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Rock Music in American Popular Culture

Author : Frank Hoffmann
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How does rock music impact culture? According to authors B. Lee Cooper and Wayne S. Haney, it is central to the definition of society and has had a great impact on shaping American culture. In Rock Music in American Popular Culture, insightful essays and book reviews explore ways popular culture items can be used to explore American values. This fascinating book is arranged alphabetically for quick and easy reference to specific topics, but the book is equally enjoyable to read straight through. The influence of rock era music is evident throughout the text, demonstrating how various topics in the popular culture field are interconnected. Students in popular culture survey courses and American studies classes will be fascinated by these unique explorations of how family businesses, games, nursery rhymes, rock and roll legends, and other musical ventures shed light on our society and how they have shaped American values over the years.

Rock Music in American Popular Culture

Author : B. Lee Cooper
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A collection of essays examines a variety of popular culture through the prism of modern music

Rock Music in American Popular Culture II

Author : Frank Hoffmann
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From “Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)?” to a list of all song titles containing the word “werewolf,” Rock Music in American Popular Culture II: More Rock ’n’Roll Resources continues where 1995’s Volume I left off. Using references and illustrations drawn from contemporary lyrics and supported by historical and sociological research on popular cultural subjects, this collection of insightful essays and reviews assesses the involvement of musical imagery in personal issues, in social and political matters, and in key socialization activities. From marriage and sex to public schools and youth culture, readers discover how popular culture can be used to explore American values. As Authors B. Lee Cooper and Wayne S. Haney prove that integrated popular culture is the product of commercial interaction with public interest and values rather than a random phenomena, they entertainingly and knowledgeably cover such topics as: answer songs--interchanges involving social events and lyrical commentaries as explored in response recordings horror films--translations and transformations of literary images and motion picture figures into popular song characters and tales public schools--images of formal educational practices and informal learning processes in popular song lyrics sex--suggestive tales and censorship challenges within the popular music realm war--examinations of persistent military and home front themes featured in wartime recordings Rock Music in American Popular Culture II: More Rock ‘n’Roll Resources is nontechnical, written in a clear and concise fashion, and explores each topic thoroughly, with ample discographic and bibliographic resources provided for additional research. Arranged alphabetically for quick and easy reference to specific topics, the book is equally enjoyable to read straight through. Rock music fans, teachers, popular culture professors, music instructors, public librarians, sound recording archivists, sociologists, social critics, and journalists can all learn something, as the book shows them the cross-pollination of music and social life in the United States.

The Beatles and the 1960s

Author : Kenneth L. Campbell
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The Beatles are widely regarded as the foremost and most influential music band in history and their career has been the subject of many biographies. Yet the band's historical significance has not received sustained academic treatment to date. In The Beatles' Reception in the 1960s, Kenneth L. Campbell uses the Beatles as a lens through which to explore the sweeping, panoramic history of the social, cultural and political transformations that occurred in the 1960s. It draws on audience reception theory and untapped primary source material, including student newspapers, to understand how listeners would have interpreted the Beatles' songs and albums not only in Britain and the United States, but also globally. Taking a year-by-year approach, each chapter analyses the external influences the Beatles absorbed, consciously or unconsciously, from the culture surrounding them. Some key topics include race relations, gender dynamics, political and cultural upheavals, the Vietnam War and the evolution of rock music and popular culture. The book will also address the resurgence of the Beatles' popularity in the 1980s, as well as the relevance of The Beatles' ideals of revolutionary change to our present day. This is essential reading for anyone looking for an accessible yet rigorous study of the historical relevance of the Beatles in a crucial decade of social change.

Blue collar Pop Culture

Author : M. Keith Booker
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"This book is about Blue Collar Pop Culture - From NASCAR to the Jersey Shore"--


Author : André Millard
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Refreshing and insightful, Beatlemania offers a deeper understanding the days of the Fab Four and the band's long-term effects on the business and culture of pop music.

The Long and Winding Road from Blake to the Beatles

Author : M. Schneider
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This book traces the musical and cultural achievements of this contemporary musical phenomenon to its origin in the Romantic revolution of the 1790's in England when traditional concepts of literature, politics, education and social relationships were challenged as they were in the 1960's.

Kazaaam Splat Ploof

Author : Sabrina P. Ramet
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Explores American influences not only on European television, fashions, fast food, and rock music, but also on youth organizations, literature, UFO culture, and religious faith.

Nazi and Holocaust Representations in Anglo American Popular Culture 1945 2020

Author : Jeffrey Demsky
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This book analyzes sensationalized Nazi and Holocaust representations in Anglo-American cultural and political discourses. Recognizing that this history is increasingly removed from contemporary life, it explains how irreverent representations can help rejuvenate the story for successive generations of new learners. Surveying seventy-five-years of transatlantic activities, the work erects counterposing categorizes of “constructive and destructive memorializing,” providing scholars with a new framework for elucidating both this history and its historicization.

Das Jahr 1968 Ereignis Symbol Chiffre

Author : Oliver Rathkolb
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English summary: The year 1968 remains a central topic of public debate and of contemporary history with special focus on myth building and myth deconstruction. Both the 1968er generation and their opposing groups tried to influence and dominate politics. 1968 is a symbol of a decade between revolution and rebellion, shaped by resistance against open and structural violence of the social and political establishment - a concrete utopia of an other society. In this anthology, the year 1968, still highly disputed among contemporary historians and political scientists, is analyzed from an interdisciplinary and international perspective with intense descriptions and comparative approach: singular events are discussed within a context, the loaded symbols are interpreted, ambivalent codes are decoded and relevant historiography is expounded - influenced by legitimization efforts and fundamental critique. German text. German description: Das Jahr 1968 bleibt Gegenstand offentlicher Debatten und der zeitgeschichtlichen Historiografie zwischen Mythos-Pflege und kritischer Rekonstruktion. Diese Historiografie hat den Anspruch, die 68er-Generation und legitimatorische Strategien pro und contra 1968er-Bewegung aus gegenwartiger Sicht zu deuten. 1968 steht international als Symbol fur eine Dekade zwischen Revolution und Rebellion, den Widerstand gegen die offene und strukturelle Gewalt des gesellschaftlichen und politischen Establishments - als konkrete Utopie von einer anderen Gesellschaft. Das bis heute in der Zeitgeschichte kontrovers dargestellte Jahr 1968 wird in diesem Band aus interdisziplinarer und internationaler Perspektive in Form von dichten Beschreibungen und Analysen vergleichend behandelt: Die singularen Ereignisse werden kontextuell beschrieben, die aufgeladenen Symbole interpretiert und die mehrdeutigen Chiffren dekodiert. Nicht zuletzt wird dessen Historiografie zwischen Legitimation und Fundamentalkritik problematisiert.