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Analysis and Thermomechanics

Author : Bernard D. Coleman
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This book presents a collection of papers giving the flavor of current research activities in continuum mechanics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and the mathematical analysis related to these topics. Written by leading experts in the field, all the papers in this collection have been carefully refereed according to the standards of the "Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis."

Materials Characterization by Thermomechanical Analysis

Author : Alan T. Riga
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Fifteen papers from the symposium held in Philadelphia, March 1990, examine the uses of thermomechanical analysis and thermodilatometry in materials science, addressing instrumentation, techniques, and applications. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

Thermodynamics and Energy Systems Analysis

Author : Lucien Borel
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This book illustrates the basic concepts of phenomenological thermodynamics and how to move from theory to practice by considering problems in the fields of thermodynamics and energy-systems analysis. Many subjects are handled from an energetics or exergetics angle: calorimeters, evaporators, condensers, flow meters, sub or supersonic nozzles, ejectors, compressors, pumps, turbines, combustion processes, heaters, smoke stacks, cooling towers, motors, turbo-reactors, heat pumps, air conditioning, thermo-electrical generators, energy storage, and more.

Thermomechanics and Infra Red Imaging Volume 7

Author : Tom Proulx
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Thermomechanics and Infra-Red Imaging represents one of eight volumes of technical papers presented at the Society for Experimental Mechanics Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, held at Uncasville, Connecticut, June 13-16, 2011. The full set of proceedings also includes volumes on Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials, Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials and Processes in Conventional and Multifunctional Materials, MEMS and Nanotechnology; Optical Measurements, Modeling and, Metrology; Experimental and Applied Mechanics, and Engineering Applications of Residual Stress.

Thermomechanics of Composite Structures under High Temperatures

Author : Yu. I. Dimitrienko
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This pioneering book presents new models for the thermomechanical behavior of composite materials and structures taking into account internal physico-chemical transformations such as thermodecomposition, sublimation and melting at high temperatures (up to 3000 K). It is of great importance for the design of new thermostable materials and for the investigation of reliability and fire safety of composite structures. It also supports the investigation of interaction of composites with laser irradiation and the design of heat-shield systems. Structural methods are presented for calculating the effective mechanical and thermal properties of matrices, fibres and unidirectional, reinforced by dispersed particles and textile composites, in terms of properties of their constituent phases. Useful calculation methods are developed for characteristics such as the rate of thermomechanical erosion of composites under high-speed flow and the heat deformation of composites with account of chemical shrinkage. The author expansively compares modeling results with experimental data, and readers will find unique experimental results on mechanical and thermal properties of composites under temperatures up to 3000 K. Chapters show how the behavior of composite shells under high temperatures is simulated by the finite-element method and so cylindrical and axisymmetric composite shells and composite plates are investigated under local high-temperature heating. The book will be of interest to researchers and to engineers designing composite structures, and invaluable to materials scientists developing advanced performance thermostable materials.

Residual Stress Thermomechanics Infrared Imaging Hybrid Techniques and Inverse Problems Volume 7

Author : Antonio Baldi
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Residual Stress, Thermomechanics & Infrared Imaging, Hybrid Techniques and Inverse Problems, Volume 7 of the Proceedings of the 2018 SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, the seventh volume of eight from the Conference, brings together contributions to this important area of research and engineering. The collection presents early findings and case studies on a wide range of areas, including: Inverse Problems/Hybrid Techniques Material Characterizations Using Thermography Thermoelastic Stress Analysis Fatigue & Damage Evaluation Using Infrared Thermography Integration of Infrared Thermography & DIC Thermographic Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE)

Thermal Analysis and Thermodynamics

Author : Detlef Klimm
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This introduction to thermodynamics discusses typical phase diagrams features and presents the wide range of techniques such as Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Thermogravimetry and others. In the last part the author brings many examples for typical practical problems often solved by thermal analysis. As an instructive guideline for practitioners the work reveals the connection between experimental data and theoretical model and vice versa.

The Thermomechanics of Nonlinear Irreversible Behaviors

Author : Gérard A Maugin
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In this invaluable book, macroscopic irreversible thermodynamics is presented in its realm and its splendor by appealing to the notion of internal variables of state. This applies to both fluids and solids with or without microstructures of mechanical or electromagnetic origin. This unmatched richness of essentially nonlinear behaviors is the result of the use of modern mathematical techniques such as convex analysis in a clear-cut framework which allows one to put under the umbrella of “irreversible thermodynamics” behaviors which until now have been commonly considered either not easily covered, or even impossible to incorporate into such a framework. The book is intended for all students and researchers whose main concern is the rational modeling of complex and/or new materials with physical and engineering applications, such as those accounting for coupled-field, hysteresis, fracture, nonlinear-diffusion, and phase-transformation phenomena. Contents:Introduction: A Post-Duhemian ThermodynamicsThermostatics and ThermodynamicsVarious ThermodynamicsThermodynamics with Internal VariablesApplications: General FrameworkViscosity in Complex FluidsViscoplasticity and PlasticityThermodynamics of FractureNon-Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Electromagnetic MaterialsWaves and Reaction–Diffusion Systems (RDS) Readership: Researchers and students in condensed matter/solid state physics, continuum mechanics, chaos/dynamical systems, statistical physics, thermodynamics, computational physics, applied mathematics and mechanical engineering. Keywords:Reviews: “Without doubt this book is an important contribution to the state-of-the-art in the field of thermomechanics (or better electro-magneto-thermomechanics) and presents an absolutely original view of an eminent expert. Briefly: a must for everyone interested in and working on thermodynamics and modern theories of material behavior.” Ceramics-Silikáty

The Finite Element Method in Thermomechanics

Author : Tai-Ran Hsu
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The rapid advances in the nuclear and aerospace technologies in the past two decades compounded with the increasing demands for high performance, energy-efficient power plant components and engines have made reliable thermal stress analysis a critical factor in the design and operation of such equipment. Recently, and as experienced by the author, the need for sophis ticated analyses has been extended to the energy resource industry such as in-situ coal gasification and in-situ oil recovery from oil sands and shales. The analyses in the above applications are of a multidisciplinary nature, and some involve the additional complexity of multiphase and phase change phenomena. These extremely complicated factors preclude the use of classical methods, and numerical techniques such as the finite element method appear to be the most viable alternative solution. The development of this technique so far appears to have concentrated in two extremes; one being overly concerned with the accuracy of results and tending to place all effort in the implementation of special purpose element concepts and computational algorithms, the other being for commercial purposes with the ability of solving a wide range of engineering problems. However, to be versatile, users require substantial training and experience in order to use these codes effectively. Above all, no provision for any modifi cation of these codes by users is possible, as all these codes are proprietary and access to the code is limited only to the owners.

Thermomechanical Analysis of Nuclear Waste Repositories with Horizontal Emplacement

Author : Donald E. Maxwell
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