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All Time Favorite Recipes from Pennsylvania Cooks

Author : Gooseberry Patch
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Pennsylvania Cooks share the recipes that are dear to their hearts.

All Time Favorite Recipes from Washington Cooks

Author : Gooseberry Patch
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Gooseberry Patch has been publishing cookbooks filled with recipes shared by cooks all across the country for nearly 30 years. Now we bring you the recipes from cooks in the state of Washington. Along with treasured family recipes, each book includes the stories the go along with these tried & true dishes. 176 Recipes.

The Cumulative Book Index

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A world list of books in the English language.

Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book

Author : J. George Frederick
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An excellent introduction to every aspect of Pennsylvania Dutch cookery from hors d' oeuvres to desserts. Over 350 recipes for apple soup, liver dumplings, shrimp wiggle, spaezle, more.

Lancaster County Cookbook

Author : Louise Stoltzfus
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The residents of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, are famous for their Pennsylvania Dutch cooking. With Pepper Cabbage, Chicken Pot Pie, Creamed Celery, Apple Dumplines, Whoopie Pies, Funnel Cakes, and Shoofly Pie, this new cookbook overflows with their old-time, traditional recipes. Stoltzfus is author of the enormously popular Favorite Recipes from Quilters. Cooks from every corner of Lancaster County and the various sections of Lancaster City submitted their favorite family recipes to be included in this timeless collection. From their kitchens comes this compilation, filled with recipes which are easy to prepare and pleasant to the palate. A collection of essays also profiles particular Lancaster County villages and several sections of Lancaster City. A wonderful treasure for people everywhere.

Slow Cooking All Year Round

Author : Gooseberry Patch
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This highly anticipated cookbook from Gooseberry Patch (creators of bestselling Super-Fast Slow Cooking) features 228 simple recipes and dozens more tips for making the most of this ever-popular kitchen helper. Arranged by season, the delightful collection includes recipes for every occasion, from holiday entertaining and special-occasion dinners to simple school-night suppers and backyard barbecues. With Slow Cooking All Year 'Round and a trusty slow cooker, a tasty home-cooked meal is never out of reach!

Pa Pa Tuck s Cookbook

Author : Peter E. Tucker
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In today's world of fast food and packaged meals, modern families lack the skills to prepare home-cooked meals. But eating homemade food is not only healthier and cheaper, it brings back valuable family time that is often missed at the drive-through window. Out to change all that, Pa Pa Tuck's Cook Book is more than just a book of recipes. It is a step-by-step guide for first-time cooks that teaches them how to prepare such classic family feasts as baked smoked ham, Christmas pasta, homemade bread, Great Gram's corn chowder, and much more. If you are looking to bring your family to the dinner table again, this book will inspire you to create a new family tradition of cooking that will be shared for generations. For Peter Tucker, the process of cooking is as important as the product. Meals are a family affair meant to create memories and a strong family bond. His inspiration comes from his 101-year-old Great Gram, who used to say, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." The meals in Pa Pa Tuck's have been passed down through his family for six generations. He sees the book as a way to share his recipes with a new generation of readers.

Tasting Pennsylvania

Author : Carrie Havranek
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In Tasting Pennsylvania: Favorite Recipes from the Keystone State, food writer Carrie Havranek showcases 108 recipes from the best restaurants, inns, diners, cafés, and bed-and-breakfasts across the state. Mouthwatering photographs complement each recipe. The recipes celebrate Pennsylvania’s chefs and the state’s amazing bounty of farm-fresh produce and meats. Enjoy classics like Philly cheesesteak, Pittsburgh salad, mushroom soup, and shoofly pie, as well as innovative fusions of regional and global flavors that reveal the Keystone State’s diverse cultural heritage. For a fresh take on fabulous local food, sample these irresistible dishes from Tasting Pennsylvania: Stuffed Pumpkin French Toast, Amish-Style Soft Pretzels, Summer Corn Tartine, German Potato and Cucumber Salad with Dill Vinaigrette, Zahav Brussels Sprouts, Barrel 21 Burger, Pennsylvania Mushroom Ramen, Boilo Winter Punch, Basil Pappardelle, Cranberry Ale-Braised Short Ribs, Old Forge-Style Pizza, Pierogi Two Ways, Delice De Bourgogne Ice Cream with Amarena Cherries, and Three-Layer Carrot Cake.

Pa l Chef Recipe Book

Author : Black Grill Publishing
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Are you looking for a funny recipe cookbook for those friends who love to cook?This is a personalized journal for all your homemade recipes. Blank cookbook made with heart and love just like your tasty food!Write down your favorite recipes in your personal blank recipe book!This is a blank, 6" x 9" recipe book to write all of your favorite BBQ recipes.Features include: Room for Over 100 recipes Each recipe page has space for the title, cook time, prep time, ingredients, methods, and even Wine Pairing! Durable white paper Sleek, matte-finished cover for a professional look You can also: Collect recipes Keep all your favorite recipes in place Find ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks Add in all your Secret Family Recipes in this Blank Cookbook This Book makes a great gift for him or her!Keep it in your kitchen, so it's always on hand when you need it!

The Best of Amish Cooking

Author : Phyllis Pellman Good
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Phyllis Pellman Good, a leading expert on Amish cooking, spent years researching the delicious recipes in this collection. From interviews with real Amish grandmothers, digging through recipe boxes, and poring over old books and diaries, she has gathered an assortment of traditional and modern dishes that have been and continue to be popular in eastern Pennsylvania, particularly in the Lancaster area. Now you too can experience the warm, comforting recipes of old order Amish cooks. Prepare to make wonderful dishes such as: Roast Chicken Scrapple Corn Fritters Creamy Potato Soup Sweet Pickles Apple Dumplings Oatmeal Whoopie Pies Shoofly Pie All these and more will soon become your family favorites and go-to potluck dishes. According to Good, they reflect the fruitfulness of Amish fields and gardens, as well as the group's emphasis on family and community. Wonderful descriptions and introductions prepare the setting, and delicious, savory recipes fill this book with some of the best food you'll find anywhere.

Cumulative Book Index

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Food Men Love

Author : Margie Lapanja
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One of the best ways to enhance the quality of our lives is to treat ourselves to the foods we love Margie Lapanja interviewed hundreds of men to compile this collection of their favourite meals for this cookbook filled with recipes, fascinating food trivia, and fun stories from the kitchen.

Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking

Author : Philip Martin McCaulay
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Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking has almost 200 proven recipes for traditional Pennsylvania Dutch Cookery. Food is abundant and appetites are hearty in the Pennsylvania Dutch country. The traditional dishes are relatively simple and unlike most regional cookery the ingredients are readily available. Best of all, no matter who makes them the results are wonderful good.

Recipes from Pennsylvania

Author : Blank American
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Write in your favorite recipes in one place. Do you want a personal cookbook with the recipes you love the most? Do you want to preserve and organize all your family recipes? Are you tired of pinning, printing and bookmarking a recipe only to have a hard time finding it later when you need it? Then this handy recipe journal is just for you - the perfect way to organize all your favorite recipes in one place. A great gift for foodies, friends and family members who love to cook and need to record and catalog their delicious culinary creations - everyday meals, soups, appetizers, main courses, desserts, pies, beverages, and more. A greater gift if you personalize it with your own favorite recipes. Get this blank cooking book now and start filling it with your personal collection of tasty treasured recipes.

From Pennsylvania Dutch Farm to Queen of the Funnel Cakes

Author : Alice Reinert
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As I speak with Alice Reinert, I cant help but recall Dr. Ruth Westheimer, you know, the German sex therapist whose rather controversial views have been popular now for decades. Alice even talks like Dr. Ruth, with what sounds like a heavy German accent. Not only that, but Alice looks a bit like Dr. Ruth, was born four years before the doctor, and in fact, wanted to be a doctor, not in human biology, but a veterinarian from the time she was a small child. Theres one big difference between the two, however. Alice Reinert is a born and bred, red, white, and blue American. She belongs to that rare class of people called Pennsylvania Dutch. Theyre not really Dutch, mind you. They are descended from Swiss and German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania in the 17th and 18th centuries. Apparently, because Deutsch (the adjective meaning German) was misunderstood in the early days of their immigration, they developed the rather interesting name of Pennsylvania Dutch, and the language they speak today is not exactly German, because of centuries of regionalization. Over the months that Alice and I sat and talked in the process of writing this book, and she related to me the stories of her childhood and teenage years and the details of her business making funnel cakes for 26 years, and we laughed, and yes, cried about some of the circumstances, I knew this book would be interesting and provocative, not just to people in Pennsylvania or her friends and customers in the funnel cake business, but to everyone who is passionate about learning how to make a success of life, especially after a rocky start. Believe it or not, when Alice started school at the age of 5, she did not speak a word of English. Her family spoke Pennsylvania Dutch at home, (very little English) and she could not speak any other language, including the native language of her home country. To this day, because of her very distinct German-sounding accent, people ask her what country she immigrated from, and she laughingly tells them the United States. I actually think she enjoys being asked! She reminds me that one thing living on a farm did teach her was always to keep her sense of humor. As a child, she didnt laugh as much as she does now, because she says she has learned to take things more lightly as shes grown older. But it strikes me as curious how people in America dont even know there are pockets of native-born people in this country who for generations and even to the present day, do not speak English, even though its been the native tongue of the United States for centuries. Thats one of the reasons why I took on the job of writing this book with Alice Reinert, not just because she single-handedly invented, and created the modern-day funnel cake and promoted it for more than a quarter century, and indeed earned the right to be called The Queen of the Funnel Cakes. It goes way beyond that. She is a woman, that despite all the odds, a harsh upbringing, the pain and heartache of raising, then losing a disabled son, and the unjust loss of her business at the hands of a Chauvinist society, has continued into her 80s to maintain an optimistic and faith-filled hope in the future. That inspired me to help her capture her story in this book. First and foremost, she is a woman devoted to her family, her two daughters and their extended families. And the book is primarily for them. But the advice offered here and the anecdotes from a Pennsylvania Dutch farm are fascinating and priceless. I hope that everyone will read her story. Not only does the book offer graphic and humorous insights into life on a farm (which, I might add, is still today a challenging lifestyle, even in this high-tech society) but also some good advice from a woman who has been there and done that, including being, for years (and still is), the pre-eminent authority on funnel cakes. Cathwren Hermon

New Ways to Enjoy Lancaster County Pennsylvania Cooking

Author : Helen Steudler Young
File Size : 29.80 MB
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This cook book is for people who are interested in nutritious food and in planning meals wisely when cooking. Included in this book are over 300 Lancaster County recipes to make it easy to plan meals each day of the year.

Fix It and Forget It Big Cookbook

Author : Phyllis Good
File Size : 59.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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1,400 slow-cooker recipes with over 700 *FIVE STAR* Amazon customer reviews! Finally, the best of the New York Times bestselling series all in one handsome volume! This is the perfect BIG COOKBOOK! Easy to understand, easy to use Absolutely manageable for those who lack confidence in the kitchen Convenient for those who are short on time Will create a chorus of “make-it-again” requests! The recipes in this amazing treasure are all collected from some of America’s best home cooks, tested in real-life settings, and carefully selected from thousands of recipes. Eight small “galleries” of full-color photos of delectable slow-cooker dishes from the collection add sparkle throughout the cookbook. Good Books has sold more than 11 million copies of Fix-It and Forget-It cookbooks. Three of Phyllis Good’s cookbooks have been New York Times bestsellers. Fix-It and Forget-It BIG COOKBOOK, with its 1,400 best slow-cooker recipes, is another winner!

Farm Journal

Author :
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Favorite Recipes with Herbs

Author : Dawn Ranck Hower
File Size : 41.72 MB
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You can cook simply with basic, tasty herbs and liven up the old family favorites! Or try a savory new dish with herbs you grow or find at the grocery store. This newly revised edition of Favorite Recipes with Herbs features beautiful photos and hundreds of easy-to-use recipes, gathered and tested by the top herb shops in the country. The most popular herbs in cooking are all covered here—basil, parsley, rosemary, bay, lemon balm, thyme, lovage, chives, mint, sage, tarragon, oregano, marjoram, dill, and cilantro. Use herbs in your everyday cooking—for lunch, dinner, and even breakfast. Recipes include: Bruschetta Dilly Cheese Bread Crab and Sage Bisque Tarragon Chicken Salad Spaghetti Squash Primavera Rosemary Garlic Stir-Fry Sage and Thyme–Stuffed Roast Chicken Lemon Thyme Cookies Phyllis Good and Dawn Ranck do all the work for you! Measurements are given for both fresh and dry herbs, so you don’t even have to worry about converting amounts. There are also tips for gardening and storing your herbs. Two indexes—one by herbs and one by recipe category—make Favorite Recipes with Herbs your go-to for planning your next menu.

The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink

Author : Andrew F. Smith
File Size : 20.93 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Offering a panoramic view of the history and culture of food and drink in America with fascinating entries on everything from the smell of asparagus to the history of White Castle, and the origin of Bloody Marys to jambalaya, the Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink provides a concise, authoritative, and exuberant look at this modern American obsession. Ideal for the food scholar and food enthusiast alike, it is equally appetizing for anyone fascinated by Americana, capturing our culture and history through what we love most--food! Building on the highly praised and deliciously browseable two-volume compendium the Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America, this new work serves up everything you could ever want to know about American consumables and their impact on popular culture and the culinary world. Within its pages for example, we learn that Lifesavers candy owes its success to the canny marketing idea of placing the original flavor, mint, next to cash registers at bars. Patrons who bought them to mask the smell of alcohol on their breath before heading home soon found they were just as tasty sober and the company began producing other flavors. Edited by Andrew Smith, a writer and lecturer on culinary history, the Companion serves up more than just trivia however, including hundreds of entries on fast food, celebrity chefs, fish, sandwiches, regional and ethnic cuisine, food science, and historical food traditions. It also dispels a few commonly held myths. Veganism, isn't simply the practice of a few "hippies," but is in fact wide-spread among elite athletic circles. Many of the top competitors in the Ironman and Ultramarathon events go even further, avoiding all animal products by following a strictly vegan diet. Anyone hungering to know what our nation has been cooking and eating for the last three centuries should own the Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink.