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Among The Russians

Author : Colin Thubron
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Among the Russians is a marvellous account of a solitary journey by car from St. Petersburg and the Baltic States south to Georgia and Armenia. A gifted writer and intrepid traveller, Thubron grapples with the complexities of Russian identity and relays his extraordinary journey in characteristically lyrical style. This is an enthralling and revealing account of the habits and idiosyncrasies of a fascinating nation along with a sharp and insightful social commentary of Russian life.

The history of Russian literature with a lexicon of Russian authors tr from Lehrbuch der russischen Literatur by G Cox

Author : Friedrich Otto (prof. at Erlangen univ.)
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On the Edge

Author : Albert W. Wardin
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How indigenous was the Evangelical Free Church movement in Tsarist Russia? Was it simply a foreign import? To what extent did it threaten the political stability of the nation and encroach upon the existing Russian and German churches? On the Edge examines the efforts of the regimes to suppress the movement and how the movement not only survived but also expanded. To what extent did the movement bring upon itself unnecessary opposition because of aggressiveness and tactics? Albert Wardin describes the contributions the movement made to the religious life of Russia and examines its numerical success.

The Russian Idea

Author :
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The Finno Ugric Republics and the Russian State

Author : Rein Taagepera
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First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Russians Among Us

Author : Gordon Corera
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With intrigue that rivals the best le Carré novels, Russians Among Us tells the explosive story of Russia’s espionage efforts against the United States and the West—from the end of the Cold War to the present and the significant threat of hacking the 2020 election Spies have long been a source of great fascination in the world of fiction, but sometimes the best spy stories happen in real life. Russians Among Us tells the full story of Putin’s escalating espionage campaign in the West, the Russian ‘deep cover’ spies who penetrated the US and the years-long FBI hunt to capture them. This book also details the recruitment, running, and escape of one of the most important spies of modern times, a man who worked inside the heart of Russian intelligence. In this thrilling account Corera tracks not only the history, but the astonishing evolution of Russian espionage, including the use of ‘cyber illegals’ who continue to manipulate us today and pose a significant threat to the 2020 election. Like a scene from the TV drama The Americans, in the summer of 2010 a group of Russian deep cover sleeper agents were arrested. It was the culmination of a decade-long investigation, and ten people, including Anna Chapman, were swapped for four people held in Russia. At the time it was seen simply as a throwback to the Cold War. But that would prove to be a costly mistake. It was a sign that the Russian threat had never gone away and more importantly, it was shifting into a much more disruptive new phase. Today, the danger is clearer than ever following the poisoning in the UK of one of the spies who was swapped, Sergei Skripal, and the growing evidence of Russian interference in American life. Russians Among Us describes for the first time the story of deep cover spies in America and the FBI agents who tracked them. In intimate and riveting detail, it reveals new information about today’s spies—as well as those trying to catch them and those trying to kill them.

Russian Azerbaijan 1905 1920

Author : Tadeusz Swietochowski
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This book describes the rise of national identity among the Azerbaijanis, following the 1905 Russian Revolution.

The Russian Folk Theatre

Author : Elizabeth A. Warner
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The Russian Second Generation in Tallinn and Kohtla J rve

Author : Raivo Vetik
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Second-generation Russians face two major integration challenges in the Estonian cities of Tallinn and Kohtla-J©Þrve. They are segregated from an Estonian language society whose historical background lies in the policies and social processes of the former Soviet Union. And, compared to their peers, they face an emerging disparity in social and economic opportunities. Such inequality comes largely as the result of newly formed, post-independence institutions, which incite protest among young Russians. With a potential to escalate into large-scale conflict, as exemplified by the Bronze Soldier cr.

An Introduction to the Russian Folktale

Author : Jack V. Haney
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This engaging introduction to the Russian folktale considers the origin, structure, and language of folktales; tale-tellers and their audiences; the relationship of folktales to Russian ritual life; and the folktale types that are translated in subsequent volumes of The Complete Russian Folktale.