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An Unusual Relationship

Author : Yaakov Ariel
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It is generally accepted that Jews and evangelical Christians have little in common. Yet special alliances developed between the two groups in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Evangelicals viewed Jews as both the rightful heirs of Israel and as a group who failed to recognize their true savior. Consequently, they set out to influence the course of Jewish life by attempting to evangelize Jews and to facilitate their return to Palestine. Their double-edged perception caused unprecedented political, cultural, and theological meeting points that have revolutionized Christian-Jewish relationships. An Unusual Relationship explores the beliefs and political agendas that evangelicals have created in order to affect the future of the Jews. Additionally, it analyses Jewish opinions and reactions to those efforts, as well as those of other religious groups, such as Arab Christians. This volume offers a fascinating, comprehensive analysis of the roots, manifestations, and consequences of evangelical interest in the Jews, and the alternatives they provide to conventional historical Christian-Jewish interactions. It also provides a compelling understanding of Middle Eastern politics through a new lens.

The Safe Banking Act of 1977

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs. Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs
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News for Farmer Cooperatives

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Author : Mrs. Nathaniel Conklin
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Crimes of Passage

Author : Anthony Edward Waters
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Author : W. Steve Albrecht
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Embezzlement, tax evasion, deception, and other forms of "white collar crime" are putting the assets and integrity of many of America's top companies at risk--and fraud prevention is fast-becoming one of the foremost concerns in today's corporate world. The authors show how employees and managers can help keep the company safe from fraud, by learning the most important steps in prevention, detection, and investigation.

SEC Accounting Practice and Procedure

Author : Louis H. Rappaport
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Voices of Exiles

Author : Ami Elad
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Al- Tayyib Salih is not merely another writer in the Arab world or in exile. The fact that he is a Sudanese author who has spent more years of his life in the West than in the Arab world, and who writes in Arabic, transforms his literary work into a special phenomenon. Although very few of hiswritings have been published, these have been sufficient to make his name known as a prominent voice of an Arab novelist and short-story writer. Today he is a distinguished writer of modern Arabic literature.The importance of this book derives from the fact that al-Tayyib Salih deals primarily with a crucial theme in modern Arabic literature - the clash between Eastern and Western cultures - and sheds an interesting light on this conflict. He is aware of the importance of the questions he raises andpursues them because they are at the core of the issue of modernity. The question of individual and collective identity during a time of change is therefore a major issue in al-Tayyib Salih's work, as well as in the work of other prominent Arab authors. al-Tayyib Salih's uniqueness is evident in thepoetic style of his writing, in which he combines elements of classical Arabic literature with modern Western literature, especially of the English tradition. Although it is difficult to pinpoint a reason for his success, perhaps the key to understanding the work of al- al-Tayyib Salih is in itssimplicity.In poetic terms, his literary devices, in addition to his usage of various writing techniques are very diverse. A prime example of this is the way the author chooses to shape his characters, making impressive repeated use of the same characters in a number of his works, changing their significance,status, and centrality, thus interconnecting them into a single corpus. These poetic elements, in addition to the variety of themes, raise the standard of writing to the level of poetry on the one hand, while giving the reader a sense of his mythical and magical world on the other.

A Most Unusual Relationship Pros Cons

Author : Anne-Marie Moscatelli
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Pulmonary Physiology of the Fetus Newborn and Child

Author : Emile M. Scarpelli
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A Study of the Relationship Between Charles Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde

Author : Karen Sasha Tipper
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Supreme Court

Author :
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Geology of an Unusual Precambrian High grade Metamorphic Terrane

Author : Australia. Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics
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Cases in Public Accounting Practice

Author : Arthur Andersen & Co
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Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science

Author : Indiana Academy of Science
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List of members in each volume.

Ageing Cognition and Neuroscience

Author : Soledad Ballesteros
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Developed nations are experiencing enormous increases in the number of elderly people in the population. Ageing is a universal complex multifaceted process that profoundly affects mind and brain of all individuals. Important discoveries are being made at different levels of research on cognitive aging: from the molecular/genetic level, to the cell, the network, and the processing of information at the cognitive level. The aim of this special issue is to examine new breakthroughs of the aging mind and brain and how to use this knowledge to promote interdisciplinary research in normal and pathological aging.


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Study of the Finances of the Calcutta University

Author : Kshitimohon Mukerji
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This Study That Is Incorporated In The Present Volume In Respect Of The Finances Of The University Of Calcutta, Arose Out Of A Proposal Mooted By The Indian Council Of Social Science Research In The Autumn Of 1972.

Bulletin of the Bureau of School Service

Author : University of Kentucky. Bureau of School Service
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South African Journal of Science

Author :
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