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All Kinds of Humor

Author : Frank Verano
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For a starter, let's face it; I made it to 94 years and frankly, that is an achievement that dwarf s anything else I can say about my long life so far, (and I ain't through yet.) If I were to point to the most significant event of my life I would have to say that I was a witness to a critical event in American history and perhaps in world history, the devastating attack on our Navy at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The rest of my life was somewhat nondescript in the overall scheme of things in this world. I was born (just like everyone else) in Holland Michigan, way back, a good 200 years ago. I was a musician from the start, playing the harmonica at 10 years old. (Also, later the ukulele, mandolin, Hawaiian guitar, orchestral guitar, and marimba.) My first performance was with the harmonica before my 8th grade class! Later on as a teenager I played in an orchestra and performed at dances, night clubs and church events. Currently, I duo on the classical guitar with my flute player playing occasional concerts. Now that I think of it, I was pretty good. Being a small 109 pound guy I joined the Navy in 1940 so as to not get drafted. WW2 was already raging in Europe. I had to enlist for 6 years. That put me in WW2 from the beginning to the end and then some. Hey, I also performed on the guitar in the Navy aboard ship (between naval battles!) Upon discharge in 1946 I joined with my high school buddy to get the first printed circuit patent. I am really proud of that because printed circuits are in everything that's electronic. And we started it! It was particularly smart of me because 40 years later I needed the printed circuit in my pacemaker! Such foresight! At the same time I entered college at MIT. Our patent royalties helped pay for tuition. As long as I am being proud, I may as well include graduating from that top technical school in the country, which is pretty good for a son of an immigrant from Italy. From thereon my engineering career included teaching at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo lecturing at USC and work in computers and programming. But of course, most of my work was in the Defense industry. Now in retirement I am doing things I like to do: play music and write. Looking back I think that getting an engineering degree was a big mistake. I should have been a gigolo. Look at what I missed! Alas, it is too late!

The Psychology of Humor

Author : Rod A. Martin
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Research on humor is carried out in a number of areas in psychology, including the cognitive (What makes something funny?), developmental (when do we develop a sense of humor?), and social (how is humor used in social interactions?) Although there is enough interest in the area to have spawned several societies, the literature is dispersed in a number of primary journals, with little in the way of integration of the material into a book. Dr. Martin is one of the best known researchers in the area, and his research goes across subdisciplines in psychology to be of wide appeal. This is a singly authored monograph that provides in one source, a summary of information researchers might wish to know about research into the psychology of humor. The material is scholarly, but the presentation of the material is suitable for people unfamiliar with the subject-making The Psychology of Humor suitable for use for advanced undergraduate and graduate level courses on the psychology of humor-which have not had a textbook source. 2007 AATH Book Award for Humor/Laughter Research category! Up-to-date coverage of research on humor and laughter in every area of psychology Research findings are integrated into a coherent conceptual framework Includes recent brain imaging studies, evolutionary models, and animal research Draws on contributions from sociology, linguistics, neuroscience, and anthropology Provides an overview of theories of humor and early research Explores applications of humor in psychotherapy, education, and the workplace Points out interesting topics for further research and promising research methodologies Written in a scholarly yet easily accessible style 2007 AATH Book Award for Humor/Laughter Research category

An Anatomy of Humor

Author : Arthur Asa Berger
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Humor permeates every aspect of society and has done so for thousands of years. People experience it daily through television, newspapers, literature, and contact with others. Rarely do social researchers analyze humor or try to determine what makes it such a dominating force in our lives. The types of jokes a person enjoys contribute significantly to the definition of that person as well as to the character of a given society. Arthur Asa Berger explores these and other related topics in An Anatomy of Humor. He shows how humor can range from the simple pun to complex plots in Elizabethan plays.Berger examines a number of topics ethnicity, race, gender, politics each with its own comic dimension. Laughter is beneficial to both our physical and mental health, according to Berger. He discerns a multiplicity of ironies that are intrinsic to the analysis of humor. He discovers as much complexity and ambiguity in a cartoon, such as Mickey Mouse, as he finds in an important piece of literature, such as Huckleberry Finn. An Anatomy of Humor is an intriguing and enjoyable read for people interested in humor and the impact of popular and mass culture on society. It will also be of interest to professionals in communication and psychologists concerned with the creative process.

Christianity and the Triumph of Humor

Author : Bernard Schweizer
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This book traces the development of religious comedy and leverages that history to justify today’s uses of religious humor in all of its manifestations, including irreverent jokes. It argues that regulating humor is futile and counterproductive, illustrating this point with a host of comedic examples. Humor is a powerful rhetorical tool for those who advocate and for those who satirize religious ideals. The book presents a compelling argument about the centrality of humor to the story of Western Christianity’s cultural and artistic development since the Middle Ages, taking a multi-disciplinary approach that combines literary criticism, religious studies, philosophy, theology, and social science. After laying out the conceptual framework in Part 1, Part 2 analyzes key works of religious comedy across the ages from Dante to the present, and it samples the breadth of contemporary religious humor from Brad Stine to Robin Williams, and from Monty Python to South Park. Using critical, historical, and conceptual lenses, the book exposes and overturns past attempts by church authorities, scholars, and commentators to limit and control laughter based on religious, ideological, or moral criteria. This is a unique look into the role of humor and comedy around religion. It will, therefore, appeal to readers interested in multiple fields of inquiry, including religious studies, humor studies, the history of ideas, and comparative literature.

Encyclopedia of Humor Studies

Author : Salvatore Attardo
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The Encyclopedia of Humor: A Social History explores the concept of humor in history and modern society in the United States and internationally. This work’s scope encompasses the humor of children, adults, and even nonhuman primates throughout the ages, from crude jokes and simple slapstick to sophisticated word play and ironic parody and satire. As an academic social history, it includes the perspectives of a wide range of disciplines, including sociology, child development, social psychology, life style history, communication, and entertainment media. Readers will develop an understanding of the importance of humor as it has developed globally throughout history and appreciate its effects on child and adult development, especially in the areas of health, creativity, social development, and imagination. This two-volume set is available in both print and electronic formats. Features & Benefits: The General Editor also serves as Editor-in-Chief of HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research for The International Society for Humor Studies. The book’s 335 articles are organized in A-to-Z fashion in two volumes (approximately 1,000 pages). This work is enhanced by an introduction by the General Editor, a Foreword, a list of the articles and contributors, and a Reader’s Guide that groups related entries thematically. A Chronology of Humor, a Resource Guide, and a detailed Index are included. Each entry concludes with References/Further Readings and cross references to related entries. The Index, Reader’s Guide themes, and cross references between and among related entries combine to provide robust search-and-browse features in the electronic version. This two-volume, A-to-Z set provides a general, non-technical resource for students and researchers in such diverse fields as communication and media studies, sociology and anthropology, social and cognitive psychology, history, literature and linguistics, and popular culture and folklore.

Dimensions of Humor

Author : Carmen Valero-Garcés
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This is the first edited volume dedicated specifically to exploring humor in the academic world. It is a rich collection of essays by an international array of scholars representing various theoretical perspectives and practical orientations in the disciplines of Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies, and Translation, but all concerned with the interactional aspects of humor. The two main reasons behind the publication of this volume are, first, to continue the journey along the path towards full recognition of humor as a discipline worthy of research and assessment, and, second, to offer a new and integrating perspective on hu¬mor to showcase the wide range of dimensions that it offers. This book is sure to become an important reference and source of inspiration for scholars in the various subfields of Humor Studies: Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies, and Translation.

The Languages of Humor

Author : Arie Sover
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Why are things funny? How has humor changed over the centuries? How can humor be a political force? Featuring expert authors from across the globe, The Languages of Humor discusses three main types of humour: verbal, visual, and physical. Despite the differences between them, all have a common purpose, showing us in different ways the reality that we live in, and how we can reflect on that reality. To this end, the book shows how humor has been used to address such topics as the Holocaust and the Soviet Union, and why it has been controversial in cases including Charlie Hebdo. The Languages of Humor explores a subject that is of interest in a wide range of intellectual disciplines including sociology, psychology, communication, philosophy, history, social sciences, linguistics, computer science, literature, theatre, education, and cultural studies. This volume features contributions from world-leading academics, some of who have professional backgrounds in this field. This unique research-led book, which includes over 20 illustrations, offers a top-down analysis of humor studies.

Popular Pleasures

Author : Paul Duncum
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Today's many popular aesthetic pleasures have a very long history. Paul Duncum considers the historical critical discourses, and socio-political issues raised by aesthetic pleasures in fifteen thematic chapters. Using illustrative examples from the past, present, and across cultures, he challenges the idea of any decline of cultural standards and argues that no grounds exist for cultural pessimism. Refusing to condemn popular culture on the basis of taste, he reserves critique for the socio-political ideologies aesthetics invariably serve. Art history, film, cultural studies, and philosophical aesthetics are each employed to show that the sensory/emotional lures of today's popular culture are mostly identical to those of premodern fine art. They include the violent, the horrific, the sentimental, the exotic, the erotic, and the humorous. Some of these pleasures derive from our evolutionary biology; they are all an important part of what it means to be human, and central to understanding contemporary society. Examples are wide-ranging, including British seaside postcards, Disney films, Nazi propaganda, burlesque, modern advertising, as well as many exemplars of fine art. The book reveals fresh insights for all those studying visual culture, art history, aesthetics, media studies, and media and art education.

Mark Twain s Library of Humor

Author : Mark Twain
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Anthology of poems, short stories, and jokes by various authors including Mark Twain. Compiled by Mark Twain.

All Kinds of Humor

Author : Frank Verano
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When you need something funnt for an occasion, how do you go about creating it? Most of us cannot dream up anything funny on our own. Oh sure, there are some who can create funny things spontaneously, but usually it happens in the course of a conversation and even then it is occasionally. At all events where you are called upon to speak, it pays to follow the Toastmasters' International guidelines and prepare for it in advance. When it comes to saying something funny or simply telling a joke to get your audience's attention, it also pays to have a source. In this book, there are over fifty categories of jokes, puns, and other kinds of humor than something you read from cover to cover as in nove. It might even be compared to a recipe book of a "How to" type of book. If you are using this book in a hard copy form, the Contents will help you find the type of joke you need but you might still need to scan a few of them to find the one that suits your occasion. On the other hand, if you are looking at a computer-type of screen, you can quickly go to a joke by clicking on the one-line description in the Contents.