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Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life

Author : Karl Binding
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Die Freigabe der Vernichtung Lebensunwerten Lebens (Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life) was a two part treatise with contributions by German attorney Karl Binding and German doctor Alfred Hoche. Both men were academics. It was published in 1920. It provided the intellectual grounding for the Nazi T4 program, and through it, the Holocaust. How? The question is worth pondering. Neither Binding or Hoche were National Socialists. They were not radical racists. They were academics exploring an area of medical ethics in light of science and modern progress. They were merely rendering their sober opinion on a delicate matter. Perhaps that is the explanation. --

From a Race of Masters to a Master Race 1948 to 1848

Author : A.E. Samaan
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Nazism remains an enigma. Historians do not know whether to slot Nazism as a phenomenon of the political “right” or “left,” largely because of a misunderstanding of how central eugenics was to the regime. Eugenics, or “racial hygiene,” was at the core of National Socialism’s domestic policy, foreign policy, culture wars, and even Hitler’s obsession with cars, highways, and city planning. Thus, no coherent understanding of the regime is possible without first grasping the nature of eugenics. Eugenics did not originate with Nazi Germany. It was the culmination of a worldwide movement that was widely accepted by the global scientific and academic community. This book traces the origins of the Nazi eugenics state, working backward down the timeline, tracing from leaf down to the root. We investigate this 100-year trajectory from its beginnings in British and American Academia, delving into the conveniently forgotten inner-workings of a scientific era, uncovering previously unpublished manuscripts, professional correspondence, and conveniently forgotten publications. With the centenary of The Holocaust looming, uprooting the web of professional connections that engendered this movement is in order. The seeds of Holocaust denial take root and prosper with misinformation. Clarity and transparency are imperative, as they leave no room for denial theories that would deprive the victims of justice, or rob the living of a future.  NOTE: A preliminary version of this book was circulated amongst academic circles and other interested parties as an Advanced Readers Copy (A.R.C.) in 2015. This version is a part the Eugenics Anthology seven-book series that is currently being completed by A.E. Samaan. Hardbound versions of the books will not be released until the series is complete, and all the puzzle pieces in place. For more information, please visit

Rethinking Disability in India

Author : Anita Ghai
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Moving away from clinical, medical or therapeutic perspectives on disability, this book explores disability in India as a social, cultural and political phenomenon, arguing that this `difference' should be accepted as a part of social diversity. It further interrogates the multiple issues of identification of the disabled and the forms of oppressio

Understanding Nazi Ideology

Author :
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 Nazism was deeply rooted in German culture. From the fertile soil of German Romanticism sprang ideas of great significance for the genesis of the Third Reich ideology--notions of the individual as a mere part of the national collective, and of life as a ceaseless struggle between opposing forces. This book traces the origins of the "political religion" of Nazism. Ultra-nationalism and totalitarianism, racial theory and anti-Semitism, nature mysticism and occultism, eugenics and social Darwinism, adoration of the Fuhrer and glorification of violence--all are explored. The book also depicts the dramatic development of the Nazi movement--and the explosive impact of its political faith, racing from its bloody birth in the trenches of World War I to its cataclysmic climax in the Holocaust and World War II.

Nurses and Midwives in Nazi Germany

Author : Susan Benedict
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This book is about the ethics of nursing and midwifery, and how these were abrogated during the Nazi era. Nurses and midwives actively killed their patients, many of whom were disabled children and infants and patients with mental (and other) illnesses or intellectual disabilities. The book gives the facts as well as theoretical perspectives as a lens through which these crimes can be viewed. It also provides a way to teach this history to nursing and midwifery students, and, for the first time, explains the role of one of the world’s most historically prominent midwifery leaders in the Nazi crimes.

Before My Helpless Sight

Author : Dr Leo van Bergen
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Despite the numerous vicious conflicts that scarred the twentieth century, the horrors of the Western Front continue to exercise a particularly strong hold on the modern imagination. The unprecedented scale and mechanization of the war changed forever the way suffering and dying were perceived and challenged notions of what the nations could reasonably expect of their military. Examining experiences of the Western Front, this book looks at the life of a soldier from the moment he marched into battle until he was buried. In five chapters - Battle, Body, Mind, Aid, Death - it describes and analyzes the physical and mental hardship of the men who fought on a front that stretched from the Belgian coast to the Swiss border. Beginning with a broad description of the war it then analyzes the medical aid the Tommies, Bonhommes and Frontschweine received - or all too often did not receive - revealing how this aid was often given for military and political rather than humanitarian reasons (getting the men back to the front or munitions factory and trying to spare the state as many war-pensions as possible). It concludes with a chapter on the many ways death presented itself on or around the battlefield, and sets out in detail the problems that arise when more people are killed than can possibly be buried properly. In contrast to most books in the field this study does not focus on one single issue - such as venereal disease, plastic surgery, shell-shock or the military medical service - but takes a broad view on wounds and illnesses across both sides of the conflict. Drawing on British, French, German, Belgian and Dutch sources it shows the consequences of modern warfare on the human individuals caught up in it, and the way it influences our thinking on 'humanitarian' activities.

Hitler s Scientists

Author : John Cornwell
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An eye-opening account of the rise of science in Germany through to Hitler’s regime, and the frightening Nazi experiments that occurred during the Reich A shocking account of Nazi science, and a compelling look at the the dramatic rise of German science in the nineteenth century, its preeminence in the early twentieth, and the frightening developments that led to its collapse in 1945, this is the compelling story of German scientists under Hitler’s regime. Weaving the history of science and technology with the fortunes of war and the stories of men and women whose discoveries brought both benefits and destruction to the world, Hitler's Scientists raises questions that are still urgent today. As science becomes embroiled in new generations of weapons of mass destruction and the war against terrorism, as advances in biotechnology outstrip traditional ethics, this powerful account of Nazi science forms a crucial commentary on the ethical role of science.

Merchants of Despair

Author : Robert Zubrin
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There was a time when humanity looked in the mirror and saw something precious, worth protecting and fighting for—indeed, worth liberating. But now, we are beset on all sides by propaganda promoting a radically different viewpoint. According to this idea, human beings are a cancer upon the Earth, a horde of vermin whose aspirations and appetites are endangering the natural order. This is the core of antihumanism. Merchants of Despair traces the pedigree of this ideology and exposes its pernicious consequences in startling and horrifying detail. The book names the chief prophets and promoters of antihumanism over the last two centuries, from Thomas Malthus through Paul Ehrlich and Al Gore. It exposes the worst crimes perpetrated by the antihumanist movement, including eugenics campaigns in the United States and genocidal anti-development and population-control programs around the world. Combining riveting tales from history with powerful policy arguments, Merchants of Despair provides scientific refutations to all of antihumanism’s major pseudo-scientific claims, including its modern tirades against nuclear power, pesticides, population growth, biotech foods, resource depletion, and industrial development.

Life Unworthy Of Life

Author : James M. Glass
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A ground-breaking work by one of the leading scholars on the interplay between psychology and politics. James M. Glass attributes the Holocaust to the idea of racial hygiene popular in Germany prior to World War II.


Author : Professor of Bioethics and Applied Philosophy Director of the Center for Social Ethics and Policy John Harris
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Framed with a substantial introduction by the editor, this new book brings together the key articles written on bioethics over recent years. Subjects covered include the beginnings of life, the end of life, quality of life, value of life, future generations, and professional ethics.

Confronting the good Death

Author : Michael S. Bryant
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"The scholarship devoted to the complicity of German physicians in the Holocaust is rich and detailed, but there remains, as Michael Bryant demonstrates, still more to learn. It is well established that the techniques employed by the Nazis to exterminate Jews and others in concentration camps were first applied to people in state hospitals who were deemed mentally disabled or terminally ill. What has been less thoroughly investigated is the postwar response of both the Allies and the Germans to these atrocities. Bryant fills the gap with a systematic account of the judicial proceedings against those charged with killing the disabled." New England Journal of Medicine

The New York Times Magazine

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Perspectives Redemption Economics Law Justice Mediation Human Rights

Author : Michael A. Pennacchia
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Michael A. Pennacchia has earned a MA in Diplomacy with a concentration in Conflict Resolution from Norwich University in Vermont. A BA in Political Science from New Jersey City University where he also interned at the United Nations for one year under Dr. Harris Schoenberg, the UN NGO Chairman for Human Rights. He is certified as an experienced Civil and Family Mediator in the State of Texas. He is retired from GM Corp. where he learned to empathize with the plight of working men and women. He resides in New Jersey where he proudly serves his country and community in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. When writing the six research papers which comprise the content of this book, the authors underlining theme has been the importance of each and every individual human being. He has endeavored to emphasis the value of the individual human soul when writing on ever present geopolitical themes.

The Cambridge Review

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Vols. 1-26 include a supplement: The University pulpit, vols. [1]-26, no. 1-661, which has separate pagination but is indexed in the main vol.

The Befuddled Stork

Author : Sally B. Geis
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Explores different viewpoints about contemporary life issues. Includes questions for thought or discussion.

Different Voices

Author : Carol Rittner, R.S.M.
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Shares the experiences of women Holocaust survivors, including resistance fighters, concentration camp inmates, ghetto dwellers, and those who hid from the Nazis

Inference and Imagination

Author : John M. Dolan
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When Death is Sought

Author : New York State Task Force on Life and the Law
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The Linacre Quarterly

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