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F cking History

Author : The Captain
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History that doesn't suck: Smart, crude, and hilariously relevant to modern life. Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. Too bad it's usually boring as sh*t. Enter The Captain, the ultimate storyteller who brings history to life (and to your life) in this hilarious, intelligent, brutally honest, and crude compendium to events that happened before any of us were born. The entries in this compulsively readable book bridge past and present with topics like getting ghosted, handling haters, and why dog owners rule (sorry, cat people). Along the way you'll get a glimpse of Edith Wharton's sex life, dating rituals in Ancient Greece, catfishing in 500 BC, medieval flirting techniques, and squad goals from Catherine the Great. You'll learn why losing yourself in a relationship will make you crazy--like Joanna of Castile, who went from accomplished badass to Joanna the Mad after obsessing over a guy known as Philip the Handsome. You'll discover how Resting Bitch Face has been embraced throughout history (so wear it proudly). And you'll see why it's never a good idea to f*ck with powerful women--from pirate queens to diehard suffragettes to Cleo-f*cking-patra. People in the past were just like us--so learn from life's losers and emulate the badasses. The Captain shows you how.

We Should All Be Mirandas

Author : Chelsea Fairless
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"A snarky lifestyle guide inspired by the most underrated character on Sex and the City, from the creators of the Instagram sensation @everyoutfitonSATC"--

Marine Mystique

Author : Frank Hernandez
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Marine Mystique is an autobiographical work, where I seek to render an account of my memories and experiences as a Marine Corps Drill Instructor (D.I.). The book is framed with descriptions and the jargon (Explicit language), related to life as a Marine D. I. It is filled with depictions of individuals, conversations and my inner thoughts and emotions about the training of recruits as they strive to become Marines. Discover the reason it is so important for a D. I. To learn the ability to mask his own emotions. Learn what the making of a Marine is all about, from the D.I.s point of view. Feel the progression of pride as you turn each page, the pride that is the United States Marine Corps. Their Motto of Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful) and then know the Mystique and the kinship that is so strong, that these men and women are ready to die for one another. It all starts at Boot Camp and the D. I. And that is what this book is all about!

Full Circle

Author : Skyy
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It's the final test for our favorite Freedom University alumni. It's been two years since Lena decided to take time away from all her drama to find herself and focus on her child. But the present finds her staring at images of Denise, the one who got away. Will she finally be able to move on to someone new, or will she go after the one she's wanted all along? Denise has learned that there is more to Hollywood than fame and fortune. The dark side of celebrity rears its ugly head as Denise's star grows brighter and Farih's starts to dim. With the past reappearing in her life, Denise finds herself torn between the stable relationship she's always wanted and the chaotic love that her heart just doesn't want to let go. Never in a million years did Cooley think she would be in a committed relationship—and happy. Managing two of the hottest up-and-coming lesbian stars in the world, she finds her life is right on track. But when a secret comes out, it could derail all she's worked for and threaten her relationship. Misha pictured her future as an independent jet-setter, not as a housewife. As she watches her ex live the life she envisioned for herself, the temptation to pursue her dreams and revisit the life she abandoned might just get the best of her. While her friends live fabulously in Atlanta, Carmen is stuck in Memphis, in a teaching job she despises. While Nic is perfectly happy with the average life they have created together, Carmen wants more, including the perfect "royal wedding." Her caviar wishes might end up destroying her relationship dreams. The future might be bright and sunny for the crew, but there are still storm clouds ahead. Their relationships and friendships have never been so vigorously tested. As Carmen and Nic's wedding approaches, will skeletons in their closets wreck the worlds they have created, or will everything finally come full circle?


Author :
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One Way Home

Author : Susan Pepper Robbins
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Struggling to raise her two sons in yet another new town, single mother Ruth wonders if her persistent ex-husband will ever leave her alone long enough so that she can lead a normal life. A first novel. 15,000 first printing. $15,000 ad/promo.

Get Your Sh t Together by Sarah Knight Summary

Author : QuickRead
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Do you want more free book summaries like this? Download our app for free at and get access to hundreds of free book and audiobook summaries. Learn how to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do. Welcome to Get Your Shit Together, before you keep reading you should know a few things. First, this is not a traditional self-help book. Instead, think about this as more of a “let Sarah help you help yourself” help book. In other words, Sarah is here to offer “help” when your “self” gets in the way. I mean, if you could help yourself, you would’ve done it by now, right? Second, this book is not about cleaning up your physical messes in your life. You won’t be getting tips about how to gather your shit, thank it for its service, and sending it off to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Instead, you’ll be learning how to tidy up your mental clutter like your career, finances, creative pursuits, relationships, and health. Sarah thinks of this book as a “delightfully profane one-stop-shop for tidying your mind - and making your life easier and better.” No matter where you are in your life, whether you’re in a rut with your career, finances, or your health, you have the power to hoist yourself out of your rut and begin living the life you want, and deserve, to live. As you read, you’ll learn “how to set goals, how to push through small annoyances and thorny obstacles to meet those goals, and then how to imagine and achieve even bigger goals that you may not, until now, have thought possible.”

Chinese Literature

Author :
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The Wheel Extended

Author :
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Toyota quarterly review.


Author :
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The Sport of Learning

Author : Vince Fudzie
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The University of Windsor Review

Author : University of Windsor
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Performing Utopia and the Apocalyptics of Desire

Author : André-Jacques Pinochet Elias
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Social Control at Opportunity Boys Home

Author : Paul-Jahi Christopher Price
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This qualitative study critically analyzes the responsibilities of frontline staff at Opportunity Boys' Home (OBH), a residential treatment program for delinquent youth. Those interested in social control, social work, and sociology of work will find Social Control at Opportunity Boys' Home intriguing, useful, and informative.

Inside the RUC

Author : John D. Brewer
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Police in divided societies have a paradoxical role. They may operate benignly in discharging routine police duties and at the same time are forced to function as a militarized, repressive force to contain political violence. One of the countries where this controversy over policing is most widespread is Northern Ireland. In this innovative study, based on Kathleen Magee's extensive interviews and research with an RUC unit, John Brewer explores the effects which "the troubles" have on routine policing and assesses how professional and modern a force the RUC is. In the process he gives an account of policing in Northern Ireland as it is perceived by those who carry it out, exploring in particular the views of those at the bottom of the police bureaucracy. Inside the RUC is the first full-length study to apply a large volume of sociological literature and ethnographic research on policing to a study of the RUC, and in doing so offers a valuable record of policing under stress.

Umbrella Man

Author : Doug J. Swanson
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When Jack Flippo meets a man who claims to posses explosive photography of the JFK assassination, his life is thrown into complete turmoil. Reprint.

The Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs of All Time

Author : Martin Popoff
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From Jimi Hendrix to Megadeth, metalheads can be obsessive over their favorite hard-rockin’ tunes. This collection features the end result of a massive poll in which metal minions were asked to list their top heavy metal songs from the late 1960s through 2001. The top 500 are listed here, complete with interviews from each band offering their recollections of the creative process in creating these classic tracks. In addition, dozens of top rockers have included their personal picks for the best songs ever. Also included are rare cover images from 7-inch, 12-inch, and CD singles. From AC/DC to ZZ Top, metal fans have a new tome to bang heads over.

The Past Tense of Shit I spit on their graves testimony relevant to the democratisation struggle in Cameroon

Author : Rotcod Gobata
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Guilty as Sin

Author : Cole Riley
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When a botched bank robbery forces them to go on the run, three black men and two women steal a white woman's car at gunpoint and hide out in her suburban home until the heat is off, but an unexpected turn of events changes all of their lives forever. Original.

We Have to Learn to Define Ourselves Name Ourselves and Speak for Ourselves

Author : Jeanne Frances Theoharis
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