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An Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds

Author : Nick Nicholas
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Nicholas (U. of Melbourne, Australia) and Baloglou (State U. of New York, Oswego) have done an admirable job in creating a translation and commentary of this 15th-century Byzantine text that's accessible to specialist and non-specialist alike. The tales are of very human-like activities, banter, and scuffles between talking animals. In their lengthy (159- page) introduction to the side-by-side translation, Nicholas and Baloglou describe the political and cultural context of the work, emphasizing the political innuendo that might be gleaned from the tale's satirical tone. They describe the tales within the context of other texts, both Byzantine and foreign. Appendices provide the texts of some of these influences, as well as discussion of literary and historical issues raised in the animals' stories. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Entertaining tale of quadrupeds

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Byzantine Literature

Author : Source Wikipedia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online. Pages: 50. Chapters: About the Mystery of the Letters, Agathias, Alexiad, Anthology of Planudes, An Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds, Argonautica Orphica, Barlaam and Josaphat, Belthandros and Chrysantza, Bibliotheca (Photius), Byzantine novel, Cassianus Bassus, Chiliades, Chronicle of Monemvasia, Chronicle of the Morea, Chronicle of the Tocco family of Kefalonia, Chronicon Paschale, Codex Hierosolymitanus, De Administrando Imperio, De Ceremoniis, Dioscorus of Aphrodito, Escorial Taktikon, Gazetteer, Geoponica, Greek Apocalypse of Daniel, Greek minuscule, Hermoniakos' Iliad, Joshua Roll, Kletorologion, List of anthologies of Greek epigrams, Madrid Skylitzes, Morgan Dioscurides, Parastaseis syntomoi chronikai, Patria of Constantinople, Romana (Jordanes), Suda, Synecdemus, Taktikon Uspensky, Teaching of Jacob, The Dead Brother's Song, Timarion. Excerpt: Byzantine literature is the Greek literature of the Middle Ages, whether written in the territory of the Byzantine Empire or outside its borders. It forms the second period in the history of Greek literature, though popular Byzantine literature and early Modern Greek literature, which begin in the 11th century, are indistinguishable. An 11th century Byzantine Gospel; its beautiful presentation perfectly illustrates the decorative style employed by scholars of that age. Many of the classical Greek genres, such as drama and choral lyric poetry, had been obsolete by late antiquity, and all medieval literature in the Greek language was written in an archaizing style, which imitated the writers of ancient Greece. This practice was perpetuated by a long-established system of Greek education where rhetoric was a leading subject. A typical product of this Byzantine education was the Greek Church Fathers, who shared the literary values of their pagan contemporaries. Consequently the vast Christian...

Rhetorical culture in late antiquity and the Middle Ages

Author : Michael Grunbart
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DieMillennium-Studien wollen Grenzen überschreiten, Grenzen zwischen den Epochen und regionalen Räumen wie auch Grenzen zwischen den Disziplinen. Millennium ist international, transdisziplinär und epochenübergreifend ausgerichtet. Das Herausgebergremium und der Beirat repräsentieren ein breites Spektrum von Fächern: Kunst- und literaturwissenschaftliche Beiträge kommen ebenso zu ihrem Rechtwie historische, theologische und philosophische, Beiträge zu den lateinischen und griechischen Kulturen ebenso wie zu den orientalischen.

Byzantine Narrative

Author : John Burke
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"Byzantine Narrative: Papers in Honour of Roger Scott"--"Copyright" -- "Dedication" -- "Contents" -- "Introduction" -- "Roger Scott" -- "List of Illustrations" -- "KEYNOTE PAPERS" -- "Novelisation in Byzantium: Narrative after the Revival of Fiction" -- "Narrating Justinian: From Malalas to Manasses" -- "NARRATIVE IN HISTORIANS, CHRONICLES & FICTION" -- "To Narrate the Events of the Past: On Byzantine Historians, and Historians on Byzantium" -- "Tradition and Originality in Photius' Historical Reading" -- "Narrating the Trials and Death in Exile of Pope Martin I and Maximus the Confessor" -- "The Use of Metaphor in Michael Psellos' Chronographia" -- "War and Peace in the Alexiad" -- "Moralising History: the Synopsis Historiarum of John Skylitzes" -- "The Representation of Augustae in John Skylitzes' Synopsis Historiarum" -- "The Madrid Skylitzes as an Audio-Visual Experiment" -- "The Goths and the Bees in Jordanes: A Narrative of No Return" -- "From 'Fallen Woman' to Theotokos: Music, Women's Voices and Byzantine Narratives of Gender Identity" -- "How the Entertaining Tale of Quadrupeds became a Tale: Grafting Narrative" -- "Lamenting the Fall or Disguising a Manifesto? The Poem Conquest of Constantinople" -- "A Probable Solution to the Problem of the Chronicle of the Turkish Sultans" -- "NARRATIVE IN BYZANTINE ART" -- "The Narration of Christ' s Passion in Early Christian Art" -- "Observations on the Paintings of the Exodus Chapel, Bagawat Necropolis, Kharga Oasis, Egypt" -- "The Column of Arcadius: Retlections of a Roman Narrative Tradition" -- "Biblical Narrative in the Mosaics of Bishop Theodore's Cathedral, Aquileia" -- "Plato, Plutarch and the Sibyl in the Fresco Decoration of the Episcopal Church of the Virgin Ljeviška in Prizren" -- "Narrativity in Armenian Manuscript Illustration

Impious Dogs Haughty Foxes and Exquisite Fish

Author : Tristan Schmidt
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This volume is dedicated to the topic of the human evaluation and interpretation of animals in ancient and medieval cultures. From a transcultural perspective contributions from Assyriology, Byzantine Studies, Classical Archaeology, Egyptology, German Medieval Studies and Jewish History look into the processes and mechanisms behind the transfer by people of certain values to animals, and the functions these animal-signs have within written, pictorial and performative forms of expression.

Byzantinische Sprachkunst

Author : Martin Hinterberger
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Das Byzantinische Archiv ist die Begleitreihe derByzantinischen Zeitschrift und umfasst sowohl Monographien als auch Sammelbände. Es bietet ein Forum für Editionen, Kommentare sowie vertiefende Studien zu Einzelaspekten aus dem Bereich der Byzantinistik. Literatur, Geschichte und Kunstgeschichte einschließlich der damit verbundenen Neben- und Randdisziplinen sind gleichermaßen vertreten.

Fallen Animals

Author : Zohar Hadromi-Allouche
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The book examines the interpretations, functions and interactions of the Fall—physical, moral, artistic, and otherwise—as represented through animals, or through human–animal interactions, in various religious contexts, art, and literature.

Satire in the Middle Byzantine Period

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This volume explores various forms, functions and meanings of satirical texts written in the Middle Byzantine period.

A Companion to Byzantine Science

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This is the first book entirely devoted to Byzantine science, with essays by distinguished scholars offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date history of the field currently available, and aiming to position the field in broader scholarly conversations.