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Everything I Know About Women I Learned from My Tractor

Author : Roger Welsch Motorbooks International
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I Know What Women Want

Author : Harpal Mahal,
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Anuj and his three friends have no skill and ability of getting women interested in them. Moreover, their hearts are filled with vengeance due to women who have inflicted deep wounds to their hearts. What happens when they meet the number one pick-up artist in the world, who himself has a secret agenda? A hilarious journey ensues, where they fall and fumble to achieve their objectives in life – women and revenge..!

What I Want My Daughter to Know About Women

Author : Bob Mika
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What I Want My Daughter to Know about Women by Bob Mika was written from his life's experiences, with his daughter's interests in mind. He wanted to share with her what he has learned from his many relationships, and the meaning of true love. Bob Mika has always wanted a family, and he spent his entire life looking for that special woman, to have his children and share a life. He has opened his feelings to many women, who in return, left him disappointed. He explains throughout the book what it feels like to be in love, and what are the differences in love and attraction, and why women need to understand that men are not mind readers. What's the purpose of romance is, and why relationships between men and women can be so challenging. He explains how not following your inner self, and later regretting it, can affect your outlook. He talks about your mindset on how you treat others, how the "average man's" biggest problems are with dating, sex, relationships, and marriage. He explains to his daughter the ups and downs of dating, and what to look for in a partner and a relationship, either in herself or her partner. Having that happy feeling of your lifelong dream of becoming a father come true! This story of his life is a captivating story of one man's determination, and his love for his daughter.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Other Women

Author : B.J. Gallagher
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A collection of short stories, anecdotes, quotes, and one-liners celebrates what women learn from one another and includes the author's reflections on the women who were her teachers. Original.

All I Know Sort Of

Author : David Rosenberg
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These essays and articles, written in the 70s and early 80s, contain thousands of little tidbits that can contribute to a total understanding of both U.S. and world history and culture. The author draws on his unique experience to think about the serious problems we face, and, in very direct and clear language, shares his view of the world. Whether you are just beginning to understand politics and history, or a veteran who's seen it all, All I Know can be a great basis for helping to shape your world view.

Everything I Know About Love

Author : Dolly Alderton
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THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER WITH A NEW CHAPTER ON TURNING THIRTY 'There is no writer quite like Dolly Alderton working today and very soon the world will know it' Lisa Taddeo, author Three Women 'The book we will thrust into our friends' hands. Alderton feels like a best friend and your older sister all rolled into one and her pages wrap around you like a warm hug' Evening Standard Award-winning journalist Dolly Alderton survived her twenties (just about) and in Everything I Know About Love, she gives an unflinching account of the bad dates and squalid flat-shares, the heartaches and humiliations, and most importantly, the unbreakable female friendships that helped her to hold it all together. Glittering with wit, heart and humour, this is a book to press into the hands of every woman who has ever been there or is about to find themselves taking that first step towards the rest of their lives. 'Alderton is Nora Ephron for the millennial generation' Elizabeth Day 'Steeped in furiously funny accounts of one-night stands, ill-advised late-night taxi journeys up the M1, grubby flat-shares and the beauty of female friendships, as Alderton joyfully booze-cruises her way through her twenties' Metro 'Deeply funny, sometimes shocking, and admirably open-hearted and optimistic' Daily Telegraph 'A sensitive, astute and funny account of growing up millennial' Observer 'I loved its truth, self awareness, humour and most of all, its heart-spilling generosity' Sophie Dahl 'Alderton proves a razor-sharp observer of the shifting dynamics of long term female friendship' Mail on Sunday 'It's so full of life and laughs - I gobbled up this book. Alderton has built something beautiful and true out of many fragments of daftness' Amy Liptrot *Winner of Autobiography of the Year at the National Book Awards 2018* *A Waterstones Paperback of the Year 2019* *A Sunday Times paperback of the year 2019* *Selected for Stylist's The Decade's 15 Best Books by Remarkable Women*

See What I Have Done Longlisted for the Women s Prize for Fiction 2018

Author : Sarah Schmidt
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Longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction 2018 Haunting, gripping and gorgeously written, SEE WHAT I HAVE DONE by Sarah Schmidt is a re-imagining of the unsolved American true crime case of the Lizzie Borden murders, for fans of BURIAL RITES and MAKING A MURDERER. 'Eerie and compelling' Paula Hawkins 'Stunning' Sunday Times 'Gripping... outstanding' Observer 'Glittering' Irish Times Just after 11am on 4th August 1892, the bodies of Andrew and Abby Borden are discovered. He's found on the sitting room sofa, she upstairs on the bedroom floor, both murdered with an axe. It is younger daughter Lizzie who is first on the scene, so it is Lizzie who the police first question, but there are others in the household with stories to tell: older sister Emma, Irish maid Bridget, the girls' Uncle John, and a boy who knows more than anyone realises. In a dazzlingly original and chilling reimagining of this most notorious of unsolved mysteries, Sarah Schmidt opens the door to the Borden home and leads us into its murkiest corners, where jealousies, slow-brewed rivalries and the darkest of thoughts reside.

All Hands

Author :
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Sappho s Bar and Grill

Author : Bonnie J. Morris
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Each month for a full year, the holiday parties and theme nights at Sappho's Bar & Grill spin lonely Hannah Stern into the past when she least expects it. Through her sexy encounters with foremothers ranging from Lilith to Sappho, through Radclyffe Hall to the All American Girls Baseball League, Hannah learns much about herself and women’s survival across time.

Right Here Right Now

Author : T. Louise
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RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Alexis Wilson is a beautiful, confident, and successful woman who knows what she wants out of life. She’s been married for 10 years to her high school sweetheart, Reggie Wilson. It seems she has the perfect life until her husband cheats and the marriage ends. Her best friends Saundra, Alicia and Trina keep her grounded as she tries to find happiness once again. She meets, the handsome Ricky Lawson, who renews her faith that there are still good men in the world. The control Alexis once had over her life is gone when something unexpected happens and she realizes her life will never be the same. Her entrepreneurial goals and dreams for the future are put on hold when the reality of life takes over. Reggie Wilson finds out the grass is not greener on the other side, instead it’s risky and dangerous. A lesson that could make a man so desperate he would do anything to rid himself of his own self inflicted troubles. Saundra is a seasoned gold digger with a secret from her past that won’t allow her to love any man. She believes men are only good for sex and money; she must find the strength to overcome her hurtful past which holds the key to heal her future. Alicia struggles with her buffet style lust for men and the dangers of her reckless choices. Trina searches for love through risky sexual escapades until she meets Rodney. She thinks she’s found her soul mate until jealousy and insecurity destroys more than their relationship. As deep, dark, secrets come full circle and inner pain can no longer be hidden. The lustful behaviors and temptations lead to a devastating climax and all their lives are changed forever..... Right Here, Right Now.

Delphi Complete Works of D H Lawrence Illustrated

Author : D.H. Lawrence
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Novelist, poet, playwright, essayist, literary critic and artist, D. H. Lawrence had an immense influence on twentieth century literature, in spite of his short and often persecuted life. His novels represent an extended reflection on the dehumanising effects of modernity and industrialisation, establishing his name as one of the great imaginative novelists of his generation. For the first time in publishing history, this comprehensive eBook presents Lawrence’s complete works, with numerous illustrations, rare texts, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 10) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Lawrence’s life and works * Concise introductions to the novels and other texts * All 12 novels, with individual contents tables * Includes the rare ‘lost’ novel MR NOON – appearing for the first time in digital print * Images of how the books were first published, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts * Excellent formatting of the texts * All 68 short stories, with many rare stories appearing in digital print for the first time * Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the poetry and the short stories * Easily locate the poems or short stories you want to read * All the plays, with separate contents tables * All the travel writing books * 7 poetry collections, including rare books available in no other digital collection * Includes many rare non-fiction essays and collections * Also includes “A STUDY OF THOMAS HARDY” – explore Lawrence’s critique of the famous author * The rare school textbook Lawrence wrote when struggling financially * Includes Part I and Part II of PHOENIX: THE POSTHUMOUS PAPERS OF D. H. LAWRENCE – spends hours exploring this collection of literary papers that chart Lawrence’s genius * Features a bonus biography by Lawrence’s wife’s – first time in digital print– explore the great writer’s literary life! * Lawrence’s translations of Italian novels and short stories * Also features Lawrence’s paintings * UPDATED with corrections, PHOENIX II, rare translations and more images * Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles CONTENTS: The Novels THE WHITE PEACOCK THE TRESPASSER SONS AND LOVERS THE RAINBOW WOMEN IN LOVE THE LOST GIRL MR NOON AARON’S ROD KANGAROO THE BOY IN THE BUSH THE PLUMED SERPENT LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER The Novellas THE LADYBIRD THE FOX THE CAPTAIN’S DOLL ST. MAWR THE VIRGIN AND THE GIPSY THE ESCAPED COCK The Short Stories LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF SHORT STORIES IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Plays THE MARRIED MAN THE FIGHT FOR BARBARA DAVID THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW THE WIDOWING OF MRS HOLROYD A COLLIER’S FRIDAY NIGHT THE MERRY-GO-ROUND TOUCH AND GO The Poetry Collections D .H. LAWRENCE’S POETRY: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION LOVE POEMS AND OTHERS AMORES LOOK! WE HAVE COME THROUGH! NEW POEMS BAY: A BOOK OF POEMS BIRDS BEASTS AND FLOWERS IMAGIST POETRY PANSIES NETTLES LAST POEMS MORE PANSIES The Poems LIST OF POEMS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER LIST OF POEMS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER The Travel Writing TWILIGHT IN ITALY SEA AND SARDINIA MORNINGS IN MEXICO SKETCHES OF ETRUSCAN PLACES The Non-Fiction A STUDY OF THOMAS HARDY MOVEMENTS IN EUROPEAN HISTORY PSYCHOANALYSIS AND THE UNCONSCIOUS FANTASIA OF THE UNCONSCIOUS STUDIES IN CLASSIC AMERICAN LITERATURE REFLECTIONS ON THE DEATH OF A PORCUPINE AND OTHER ESSAYS A PROPOS OF LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER APOCALYPSE AND THE WRITINGS ON REVELATION PHOENIX: THE POSTHUMOUS PAPERS OF D. H. LAWRENCE PHOENIX II: UNCOLLECTED, UNPUBLISHED AND OTHER PROSE WORKS The Translations THE GENTLEMAN FROM SAN FRANCISCO by Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin MASTRO-DON GESUALDO by Giovanni Verga LITTLE NOVELS OF SICILY by Giovanni Verga CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA AND OTHER STORIES by Giovanni Verga The Paintings THE PAINTINGS OF D. H. LAWRENCE The Biography NOT I, BUT THE WIND... by Frieda Lawrence Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles

Women s Group Therapy

Author : Vera Sonja Maass
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Lifting the Taboo

Author : Sally Cline
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lluminated by a profound yet humorous vision, Lifting the Taboo explores the specific relationship women of many colors, cultures, ages, and sexual orientations have to their own deaths, their attitudes towards loss, and their disposition to their role as primary care-givers to the dying. Specifically, the book weighs the implications of breast cancer and examines in detail Alzheimer's Disease which, contrary to popular myth, can in several significant ways be perceived as a women's disease. Investigating mothers' responses to children's deaths, Sally Cline establishes that women's relationships to death are intricately connected to the experience of giving birth. They are, she argues, therefore psychologically and emotionally different from those of men. Cline goes on to examine women's roles and responses to AIDS and suicide, women's sexual relationships while dying, how society views widows as leftover lives, and women's radical work in hospices and death therapy, as well as their roles as female funeral directors.

Dead Nights

Author : Lecey Fulcher
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Susan Johnson has an over active imagination. Not knowing what is reality and fantasy makes finding out who she is more work then she could have ever thought. There are twists and turns through her life that become frightening and her mind begins to snap. Her life is beautiful one moment and confusing the next, trapped in a world and a life that she's not sure exists. Where does it all begin and end? Enemies are meant to be other people and hers lay in her own mind. Fantasies of beautiful people, children, and murder. What is real? What is not? These are the questions she must ask herself. Don't get sucked into her life of deception, lies, and sex...

Conversations with Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris

Author : Louise Erdrich
File Size : 28.72 MB
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Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris, the most prominent writers of Native American descent, collaborate on all their works. In these interviews, conducted both separately and jointly, they discuss how their writing moves from conception to completion and how The Beet Queen, Tracks, A Yellow Raft in Blue Water, and The Crown of Columbus have been enhanced by both their artistic and their matrimonial union. Being of mixed blood and having lived in both white and Native American worlds, they give an original perspective on American society. Sometimes with humor and always with refreshing candor, their discussions undermine the damaging stereotypes of Native Americans. Some of the interviews focus on their nonfiction book, The Broken Cord, which recounts the struggle to solve their adopted son's health problems from fetal alcohol syndrome. Included are two recent interviews published here for the first time. In this collection, Erdrich and Dorris tell why they have chosen to write about many varying subjects and of why they refuse to be imprisoned in a literary ghetto of writers whose only subjects are Native Americans.

Great Women s Speeches

Author : Anna Russell
File Size : 81.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Over 50 empowering speeches celebrating women in their own words through extracts and commissioned illustrations, spanning throughout history up to the modern day.

Desert Children

Author : Waris Dirie
File Size : 39.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Fashion model, UN ambassador and courageous spirit, Waris Dirie was born into a family of tribal desert nomads in Somalia. She told her story - enduring female circumcision at five years old; running away through the desert; being discovered by Terence Donovan and becoming a top fashion model - in her book, the worldwide bestseller, DESERT FLOWER. In DESERT DAWN she wrote about becoming a UN Special Ambassador against FGM (female genital mutilation) and returning to her family in Somalia. DESERT CHILDREN tells us how she and the journalist Corinna Milborn have investigated the practice of FGM in Europe - they estimate that up to 500,000 women and girls have undergone or are at risk of FGM. At the moment, France is the only European country in which offenders are convicted and no European country officially recognises the threat of genital mutilation as a reason for asylum. Here are the voices of women who have felt encouraged and emboldened by Waris Dirie's courage. They speak out for the first time and move us to action.

Women Stage Directors Speak

Author : Rebecca Daniels
File Size : 22.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Though stage directing has traditionally been a male-dominated profession, the number of women directors in the United States has grown significantly in recent years. In this work, 35 contemporary women stage directors, with regional, national and international theater backgrounds, share their views on the creative process and the influences of gender on their artistic decision making. How does it feel to be defined as a woman director rather than simply a director? Does gender affect their authority? These questions and many others are explored in this study.

What Will It Take to Make A Woman President

Author : Marianne Schnall
File Size : 21.74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"I would love for my younger fans to read What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? by Marianne Schnall. It's a collection of interviews and essays by great women, including Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, and Melissa Etheridge. They will inspire you to become a better leader." —Beyoncé Prompted by a question from her eight-year-old daughter during the 2008 election of Barack Obama, "Why haven't we ever had a woman president?", Marianne Schnall set out on a journey to find the answer. A widely published writer, author, and interviewer, and the Executive Director of, Schnall began looking at the issues from various angles and perspectives, gathering viewpoints from influential people from all sectors. What Will It Take to Make A Woman President? features interviews with politicians, public officials, thought leaders, writers, artists, and activists in an attempt to discover the obstacles that have held women back and what needs to change in order to elect a woman into the White House. With insights and personal anecdotes from Sheryl Sandberg, Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, Nancy Pelosi, Nicholas Kristof, Melissa Etheridge, and many more, this book addresses timely, provocative issues involving women, politics, and power. With a broader goal of encouraging women and girls to be leaders in their lives, their communities, and the larger world, Schnall and her interviewees explore the changing paradigms occurring in politics and in our culture with the hope of moving toward meaningful and effective solutions, and a world where a woman can be president.

Shadow Women

Author : Marjorie Bard
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Since 1975, Dr. Marjorie Bard has listed to the homeless—especially homeless women. They have told her their stories despite threats of retaliation and begged her to bring their problems and the social injustice that underlies these problems to the attention to all those who would listen, and those who deny any problem exists.