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All the Madmen

Author : Clinton Heylin
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By the end of 1968 The Beatles were far too busy squabbling with each other, while The Stones had simply stopped making music; English Rock was coming to an end. All the Mad Men tells the story of six stars that travelled to edge of sanity in the years following the summer of love: Pete Townshend, Ray Davies, Peter Green, Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, and David Bowie. The book charts how they made some of the most seminal rock music ever recorded: Pink Moon; Ziggy Stardust; Quadrophenia; Dark Side of the Moon; Muswell Hillbillies - and how some of them could not make it back from the brink. The extraordinary story of how English Rock went mad and found itself


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Max the Madmen and the Miracles

Author : Spencer C. Beatty
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Tales of the Madman Underground

Author : John Barnes
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Wednesday, September 5, 1973: The first day of Karl Shoemaker's senior year in stifling Lightsburg, Ohio. For years, Karl's been part of what he calls "the Madman Underground" - a group of kids forced (for no apparent reason) to attend group therapy during school hours. Karl has decided that senior year is going to be different. He is going to get out of the Madman Underground for good. He is going to act - and be - Normal. But Normal, of course, is relative. Karl has five after-school jobs, one dead father, one seriously unhinged drunk mother . . . and a huge attitude. Welcome to a gritty, uncensored rollercoaster ride, narrated by the singular Karl Shoemaker.

All the Madmen

Author : Nicola Spelman
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The scriptures of the holy Trinity

Author : Joanna Southcott
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The Anatomy Of Melancholy What it Is With All the Kinds Causes Symptomes Prognostickes Seuerall Cures of It In Three Partitions with Their Severall Sections Members Subsections By Democritus Junior The Fift Edition Corrected and Augmented by the Author

Author : Robert Burton
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The Madman

Author : Kahlil Gibran
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Life-affirming parables and poems by the author of The Prophet cast an ironic light on the beliefs, aspirations and vanities of humanity. Also features 3 illustrations by author.

The Madman s Tale

Author : John Katzenbach
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It’s been twenty years since Western State Hospital was closed down and the last of its inmates reintegrated into society. Francis Petrel was barely out of his teens when his family committed him to the asylum, after his erratic behavior culminated in a terrifying outburst. Now middle-aged, he leads an aimless, solitary life housed in a cheap apartment, periodically tended to by his sisters, and perpetually medicated to quiet the chorus of voices in his head. But a reunion on the grounds of the shuttered institution stirs something deep in Francis’s troubled mind: dark memories he thought he had laid to rest, about the grisly events that led to Western State Hospital’s demise. It begins in 1979, when twenty-one-year-old Petrel descends into the state-run purgatory of an overcrowded, understaffed Massachusetts mental hospital. Surrounded by inmates roaming the halls like drugged zombies and raving behind locked doors, well-meaning orderlies, jaded nurses, and patronizing doctors, Francis finds friendship with a motley assortment of fellow patients: a would-be Napoleon, a wise ex-firefighter, and a man obsessed with battling imagined devils. But there’s nothing imaginary about the young nurse found sexually assaulted and brutally murdered late one night after lights-out. The police suspect an inmate, while patients whisper about visions of a white-shrouded “angel.” But the striking and mysterious prosecuting attorney who arrives to investigate has her own chilling theory—about the grim, telltale “signature” left on the victim’s body, a string of unsolved sex killings, and a very real devil who, by chance or design, has come to turn a madhouse into a slaughterhouse. Now, with the past creeping back to haunt his thoughts, and nothing but a pencil and the bare walls of his bleak apartment, Francis surrenders to the overwhelming need to tell the story of those nightmarish days. But because the crime was never solved, it’s a story doomed to remain unfinished. Until, like Francis’s long-buried recollections, the killer resurfaces . . . with a vengeance. A tour de force narrative journey through the eerily unpredictable mind of an utterly unusual hero, The Madman’s Tale will keep even the most astute thriller reader uncertain, unnerved, and unable to resist the tantalizing twists and turns of this fiendishly suspenseful shadow show. From the Hardcover edition.

The Madman and the Pirate

Author : Robert Michael Ballantyne
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The Madman and the Pirate is an exciting pirate tale from the master of the pirate fiction genre, R.M. Ballantyne.One of the young men influenced by Ballantyne was Robert Louis Stevenson. He was so impressed with the story of The Coral Island (1857) that he would later base portions of his famous book Treasure Island (1881) on themes found in Ballantyne. He honoured Ballantyne in the introduction to Treasure Island. Ballantyne was born in Edinburgh on 24 April 1825, the ninth of ten children and the youngest son, to Alexander Thomson Ballantyne (1776-1847) and his wife Anne (1786-1855). Alexander was a newspaper editor and printer in the family firm of "Ballantyne & Co" based at Paul's Works on the Canongate, [2] and Robert's uncle James Ballantyne (1772-1833) was the printer for Scottish author Sir Walter Scott.[3] In 1832-33 the family is known to have been living at 20 Fettes Row, in the northern New Town of Edinburgh.[2] A UK-wide banking crisis in 1825 resulted in the collapse of the Ballantyne printing business the following year with debts of £130,000, [4] which led to a decline in the family's fortunes.[3]Ballantyne went to Canada aged 16, and spent five years working for the Hudson's Bay Company. He traded with the local Native Americans for furs, which required him to travel by canoe and sleigh to the areas occupied by the modern-day provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, experiences that formed the basis of his novel Snowflakes and Sunbeams (1856).{r ODNB}} His longing for family and home during that period impressed him to start writing letters to his mother. Ballantyne recalled in his autobiographical Personal Reminiscences in Book Making (1893) that "To this long-letter writing I attribute whatever small amount of facility in composition I may have acquired.In 1847 Ballantyne returned to Scotland to discover that his father had died. He published his first book the following year, Hudson's Bay: or, Life in the Wilds of North America, and for some time was employed by the publishers Messrs Constable. In 1856 he gave up business to focus on his literary career, and began the series of adventure stories for the young with which his name is popularly associated.[1]The Young Fur-Traders (1856), The Coral Island (1857), The World of Ice (1859), Ungava: a Tale of Eskimo Land (1857), The Dog Crusoe (1860), The Lighthouse (1865), Fighting the Whales (1866), Deep Down (1868), The Pirate City (1874), Erling the Bold (1869), The Settler and the Savage (1877), and more than 100 other books followed in regular succession, his rule being to write as far as possible from personal knowledge of the scenes he described.

The Madman s Clock

Author : Aaron Dov
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2245 AD It wasn't supposed to end this way. Captain Jack Mallory of the United Earth Marine Corps is wasting away on a space station in the middle of nowhere, the furthest he and his recon squad could possibly be from the fighting on Alpha Centauri. Under investigation, all he and his three men can do is wait, until an admiral appears with new orders, and the recording of a garbled transmission. "Echo-two, Echo-two..." The UES Saturnus is an experimental starship that has just set out on its maiden voyage. An enigmatic race known as the Edra has objected to the Saturnus and its experimental equipment. Earth has ignored their protests. ..".this is Zulu-two-three... requesting assistance." Mallory and his men are the only ones close enough to deal with an extremely sensitive situation. ..". Saturnus is compromised. Edra commandos are pushing... bridge is... secure. Captain... won't cease experiment... psychosis. Entire crew... affected." There are just two problems. First, the voice on the recording is Mallory's. Second, the transmission is time coded; it hasn't been sent yet. The Saturnus is not damaged. Not yet. Soon, it will be. The Saturnus is top secret for one very good reason, a reason which has forced the hand of the Edra. The Saturnus can travel through time.

The Madman of Piney Woods

Author : Christopher Paul Curtis
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Bestselling Newbery Medalist Christopher Paul Curtis delivers a powerful companion to his multiple award-winning ELIJAH OF BUXTON.

The Madman and the Assassin

Author : Scott Martelle
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As thoroughly examined as the Civil War and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth have been, virtually no attention has been paid to the life of the Union cavalryman who killed Booth, an odd character named Boston Corbett. The killing of Booth made Corbett an instant celebrity who became the object of fascination and of derision. Corbett was an English immigrant, a hatter by trade, who was likely poisoned by mercury. A devout Christian, he castrated himself so that his sexual urges would not distract him from serving God, which he did as a street evangelist and preacher. He was one of the first volunteers to join the US Army in the first days of the Civil War, a path that would in time land him in the notorious Andersonville prison camp. Eventually released in a prisoner exchange, he would end up in the squadron that cornered Booth in Virginia. The Madman and the Assassin is the first full-length biography of Boston Corbett, a man who was something of a prototypical modern American, thrust into the spotlight during a national news event. His story also encompasses tragedy—his wife died when he was young, and he struggled with poverty and his own mental health—as it weaves through some of the biggest events in nineteenth century America. Scott Martelle is a professional journalist and the author of The Admiral and the Ambassador, and Detroit: A Biography, and is an editorial writer for the Los Angeles Times.

The Madman of Freedom Square

Author : Hassan Blasim
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**Long-Listed for the 2010 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize** From hostage-video makers in Baghdad, to human trafficking in the forests of Serbia, institutionalised paranoia in the Saddam years, to the nightmares of an exile trying to embrace a new life in Amsterdam... Blasim’s stories present an uncompromising view of the West's relationship with Iraq, spanning over twenty years and taking in everything from the Iran-Iraq War through to the Occupation, as well as offering a haunting critique of the post-war refugee experience. Blending allegory with historical realism, and subverting readers’ expectations in an unflinching comedy of the macabre, these stories manage to be both phantasmagoric and shockingly real, light in touch yet steeped in personal nightmare. For all their despair and darkness, though, what lingers more than the haunting images of war, or the insanity of those who would benefit from it, is the spirit of defiance, the indefatigable courage of those few characters keeping faith with what remains of human intelligence. Together these stories represent the first major literary work about the war from an Iraqi perspective. 'Perhaps the best writer of Arabic fiction alive...' – The Guardian, 12 Jun 10.

Critical Writings

Author : Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
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The Futurist movement was founded and promoted by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, beginning in 1909 with the First Futurist Manifesto, in which he inveighed against the complacency of "cultural necrophiliacs" and sought to annihilate the values of the past, writing that "there is no longer any beauty except the struggle. Any work of art that lacks a sense of aggression can never be a masterpiece." In the years that followed, up until his death in 1944, Marinetti, through both his polemical writings and his political activities, sought to transform society in all its aspects. As Günter Berghaus writes in his introduction, "Futurism sought to bridge the gap between art and life and to bring aesthetic innovation into the real world. Life was to be changed through art, and art was to become a form of life." This volume includes more than seventy of Marinetti's most important writings—many of them translated into English for the first time—offering the reader a representative and still startling selection of texts concerned with Futurist art, literature, politics, and philosophy.

Tit bits from All the Most Interesting Books Periodicals and Contributors in the World

Author :
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The Yogin and the Madman

Author :
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Tibetan biographers began writing Jetsun Milarepa's (1052–1135) life story shortly after his death, initiating a literary tradition that turned the poet and saint into a model of virtuosic Buddhist practice throughout the Himalayan world. Andrew Quintman traces this history and its innovations in narrative and aesthetic representation across four centuries, culminating in a detailed analysis of the genre's most famous example, composed in 1488 by Tsangnyön Heruka, or the "Madman of Western Tibet." Quintman imagines these works as a kind of physical body supplanting the yogin's corporeal relics.

The Madman s Guide to Sarcastic Definitions

Author : David Gudgeon
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How do you combat boredom? Write your own dictionary! And yes, it is as easy as it sounds, provided that you are a total smart ass or at least ten cents short of your personal dollar. Fortunately, the author just happens to be one, or the other, or both! Well, at least he has his moments. Really though, the creation of this book is more along the lines of a challenge. Having been told that he was so sarcastic that he could write a book about it, he decided to actually do it, and this book is the result. This book has been done in dictionary form for ease of subject, since sarcasm is not something that can necessarily be taught. It is more of a skill one develops for themselves. However, having a reference with a wisecrack for a multitude of different subjects at your disposal doesn't hurt, and therefore this book should be a good jumping off point for developing the skill. Always choose subjects that are not likely to get you into trouble, and keep in mind that you should use your best judgment all the same. Remember, this book has been written all in good fun.

The History of the Valorous and Witty Knight errant Don Quixote of the Mancha 3

Author : Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
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An Enquiry Into the Meaning of Demoniacks in the New Testament

Author : Arthur Ashley Sykes
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