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Amazing Bird Facts and Trivia

Author : Roger Lederer
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For lovers of birds and trivia, this captivating book features a wealth of fascinating facts, figures, and folklore about our feathered friends. It’s beautifully illustrated throughout with colorful artworks and photographs. · Over 400 nuggets of information drawn from nature, science, history, and mythology are sure to astound, amuse, and entertain· Find the answers to these burning questions: How light is a feather? Are owls really wise? Why do birds migrate? How do they know where to go?· Be amazed by the weird world of these winged wonders, from the largest ever recorded egg—15 times larger than an ostrich egg—to the world’s strangest bird, which has claws on its wings· Includes practical advice such as how to attract birds to your garden and how to teach a parrot to talk, and encourages a new appreciation of these awesome creatures of the air

The Amazing Bird Collection of Young Mr Roosevelt

Author : Margaret Porter Griffin
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A historian once said of Theodore Roosevelt's education that it had been "the best kind, for he was both teacher and pupil." by the time he went to Harvard, he had preserved several hundred birds for a collection. How did he become an accomplished scientist at a young age? He: --was curious, always wanting to know more and find out the "why" of things. --learned from playing: imitating animal sounds and habits and making up his own games. --looked up to mentors, including his father, uncles, and a companion of Audubon's. --read deeply from fiction and nonfiction. --continually made observations, filling diaries and notebooks with charts and essays. --sketched nature in letters and notebooks. --took risks, ready to pay the piper if he thought something was worthwhile. --customized learning to his own needs, starting a natural history museum at home when he was eight and inventing a code for bird songs. --studied the real thing, with "being there" experiences in the outdoors. --shared information with family and friends. Look for more in this book, and get to know a unique boy who still inspires others today.

Best Stories from Indian Classics

Author : V.S. Naravane
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In this selection of stories from the classics of Sanskrit fiction, Professor Naravane offers fascinating glimpses of life in ancient India. Retold in modern English and presented in a lively, fluent style, those stories are marked by an amazing diversity of atmosphere, situation, attitudes and characterization. They reveal the centuries, and convey the unique, distinctive flavour of Indian life and culture.

Inspirational Short Stories 1

Author : Sankalit
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Bharat is a blessed land (Punya Bhoomi) of Gods, Sages, Rishis, Seers and thinkers. Besides, great Emperors, social reformers, scientists and patriots also graced this land and made invaluable contributions in various walks of life. The depiction of moral, ethical, spiritual as well as patriotic values they possessed is a very significant aspect of our great cultural heritage. In order to preserve the cultural and traditional treasure of our values and beliefs Suruchi Prakashan has always strived to publish such literature which seeks to promote social and cultural cohesion and nationalist spirit especially among children and youth. In pursuance of the above endeavour, we propose to bring out a series of "Inspirational Short Stories" based on actualized instances from the galaxy of our great personalities and inspiring tales and folklores from our ancient past.

The Eastern Brew

Author : Syed Sarwar Hussain
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The Eastern Brew is a translation of some selected Urdu short stories written by prominent writers from India and Pakistan. These stories are as varied in their subject matters as they are in the assortment of writers presented in this anthology. The selection is not incidental or impulsive but premeditated and is based on careful consideration. It encapsulates almost fifty years of Urdu short story writing from both sides of the border, representing the vicissitudes of life and times during the years of drastic political and social changes and the struggles and conflicts, psychological or otherwise, of characters living through those tumultuous times. Though it is not possible to collect the works of representative writers of Urdu fiction spanning more than two generations in a short anthology of fifteen stories, an attempt has, nevertheless, been made to bring before the English readers the various threads of human relationships, social, personal, and psychological, that weaved or warped the life of characters in the exciting stories in this collection. The anthology thus provides to the readers of other languages an insight into the changing patterns and concerns of Urdu literary art during a span of two generations and the life and times of people in the subcontinent living through the change.

Amazing Diving Stories

Author : John Bantin
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This collection of true diving stories makes for compelling reading for all divers. Enjoy classic tales of this extreme watersport, from thrilling wreck discoveries to encounters with the bizarre and the beautiful. There are stories of death and disaster, as well as bravery and triumph. Tales of the exciting and the extreme rub shoulders with more poetic pieces about the people and places that make up the folklore of this fascinating sport. The author’s global tour takes you everywhere, from Indonesia to the Caribbean and from the chill waters of Northern Europe to the reefs of the Pacific. Every ocean of the world is explored, making this essential reading – or a wonderful gift – for divers everywhere.

Short Stories

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G A HENTY Ultimate Collection 100 Historical Novels Adventure Tales Short Stories

Author : G. A. Henty
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e-artnow presents to you this meticulously edited G. A. Henty collection: Novels: A Search for a Secret All But Lost Out on the Pampas The Young Franc-Tireurs The Young Buglers The Cornet of Horse In Times of Peril Facing Death, The Hero of the Vaughan Pit Winning His Spurs (Boy Knight) Friends Though Divided Jack Archer Under Drake's Flag By Sheer Pluck With Clive in India In Freedom's Cause St. George For England True to the Old Flag The Young Colonists The Dragon and the Raven For Name and Fame The Lion of the North Through the Fray The Bravest of the Brave A Final Reckoning The Young Carthaginian With Wolfe in Canada Bonnie Prince Charlie For the Temple In the Reign of Terror Orange and Green Captain Bayley's Heir The Cat of Bubastes The Curse of Carne's Hold The Lion of St. Mark By Pike and Dyke One of the 28th With Lee in Virginia By England's Aid By Right of Conquest Chapter of Adventures Maori and Settler The Dash For Khartoum Held Fast for England Redskin and Cowboy Beric the Briton Condemned as a Nihilist In Greek Waters Rujub, the Juggler Dorothy's Double A Jacobite Exile Saint Bartholomew's Eve Through the Sikh War In the Heart of the Rockies When London Burned A Girl of the Commune Wulf The Saxon A Knight of the White Cross Through Russian Snows The Tiger of Mysore At Agincourt On the Irrawaddy The Queen's Cup With Cochrane the Dauntless Colonel Thorndyke's Secret A March on London With Frederick the Great With Moore at Corunna Among Malay Pirates At Aboukir and Acre Both Sides the Border The Golden Cañon The Stone Chest The Lost Heir Under Wellington's Command In the Hands of the Cave Dwellers No Surrender! A Roving Commission Won by the Sword In the Irish Brigade Out With Garibaldi With Buller in Natal At the Point of the Bayonet To Herat and Cabul With Roberts to Pretoria The Treasure of the Incas With Kitchener in the Soudan With the British Legion Through Three Campaigns With the Allies to Pekin By Conduct and Courage Short Stories Historical Works Other Writings

Environmental Echoes

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Environment days are occassions to educate the public on the issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to adress global problems and to celebrate and rein force achievements of humanity. The existence of environmental days pre dates the establishment of the United Nations but the UN has embrassed them as a powerful advocacy tool. Water and air , the two essentials on which all life depends , have become global garbage cans now. The real cure for our environment problems is to understand that our job is to salvage Mother nature. we are facing a formidable enemy in this field it is the hunters - and to convince them to leave their guns on the wall is going to be very difficult hence I strongly believe the information on every day of environmental importance will serve as a wake up call to aware the public on a wider scale . I hope the contents of this book will serve the purpose to some extent.

The Fanciers Journal

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