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Securing America s Victory

Author : G.S. Wisner
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The solution to all of today’s crises is remarkably simple! For those who wish to connect to the spiritual component of what is happening in America and the world today, Securing America's Victory reveals the two secrets to sustainable Justice and the “Highest Common Denominator” we all share. It will unify all people and enable us to transcend toxic diversity. Together, we will replace the hatred, division, violence, and madness with clarity, love, respect, inclusion, and sustainable justice. The only true antidote, the only effective and sustainable solution to our national and global crisis, is the full intervention of I AM WHO I AM—Our Father God wielding the fullness of His Love, Wisdom, and Power. The only key to this manifestation is our loving, true obedience to His Law of Love, as taught and demonstrated by Jesus the Christ. Herein lies the true foundation of “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

American Victory

Author : Henry Cejudo
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"Compelling...American Victory represents the triumph of the human spirit." --Los Angeles Times Henry Cejudo's remarkable journey follows an unlikely hero, the son of illegal immigrants, from the mean streets of South Central LA to the glory of the Beijing Olympics. The first American in sixteen years to win the gold medal in freestyle wrestling and the youngest American gold medalist ever in this event, Henry's grit, passion, and resolve on display in China was a culmination of a life spent fighting-both on and off the mat. American Victory is his poignant and powerful memoir of how he rose above the statistics and dangers to become a winner-and a hero that embodies all that's best and most hopeful in the American dream.

The Improbable Victory The Campaigns Battles and Soldiers of the American Revolution 1775 83

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The American Revolution reshaped the political map of the world, and led to the birth of the United States of America. Yet these outcomes could have scarcely been predicted when the first shots were fired at Lexington and Concord. American rebel forces were at first largely a poorly trained, inexperienced and disorganized militia, pitted against one of the most formidable imperial armies in the world. Yet following a succession of defeats against the British, the rebels slowly rebounded in strength under the legendary leadership of George Washington. The fortunes of war ebbed and flowed, from the humid southern states of America to the frozen landscapes of wintry Canada, but eventually led to the catastrophic British defeat at Yorktown in 1781 and the establishment of an independent United States of America. The Improbable Victory is a revealing and comprehensive guide to this seminal conflict, from the opening skirmishes, through the major pitched battles, up to the Treaty of Paris in 1783. Impressively illustrated with photographs and artwork, it provides an invaluable insight into this conflict from the major command decisions down to the eye level of the front-line soldier.

America s Historic Sites Alabama Indiana 1 456

Author : Editors of Salem Press
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Offers information on the location, evolution, significance, and events associated with over two hundred sites, including historic towns and districts, monuments, and birthplaces and homes of famous people.

Women in the American Revolution

Author : Sudie Doggett Wike
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Without the support of American women, victory in the Revolutionary War would not have been possible. They followed the Continental Army, handling a range of jobs that were usually performed by men. On the orders of General Washington, some were hired as nurses for $2 per month and one full ration per day--disease was rampant and nurse mortality was high. A few served with artillery units or masqueraded as men to fight in the ranks. The author focuses on the many key roles women filled in the struggle for independence, from farming to making saltpeter to spying.

Register of Ships

Author : Lloyd's Register of Shipping
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History in Dispute The American Revolution 1763 1789

Author : Benjamin Frankel
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This volume, focusing on the American Revolution, presents entries with a brief statement of opposing points of view, a summary of the issue, and two or more essays giving the sides of the dispute.

Outing Sport Adventure Travel Fiction

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Translations on Latin America

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Lloyd s Register of Shipping

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