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Amazing Animal Facts Postcards

Author : Maja Säfström
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"Housed in a keepsake box and arranged, much like a recipe box or card catalog, in tabbed sections (air, forest, sea, etc) this new format posctard box lets the user share all the curious knowledge and amazing artwork that makes Maja's book so special. From the Otters (they hold hands when they sleep in the water so they don't float away from each other!) to the elephant (mother elephant pregnanices last two years!) each postcard presents a unique look at the animal kingdom that will delight and astound. 50 postcards; 25 designs repeating, printed on toothy uncoated stock, with the animal's biological classifcation on the back."

Sad Animal Facts

Author : Brooke Barker
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A delightful and quirky compendium of the Animal Kingdom’s more unfortunate truths, with over 150 hand-drawn illustrations. Ever wonder what a mayfly thinks of its one-day lifespan? (They’re curious what a sunset is.) Or how a jellyfish feels about not having a heart? (Sorry, but they’re not sorry.) This melancholy menagerie pairs the more unsavory facts of animal life with their hilarious thoughts and reactions. Sneakily informative, and wildly witty, SAD ANIMAL FACTS will have you crying with laughter.

Darwins Peep Show

Author : Menno Schilthuizen
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Sexualorgane unter der Lupe Der größte Unterschied zwischen Menschen und Tieren liegt unterhalb der Gürtellinie. Dieses Buch lädt ein zu einer Besichtigung der phänomenalen Vielfalt tierischer Reproduktionsmethoden. Das Sexualleben von Käfern, Vögeln, Muscheln und Schnecken kann erstaunliche Einblicke in die fantastische Fülle des Lebens auf unserem Planeten eröffnen. "Unsere eigene Reproduktionsmethode ist nur eine von zahllosen anderen in einem weiten Kontinuum der evolutionären Interaktion, in dem es alles gibt, vom anmutigen Tanzritual bis zum bösartigen Rüstungswettlauf." Menno Schilthuizen

Ultimate Guide to Collecting

Author : Frances A. Karnes
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides tips on how to start, organize, maintain, and display a collection and includes advice from young people who are currently maintaining collections.

Grandville s Animals Postcards

Author : Dover
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12 black-and-white postcards feature a pompous peacock, demure dog, fanciful frog, and other whimsical creatures that satirize human behavior with their comic expressions, poses, and clothing.


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Kid to Kid

Author : Liz Murphy
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Everyone likes to get something in the mail just for them, and young children will love sending these fun postcards to a friend. Liz Murphy's inimitable artwork features a variety of animals delivering greetings like "Meow and happy birthday!" When all the postcards are removed and sent, the remaining pages make a complete book with fun facts about each animal.Ages 4-8

Speaking of Animals

Author : Terry Caesar
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"Speaking of Animals" consists of a linked series of thirteen essays about subjects ranging from deciding to castrate a dog, evaluating recent dog memoirs, observing animals in Spain, reading about the training of big cats, watching Animal Planet, and being unable to kill a racoon in Texas. So often personal, even while analyzing novels such as "Water for Elephants" or movies such as "Giant" or "Into the Wild," the essays offer both an implicit critique and a continuation of recent discursive trends in animal studies, whose language is too haplessly abstracted from the animals in whose name we humans strive to speak as well as narrate.

Ready Set Go Green Grades 4 5

Author : Teresa Domnauer
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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On your mark, get set, go green! Did you know that every person in the United States creates about five pounds of trash a day? Did you know that recycling one ton of paper can save 17 trees? Did you know that people in North America use more water than any other people on Earth? If not, then welcome to Ready, Set, Go Green! Environmental awareness is everywhere in the media today. It is a huge concern for many adults, and will soon impact children as well. Ready, Set, Go Green! explains current environmental topics in a way that students will understand. The goal is to increase students' sensitivity and concern about the environment while encouraging them to have fun at the same time. This book is filled with interesting facts and figures, fun activity pages, quick and easy tips, and engaging project ideas.

Postcards from China

Author : Sandra Slavin
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This book is a compilation of humorous emails written to family and friends during the author's two years living in China. They moved to China in August 2000 hoping to escape the hectic lifestyle of living in San Francisco and allow their adopted Chinese daughter an opportunity to learn the language and culture of her birth country. This book chronicles their life and provides an intimate look into what it is like to live in China as an American family. It reveals how it affected the building of an identity for their Chinese-American daughter. The author writes about the numerous friends they made among the Chinese people from Glenn, their housekeeper, to the couple who sold tofu in the market. She describes shopping at the local market, ordering in local restaurants, and describes how the local Chinese live and work. This book describes their life, full of curiosities and adventures. Learn why Chinese men grow long their fifth finger nail, how to avoid disaster when traveling to Mongolia, how to cross the street, and the difficulties in purchasing and getting an egg from market to home. After reading the book you may be inspired to try your own adventure.

The Iowa State Fair in Vintage Postcards

Author : Ron Playle
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More than 190 vintage postcards provide glimpses of the historic fair from the 1890s through the mid-1950s. The quintessential event has an attendance topping 1 million each year.

New Scientist

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New Scientist magazine was launched in 1956 "for all those men and women who are interested in scientific discovery, and in its industrial, commercial and social consequences". The brand's mission is no different today - for its consumers, New Scientist reports, explores and interprets the results of human endeavour set in the context of society and culture.

Postcard Collector

Author : Barbara Andrews
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An exciting overview of the manufacturers, design and subject matter used in 19th and 20th century American postcards.

A Place Without a Postcard

Author : James Brush
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Paul Reynolds, a photographer who creates fake photos for tabloid magazines, wakes up with no idea where he is or how he got there. He can t even recall his name. A strange man lurks nearby, breathing heavily and slowly flipping through a book. Paul hears the man s breath, but he cannot see him. He realizes with mounting panic that his eyes no longer function. He remembers racing down a desolate West Texas highway. He remembers a cop who pulled him over for speeding. He remembers a shotgun-brandishing cook chasing him out of a diner. And he remembers a life abandoned, but he cannot put together the jigsaw puzzle that brought him where he is: blind, wanted by the law, and in the company of this invisible stranger. In the backcountry town of Armbister, Texas, where temperatures hover around a hellish 110 degrees, Paul s memory, intangible as a heat mirage, lies just beyond his reach, and God may be a coyote.

Postcards from Laura Numeroff

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Realtor Magazine

Author :
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Postcards from Doreen Cronin

Author :
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Real Photo Postcards

Author : Harvey Tulcensky
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"Carefully assembled from the collection of Harvey Tulcensky and including cards from all over the world, Real Photo Postcards consists of images of natural phenomena (floods, storms, fires), rural life, politics (parades and platforms), science, art (beautiful still lifes and collages), and wacky "exaggeration" cards (including a photographically manipulated giant rabbit!). Together these cards show an oddly personal and intimate perspective of the world at the turn of the twentieth century."--BOOK JACKET.

Cow eating Fish and Other Amazing Animals

Author : Christina Wilsdon
File Size : 42.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A treasury of animal facts is arranged by such subjects as how animals find food and how they communicate, and includes seven mini-mysteries for readers to test their knowledge of animals.

Exploring North America Grades 5 8

Author : Michael Kramme
File Size : 57.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Take students in grades 5–8 on a field trip without leaving the classroom using Exploring North America! This 48-page book features reading selections and assessments that utilize a variety of questioning strategies, such as matching, true or false, critical thinking, and constructed response. Map projects and hands-on activities engage students in learning about the physical, political, and human geography of North America. For struggling readers, the book includes a downloadable version of the reading selections at a fourth- to fifth-grade reading level. This book aligns with state, national, and Canadian provincial standards.