood It couple Camydia. Although things would be easier if the only other female associate would stop sabotaging her career, and if the drama queen she refers to as mother wasn't moving back home! When the latest Camydia scandal breaks wide open, it's time for Monica to save the day, to don her Prada cape and matching bag, then wreak havoc on her office rival and run circles around the paparazzi. Everyone's watching to see what Monica will do... hey are those claws on that French manicure?

All Eyes on Her

Author : L.E. Flynn
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Perfect for fans of One of Us is Lying and We Were Liars, All Eyes on Her by L.E. Flynn is a gripping young adult thriller told from the perspective of everyone except the alleged killer—a seventeen-year-old girl. You heard the story on the news. A girl and a boy went into the woods. The girl carried a picnic basket. The boy wore bright yellow running shoes. The girl found her way out, but the boy never did... Everyone thinks they know what happened. Some say Tabby pushed him off that cliff— she didn’t even like hiking. She was jealous. She had more than her share of demons. Others think he fell accidentally—she loved Mark. She would never hurt him...even if he hurt her. But what’s the real story? All Eyes On Her is told from everyone but Tabby herself as the people in her life string together the events that led Tabby to that cliff. Her best friend. Her sister. Her enemy. Her ex-boyfriend. Because everybody thinks they know a girl better than she knows herself. What do you think is the truth? An Imprint Book Praise for Last Girl Lied To: "Fans of E. Lockhart, Karen M. McManus, and Flynn’s other work will revel in this mystery/thriller and the authenticity with which its characters are rendered." —Booklist

All Eyes and Blind

Author : Francis P. Sullivan
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Stories inAll Eyes and Blind are vivid, concrete, and thoroughly contemporary. What's more, they embody imagination at the service of community. For these stories, when read aloud and shared with others, evoke the telling of personal faith-stories. In the sharing of our stories, our lives, community forms. This is, after all, how we come to know one another in our uniqueness, our diversity and our commonality.


Author : Renea Simpson
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True. Not merely ostensible, nominal or apparent: the real reason for an act. Existing or occurring as fact rather than imaginary, ideal, or fictitious: a story taken from real life. Being an actual thing having objective existence, not imaginary: “The events you will see in the film are real and not just made up. Being actually such, not merely so-called: a real victory genuine, not counterfeit, artificial or imitation; authentic.

Poetry n Flow

Author : Renea Simpson
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Black women writers are different from any other writer because they see and write love and anguish on the human conditions of their human soul as society has made them and they’ve made society. As early as the 1950s, black women writers have been at work, seeing and writing on the events of their generation. Black women have played their role in the struggle for freedom and equality in the United States and in other countries. They have also acquired the ability to open the minds of most people who are unaware of the black women who laid the foundation of black American literature. There is an old saying: “A writer writes her own biography through her own creative works.” The good and bad experiences of her life are portrayed through the characters in her novel. Alice Walker’s novels depict the female character being constantly in search of some peace of mind. She struggles just as much as the black male character but in a quiet and submissive way. Southern black women, for example, struggle endlessly and are harmless because they know no wrong. In the novel The Color Purple, Celie struggles to find the kind of love robbed from her when her father cruelly separates both her and her sister, sending them into two different worlds.

All Eyes on Us

Author : Kit Frick
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Pretty Little Liars meets People Like Us in this taut, tense thriller... “If you like your YA thrillers smart, suspenseful, and full of complex characters, then you'll love All Eyes on Us” Karen M. McManus, author of One of Us Is Lying and Two Can Keep a Secret PRIVATE NUMBER: Wouldn’t you look better without a cheater on your arm? AMANDA: Who is this? The daughter of small town social climbers, Amanda Kelly is deeply invested in her boyfriend, real estate heir Carter Shaw. He’s kind, ambitious, the town golden boy - but he’s far from perfect. Because behind Amanda’s back, Carter is also dating Rosalie. PRIVATE NUMBER: I’m watching you, Sweetheart. ROSALIE: Who IS this? Rosalie Bell is fighting to remain true to herself and her girlfriend - while concealing her identity from her Christian fundamentalist parents. After years spent in and out of conversion “therapy” her own safety is her top priority. But maintaining a fake, straight relationship is killing her from the inside. When an anonymous texter ropes Amanda and Rosalie into a bid to take Carter down, the girls become collateral damage - and unlikely allies in a fight to unmask their stalker before Private uproots their lives. PRIVATE NUMBER: You shouldn’t have ignored me. Now look what you made me do…

All Eyes on the Crown

Author : Tina J
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If you loved Violet and the Connect then you'll enjoy reading the story about their kids. MJ is the eldest son, who at a young age confided in his father about taking over his empire. Miguel Sr. takes him under his wing and shows him everything he needs to know. On his twenty first birthday MJ will be introduced to the world as the New Connect. Will it be a smooth transition or will jealousy and envy from within his team show it's ugly head and destroy his moment. Alex decided living in his fathers' shadow isn't what he wanted to do. His focus is going to college, becoming an entrepreneur and owning tons of businesses. Unfortunately, something happens to someone close to him, which makes him take a step back and return home. Joy is the golden child in her fathers eyes, however, she begs her mom to allow her to do something reckless that may cost her, her life. Enemies come out of nowhere, which makes the entire family go into beast mode. Find out what happens when people attempt to cross the Rodriquez family.

All Eyes On Me

Author : Kevin Zdrill
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Drugs, gangs, crime, doing time. Vincent Lillie desperately wanted to escape the cycle that was slowly killing him, and the first step was leaving the very gang he had depended on for love and acceptance. The price for escape? A beating so brutal, many don’t survive. The story of Vincent’s life starts with the destruction of his family at the hands of his father’s sexual abuse, worsens with his school’s discriminatory segregation of him, and deteriorates further with every drug he does, every crime he commits, and each of his incarcerations. With his three brothers stuck in the same cycle, Vincent’s lowest point of addiction came to attempted suicide—twice. But fate had other plans for him. At times heartbreaking and at others breathtaking, Vincent’s true story will give you faith in humanity and prove the strength of the human spirit. His slow but steady road to recovery through sheer willpower and determination led him to become a mentor and speaker, motivating kids and adults to become the best version of themselves, and stopping those who are troubled from following in his footsteps. His is an unforgettable story of burning to ashes and rising from them better than ever before—one step at a time. A raw and honest memoir that will give you hope. FOREWORD BY MITCH BOURBONNIERE, Director of Service, Ogijiita Pimatiswin Kinamatwin (OPK), working with Winnipeg’s most vulnerable people who suffer with homelessness, post traumatic stress, addiction, mental health issues, domestic violence, gang involvement, and sexual exploitation.


Author : Lestine
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And years later, when she finally evolved a mind that could examine itself, she wondered how such concepts as fear of her own thoughts, shame of her own bodythe very vessel that nature fashioned and her soul adornedarose at all. When did her body become something alienseparate from her? So begins UNBOWED, the story of Basma, an obedient wife who makes an unwitting decision with far-reaching consequences. Filled with sex, forbidden love, shocking brutality, unflinching feminist prose, and chador-wearing gladiators carrying AK-47s, nevertheless, UNBOWED is a story of Hope. Set in present day cosmopolitan cities of New York, London and Paris, with their burgeoning immigrant populations, and spanning other international locales, UNBOWED weaves together three plot lines to illuminate the violent extremes some patriarchal cultures have gone toto reinforce absolute power over women and girlsand the equally extreme, yet opposite, paths three women embark on, to change the game.

Arthur s Home Magazine

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