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Ancient Irish Legends

Author : Padraic O'Farrell
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From the Children of Lir to Díarmuid and Gráinne to the Salmon of Knowledge and Oisín in Tír na nÓg, Padraic O’Farrell reintroduces the classic stories of the Celtic past.

Ancient Legends mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland

Author : lady Jane Francesca Elgee Wilde
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Best Loved Irish Legends

Author : Eithne Massey
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Stories from long, long ago, part of an ancient oral tradition, handed down from generation to generation and written down by the Christian monks of medieval Ireland. FAVOURITE LEGENDS FROM ANCIENT IRELAND The Salmon of Knowledge How Cú Chulainn Got His Name The Children of Lir The King with Donkey's Ears Fionn and the Giant The White Wolfhound Oisín In a handy pocket format, which is also available in French, German, Spanish and Italian. Also available in English in a larger format.

Irish Tales and Sagas

Author : Ulick O'Connor
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These spellbinding tales of Irish folklore and legend have delighted readers and listeners in Ireland and abroad for generations. Seven stories of ancient Irish mythology come to life in Ulick O'Connor's spirited volume. From the courageous battles fought by Cuchulain to the lamentable fate that befell Dierdre and the sons of Usna, Irish Tales and Sagas captivates readers, drawing them into the heart of the legends of ancient Ireland. With exquisite illustrations and O'Connor's intimate writing, this fascinating and timeless collection will delight the adventurous and the imaginative.

Ancient Legends Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland

Author : Francesca S. Wilde
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Many of the Irish legends, superstitions, and ancient charms now collected were obtained chiefly from oral communications made by the peasantry themselves, either in Irish or in the Irish-English which preserves so much of the expressive idiom of the antique tongue. These narrations were taken down by competent persons skilled in both languages, and as far as possible in the very words of the narrator; so that much of the primitive simplicity of the style has been retained, while the legends have a peculiar and special value as coming direct from the national heart.

Ancient Legends Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland

Author : Lady Wilde
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Tales of Old Ireland Retold

Author : Lora O'Brien
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In Ireland, we have a wealth of old myths, legends, fairy tales and folk stories, which are presented here in an easy to read, authentic Irish storyteller's voice - retold for modern times. Our Tales of Old Ireland reach from the heroic warriors Fionn and the Fianna, to the curse of a Goddess, to an on-going battle of wits between the Connacht Queen Medb (Maeve) and her rival the King of Ulster. You'll see shape shifting sisters, fairy folk you'll want to watch out for, fights with monsters, and wise old women helping young maids.

The Celtic Myths

Author : Miranda Aldhouse-Green
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Introduces the world of the Celts, their gods and goddesses, heroes, monsters and villains. As well as vividly exploring the tales, the author brings her expertise in the archaeology of the Iron Age and particularly shamanism to bear on the mythical worlds she describes, with evidence as diverse as the Gundestrup Cauldron and the famous bog bodies. Starting with a discussion of how myths are transmitted and by whom, the author continues with an account of the Irish and Welsh myths and their key actors and motifs, before moving on to consider themes such as heroes, animals, women, environment and the Otherworld. Finally, the author asks how the myths survived the Christianization of Europe and looks at the influence of monastic chroniclers on the tales, which they preserved and adapted. Includes more than 80 illustrations


Author : Siobhan Parkinson
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Eight ancient legends of Ireland, told for younger children by an acclaimed Irish writer and reviewer. The stories are all linked by themes of magic and enchantment, and are perfectly matched by Irish illustrator Olwyn Whelan's brightly coloured and decorative paintings. The stories included are: Butterfly Girl; The Children of Lir; Labhra with the horse's Ears; The Enchanted Birds; Cu Chulainn and Emer; The Enchanted Deer; The Land Under the Waves; Oisin in Tir na nOg.

Ancient Legends Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland

Author : Sir William Robert Wilde
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This book contains a collection of ancient Irish legends.

In Search of Ancient Ireland

Author : Carmel McCaffrey
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This exciting, fascinating history of Ireland cobles together the legends and archaeological evidence to trace the festivals, historic places, major players, and key events that helped shape the Irish identity from 9000 B.C. to 1167 A.D. Reprint.

Ancient Legends Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland With Sketches of the Irish Past

Author : Jane Francesca Agnes Wilde
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The ancient legends of all nations of the world, on which from age to age the generations of man have been nurtured, bear so striking a resemblance to each other that we are led to believe there was once a period when the whole human family was of one creed and one language. But with increasing numbers came the necessity of dispersion; and that ceaseless migration was commenced of the tribes of the earth from the Eastern cradle of their race which has now continued for thousands of years with undiminished activity. From the beautiful Eden-land at the head of the Persian Gulf, where creeds and culture rose to life, the first migrations emanated, and were naturally directed along the line of the great rivers, by the Euphrates and the Tigris and southward by the Nile; and there the first mighty cities of the world were built, and the first mighty kingdoms of the East began to send out colonies to take possession of the unknown silent world around them. From Persia, Assyria, and Egypt, to Greece and the Isles of the Sea, went forth the wandering tribes, carrying with them, as signs of their origin, broken fragments of the primal creed, and broken idioms of the primal tongue—those early pages in the history of the human race, eternal and indestructible, which hundreds of centuries have not been able to obliterate from the mind of man. But as the early tribes diverged from the central parent stock, the creed and the language began to assume new forms, according as new habits of life and modes of thought were developed amongst the wandering people, by the influence of climate and the contemplation of new and striking natural phenomena in the lands where they found a resting-place or a home. Still, amongst all nations a basis remained of the primal creed and language, easily to be traced through all the mutations caused by circumstances in human thought, either by higher culture or by the debasement to which both language and symbols are subjected amongst rude and illiterate tribes. To reconstruct the primal creed and language of humanity from these scattered and broken fragments, is the task which is now exciting so keenly the energies of the ardent and learned ethnographers of Europe; as yet, indeed, with but small success as regards language, for not more, perhaps, than twenty words which the philologists consider may have belonged to the original tongue have been discovered; that is, certain objects or ideas are found represented in all languages by the same words, and therefore the philologist concludes that these words must have been associated with the ideas from the earliest dawn of language; and as the words express chiefly the relations of the human family to each other, they remained fixed in the minds of the wandering tribes, untouched and unchanged by all the diversities of their subsequent experience of life. Meanwhile, in Europe there is diligent study of the ancient myths, legends, and traditions of the world, in order to extract from them that information respecting the early modes of thought prevalent amongst the primitive race, and also the lines of the first migrations, which no other monuments of antiquity are so well able to give. Traditions, like rays of light, take their colour from the medium through which they pass; but the scientific mythographic student knows how to eliminate the accidental addition from the true primal basis, which remains fixed and unchangeable; and from the numerous myths and legends of the nations of the earth, which bear so striking a conformity to each other that they point to a common origin, he will be able to reconstruct the first articles of belief in the creed of humanity, and to pronounce almost with certainty upon the primal source of the lines of human life that now traverse the globe in all directions. This source of all life, creed, and culture now on earth, there is no reason to doubt, will be found in Iran, or Persia as we call it, and in the ancient legends and language of the great Iranian people, the head and noblest type of the Aryan races. Endowed with splendid physical beauty, noble intellect, and a rich musical language, the Iranians had also a lofty sense of the relation between man and the spiritual world. They admitted no idols into their temples; their God was the One Supreme Creator and Upholder of all things, whose symbol was the sun and the pure, elemental fire. But as the world grew older and more wicked the pure primal doctrines were obscured by human fancies, the symbol came to be worshipped in place of the God, and the debased idolatries of Babylon, Assyria, and the Canaanite nations were the result. Egypt—grave, wise, learned, mournful Egypt—retained most of the primal truth; but truth was held by the priests as too precious for the crowd, and so they preserved it carefully for themselves and their own caste. They alone knew the ancient and cryptic meaning of the symbols; the people were allowed only to see the outward and visible sign.

Over Nine Waves

Author : Marie Heaney
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'These legends are the action-packed stories - of ancient heroes, huge battles, attempted invasions, prophecies and spells, clashes between the underworld and the real world, abductions, love affairs and feasts - which have fascinated the Irish mind for more than 2,000 years . . . Most of them have an extraordinary, stark narrative sweep, with a marvellous sense of detail . . . Heaney writes directly and fluently . . . with great tact and skill.' Sunday Times

The Epics of Celtic Ireland

Author : Jean Markale
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Some of the most powerfully moving tales in Western literature are found in the epics of Celtic Ireland. In this collection, Markale restores these texts to their original form and reveals how deeply these mythic tales have shaped modern thought.

On the manners and customs of the ancient Irish lects ed with an intr by W K Sullivan

Author : Eugene O'Curry
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The Towers and Temples of Ancient Ireland

Author : Marcus Keane
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On the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish

Author : Eugene O'Curry
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Ancient Legends Mystic Charms and Superstitions of Ireland

Author : Jane Francesca Wilde
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Irish Fireside Tales

Author : Leslie Carola
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The Irish are tellers of great tales, or one could say, they are great tellers of tales. Either way, we are the beneficiaries of an extraordinary oral tradition of stories, wrapped in myth and magic, preserving an ancient narrative. Tales told by a fire - whether ancient tales of the Celtic gods, kings, and heroes told round an open campfire with a gathering of warriors or elders, or tales of the simple country folk told round a rural kitchen fireplace with a gathering of neighbors on a winter's eve - are vibrant expressions of cultural tradidion and lore.

Celtic Mythology

Author : Philip Freeman
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Most people have heard of the Celts--the elusive, ancient tribal people who resided in present-day England, Ireland, Scotland and France. Paradoxically characterized as both barbaric and innocent, the Celts appeal to the modern world as a symbol of a bygone era, a world destroyed by the ambition of empire and the spread of Christianity throughout Western Europe. Despite the pervasive cultural and literary influence of the Celts, shockingly little is known of their way of life and beliefs, because very few records of their stories exist. In this book, for the first time, Philip Freeman brings together the best stories of Celtic mythology. Everyone today knows about the gods and heroes of the ancient Greeks, such as Zeus, Hera, and Hercules, but how many people have heard of the Gaulish god Lugus or the magical Welsh queen Rhiannon or the great Irish warrior Cú Chulainn? We still thrill to the story of the Trojan War, but the epic battles of the Irish Táin Bó Cuailgne are known only to a few. And yet those who have read the stories of Celtic myth and legend-among them writers like J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis-have been deeply moved and influenced by these amazing tales, for there is nothing in the world quite like them. In these stories a mysterious and invisible realm of gods and spirits exists alongside and sometimes crosses over into our own human world; fierce women warriors battle with kings and heroes, and even the rules of time and space can be suspended. Captured in vivid prose these shadowy figures-gods, goddesses, and heroes-come to life for the modern reader.