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An Examined Life of a Language Teacher of Chinese

Author : Ying Zhang
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There is a paucity of research about and done by L2 Chinese educators regarding the theoretical construct of agency. It is also noted that the qualitative inquiry is marginalized in L2 Chinese research field, let alone the narrative study of the agency of experienced by L2 Chinese-teachers. In this dissertation research, I aim at filling in the gap by conducting a longitudinal autoethnography which captures over a decade (1997-2017) of my personal and professional development with an agency perspective. The highly personalized autoethnographic accounts open up my personal and professional life as an experienced, college-level, transnational, early 40's female native Chinese teacher from mainland China. Using socio-cultural sensibilities and ecological approach of agency to scrutinize the paradigm shifts and behavioral changes over extended periods of time, I strive to make visible my active sense-making of affordances and constraints of diverse societal and educational surroundings in Indonesia, the US, China and the US again. I hope to exam the personal world and intellectual, professional trajectory over a long time to extend readers' sociological understanding (Sparkes, 2000) of the rich and complex life of a language teacher. The critical reflexive analysis, deep reflection, and writing as analysis inquiry of my own transformations are demonstrated in multiple shifting identities over time and across different milieu, from English as a foreign language teacher, to Chinese as a second language teacher within China and to Chinese as a foreign language teacher outside Chinese-speaking context, from a teacher-researcher, teacher mentor, teacher educator, to a lifelong teacher-learner. The manifestations of various forms of agency-as-achievements and the evolvement of agency-as-capacities have also been examined. One of the main impetuses of this autoethnographic project is creating an alternative narrative of a nonconformist so as to challenge the existing stereotypical narratives of Chineseness in work-abroad native-speaking China-born teachers as well as traditional development trajectory of language teachers. My concrete experiences as a transcultural, bilingual, and bicultural (L1 Chinese, L2 English) language educator together with intellectual biography exhibit a unique personal, scholarly and professional growth in a postmodern, globalized, multicultural era through various social identities and evolving agency development. Using the power of autoethnography, I make explicit the multiplicity of self-representation and critically self-reflective learning about agency. This work hopes to inspire reflective and reflexive practices in other L2 educators, especially experienced in-service language teachers, to destabilize their ideologies and beliefs regarding L2 education and reflective practice, to educate their attention to social aspects of language learning and teaching, and to humanized language education. Ultimately, readers are encouraged to move into action to explore the notion of agency and use the power of autoethnography in language education and on language education.

Sense of Emptiness

Author : Junichi Toyota
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Human perception is often believed to function holistically, especially in the tradition of Gestalt psychology, involving a focused item and its surrounding. This holistic approach can allow us to explain something that is not directly experienced in our perception, meaning that the absence as well as the presence of something can have a significant impact on how we perceive the world. The way we perceive the presence is more or less the same cross-culturally, but the prominence of the absence, or what is termed emptiness in this volume, varies considerably from one culture to another. The aim of this volume is to identify what emptiness is like and how different cultures incorporate this concept from various perspectives. It turns out that emptiness plays a key role in identifying socio-cultural diversity in a broader sense, including arts and languages. This volume consists of contributions from different fields covering a wide range of topics such as history, literary studies, mythology, film studies, architecture, linguistics, social-anthropology, ethnology and cognitive science. Due to the range covered in this volume, studies presented here are highly interdisciplinary, but all chapters deal with the sense of emptiness, which suggest that the underlying idea of the significance of emptiness is pervasive. Yet, this topic has not previously been systematically compared across different disciplines. It is hoped that this volume will offer a first overview of the pervasiveness and integration of disciplines concerning the sense of emptiness.

Developing Online Language Teaching

Author : Regine Hampel
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When moving towards teaching online, teachers are confronted every day with issues such as online moderation, establishing social presence online, transitioning learners to online environments, giving feedback online. This book supports language teaching professionals and researchers who are keen to engage in online teaching and learning.

Exploring Second Language Creative Writing

Author : Dan Disney
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Exploring Second Language Creative Writing continues the work of stabilizing the emerging Creative Writing (SL) discipline. In unique ways, each essay in this book seeks to redefine a tripartite relationship between language acquisition, literatures, and identity. All essays extend B.B. Kachru’s notion of “bilingual creativity” as an enculturated, shaped discourse (a mutation of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis). Creative Writing (SL), a new subfield to emerge from Stylistics, extends David Hanauer’s Poetry as Research (2010); situating a suite of methodologies and interdisciplinary pedagogies, researchers in this book mobilize theories from Creativity Studies, TESOL, TETL, Translation Studies, Linguistics, Cultural Studies, and Literary Studies. Changing the relationship between L2 writers and canonized literary artefacts (from auratic to dialogic), each essay in this text is essentially Freirean; each chapter explores dynamic processes through which creative writing in a non-native language engages material and phenomenological modes toward linguistic pluricentricity and, indeed, emancipation.

Teaching through Multi User Virtual Environments Applying Dynamic Elements to the Modern Classroom

Author : Vincenti, Giovanni
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Teaching through Multi-User Virtual Environments: Applying Dynamic Elements to the Modern Classroom highlights the work of educators daring enough to teach in these new frontiers of education. This timely publication is a must-read for all educators and practitioners, of any subject and at any level, who wish to incorporate a dynamic online element to their classroom. It is also meant for researchers of education, computer science, and instructional technologies. Teaching through Multi-User Virtual Environments: Applying Dynamic Elements to the Modern Classroom is a one-stop resource for practices, as well as research activities, within the domain on Multi-User Virtual Environments.

Language Curriculum Innovation in a Chinese Secondary School

Author : Yan Zhu
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This book offers a comprehensive overview of the changes in foreign language teachers' cognition and practices during a four-year innovation project at a Chinese secondary school, and explores the factors that influenced the trajectory of those changes. It makes a substantial contribution to research on educational change by offering a longitudinal observation of the facts and voices in EFL settings in China; as such, the book offers a valuable resource for scholars, teacher educators, teachers, and others interested in initiating, managing and evaluating innovations in EFL classrooms.

Author : Chinese Language Teachers Association
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The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Language Teaching

Author : Chris Shei
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The Routledge Handbook of Chinese Language Teaching defines Chinese language teaching in a pedagogical, historical, and contemporary context. Throughout the volume, teaching methods are discussed, including the traditional China-based approach, and Western methods such as communicative teaching and the immersion program. The Handbook also presents a pedagogical model covering pronunciation, tones, characters, vocabulary, grammar, and the teaching of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The remaining chapters explore topics of language assessment, technology enhanced instruction, teaching materials and resources, Chinese for specific purposes, classroom implementation, social contexts of language teaching and language teaching policies, and pragmatics and culture. Ideal for scholars and researchers of Chinese language teaching, the Handbook will benefit educators and teacher training programs. This is the first comprehensive volume exploring the growing area of Chinese language pedagogy.

Studies on Learning and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Author : Xiaohong Wen
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Studies on Learning and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language represents the current advances in the field. It showcases theoretically motivated empirical studies and diverse methods used for a better understanding of how Chinese language is acquired as a second or foreign language. This contributes to L2 acquisition research in general and L2 Chinese specifically. Furthermore, this research is useful for teachers seeking to understand their students’ learning processes and adjust their pedagogical approach for more effective instruction. The book bridges the gap between research and instruction by providing pedagogical implications rooted in empirical findings.

Learning English and Chinese as Foreign Languages

Author : Wen-Chuan Lin
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Learning English and Chinese is becoming increasingly important to the prospects of young people. This book compares English as a Foreign Language teaching in Taiwan with Chinese as a Foreign Language education in England in order to highlight how classroom activities are embedded within multiple settings, including ethnic or other social group cultures, family and community resources and school visions or goals. The book illustrates how in Taiwan different ethnic groups recognise, access and value English language learning to varying extents. Its findings illuminate why some ethnic groups are highly motivated to learn English and are able to gain privileged economic positions in the job market. In England, access to Chinese is marked by social class, and the book argues that this could augment an ‘educational apartheid’ that already exists in language teaching in secondary schools, thereby exacerbating existing inequality.

Researching and Teaching Second Language Speech Acts in the Chinese Context

Author : Cynthia Lee
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This book contributes to the literature of interlanguage pragmatics by building an interface between researching and teaching speech acts in the Chinese context. It is written for researchers, language educators, classroom teachers and readers who are interested in interlanguage pragmatics research, acquisition and teaching, with particular reference to speech acts performed by Chinese learners of English, and their relationships with the learners’ first language and cultural concepts. It provides a more advanced understanding of the production and development of speech acts of Chinese learners of English from the cross-linguistic, cross-cultural, L1 and L2 developmental perspectives, drawing on relevant second language acquisition theoretical frameworks. It also recommends research-informed pedagogies that are applicable to other learners of English.

Mandarin Chinese Dual Language Immersion Programs

Author : Ko-Yin Sung
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This book discusses multiple aspects of Chinese dual language immersion (DLI) programs, with a focus on the controversial Utah model. The first part of the book focuses on the parents, teachers, and school administrators. It looks at the perceptions of the three groups toward the Utah model, how they build a supportive DLI classroom with an emphasis on teacher–teacher and teacher–parent communication, and how the teachers position themselves in teaching through their teacher identities. The second part of the book emphasizes classroom research and explores teaching and learning strategies, corrective feedback and learner uptake and repair, translanguaging in authentic teacher–student interaction, and Chinese-character teaching. As the first DLI book to include a non-alphabetical language, Chinese, it addresses the need for more research on DLI programs of languages other than Spanish. The book will benefit not only Chinese DLI educators and administrators in the US, but will also offer some useful suggestions and thoughts to educators and administrators of similar programs worldwide.

Chinese Educational Migration and Student Teacher Mobilities

Author : Fred Dervin
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This collected volume examines the multifaceted contexts and experiences of Chinese students, teachers and scholars in Australia, Denmark, France, Japan, the UK and the US. It can serve both as an introduction to Chinese people's mobility and migration in Higher Education and as a thorough review for more knowledgeable readers.

Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching

Author : Hayo Reinders
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This book evaluates the origins of processes of change in language teaching in China, and the factors influencing their success. Examining diverse experiences and drawing on the perspectives of academics from the top institutions in the country, the authors analyse the complex interplay between global and local influences on language policies. Encouraging discussion of the significant education reforms that have taken place in China in recent years, this work will be of interest to students and scholars of language education, English as a Second Language and applied linguistics.

Teaching and Learning Chinese as a Second or Foreign Language

Author : Ko-Yin Sung
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Teaching and Learning Chinese as a Second or Foreign Language, edited by Ko-Yin Sung, addresses three emerging themes in the field of Chinese language teaching and learning. (1) Increasingly ubiquitous in all language learning and teaching, and for the learning of Chinese as a second language in particular, information and communication technology (ICT) can serve as an important and effective tool. Several chapters focus on how certain emerging ICT tools are applied in teaching and learning Chinese as a second language. (2) Due to China’s economic and political influence, the number of students of all ages studying Chinese as a second language—but especially young learners—has increased in many parts of the world. Despite this, the research into teaching Chinese to young learners has lagged behind. Several chapters investigate young learners’ motivations and effective methods for assisting them to master the Chinese language. (3) The writing system of the Chinese language poses many challenges for learners, especially those more familiar with alphabetical languages. In light of this difficulty in learning Chinese characters, some of the chapters identify effective teaching and learning strategies to master the Chinese language.

Exploring Innovative Pedagogy in the Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Foreign Language

Author : Robyn Moloney
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Teachers of Chinese as a foreign language in many international contexts are searching for pedagogic solutions to promote effective learning. Models of innovative and successful approaches are urgently needed. This volume presents a collection of compelling and empirically rich research studies that showcases innovative developments in the practice of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The studies focus on three interrelated areas: learners, teachers, and applications of new technologies. Specifically, the studies explore methods for fostering learner-centred classrooms, autonomous learners, intercultural learning, the role of teacher views and identities, the nature of a ‘middle ground’ approach, and technologies that accommodate the unique aspects of the Chinese language, with new options for mobile and interactive learners. Providing both inspiration and practical models for language practitioners and researchers, it offers a vital resource for teachers’ professional development, and for pre-service teacher education.

What English Language Teachers Need to Know Volume I

Author : Denise E. Murray
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Designed for pre-service teachers and teachers new to the field of ELT, What English Teachers Need to Know Volumes I, II, and III are companion textbooks organized around the key question: What do teachers need to know and be able to do in order for their students to learn English? In the Second Edition of Volume I, Murray and Christison return to this essential question and call attention to emerging trends and challenges affecting the contemporary classroom. Addressing new skills and strategies that EFL teachers require to meet the needs of their shifting student populations who are impacted by changing demographics, digital environments, and globalization, this book, which is grounded in current research, offers a strong emphasis on practical applications for classroom teaching. This updated and expanded Second Edition features: a new chapter on technology in TESOL new and updated classroom examples throughout discussions of how teachers can prepare for contemporary challenges, such as population mobility and globalization The comprehensive texts work for teachers across different contexts—where English is the dominant language, an official language, or a foreign language; for different levels—elementary/primary, secondary, university, or adult education; and for different learning purposes—general English, workplace English, English for academic purposes, or English for specific purposes.

The Lived Experience of Chinese International Students in the U S

Author : Yalun Zhou
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Reflections on Language Teacher Identity Research

Author : Gary Barkhuizen
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Reflections on Language Teacher Identity Research is the first book to present understandings of language teacher identity (LTI) from a broad range of research fields. Drawing on their personal research experience, 41 contributors locate LTI within their area of expertise by considering their conceptual understanding of LTI and the methodological approaches used to investigate it. The chapters are narrative in nature and take the form of guided reflections within a common chapter structure, with authors embedding their discussions within biographical accounts of their professional lives and research work. Authors weave discussions of LTI into their own research biographies, employing a personal reflective style. This book also looks to future directions in LTI research, with suggestions for research topics and methodological approaches. This is an ideal resource for students and researchers interested in language teacher identity as well as language teaching and research more generally.

English Language Education Across Greater China

Author : Anwei Feng
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This volume offers a comprehensive examination of the spread of English and English education across Greater China through sociolinguistic studies of Mainland China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, and in-depth analysis of English language use and education in economically booming areas of Mainland China such as Shanghai and Guangdong and underdeveloped regions like Xinjiang.