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Why on Earth

Author : Joan Cooke
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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management

Author : Ralf Lisch
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Machiavelli lives. 500 years after Niccolò Machiavelli has written 'The Prince', this classic of the mechanisms behind success in management has not lost its relevance. In an intriguing and inspiring interplay of quotes, interpretations and examples, Dr Ralf Lisch develops Machiavelli's most famous work into a practical guide providing Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management. Many have heard about Machiavelli but few have really read and understood him. Ralf Lisch's analysis of ’The Prince’ proves that widespread associations with evil management are a thorough misunderstanding. He has done away with historic ballast and abstains from a moralizing approach that does not do justice to Machiavelli's works. Instead, he lets Machiavelli have his say and provides a positive and pragmatic interpretation of the wisdom of 'The Prince' from a management perspective. It is a fresh approach that combines theoretical analysis with a practical focus. Dealing with a wide range of essential management topics like careers, success, intellect, decision-making, trust, change management, knowledge management, mergers and acquisitions, networking, sustainability, business ethics, working processes and many others, this book proves that the basics of management have hardly changed over half a millennium. Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management is an amazing insight into the essentials of management and a workable guidance to success in daily business. This open-minded and compelling exploration of 'The Prince' combines reading pleasure with a great opportunity to participate in Machiavelli's truly timeless wisdom.

Why on Earth

Author : Joan Hodgson
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Stress Management Through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Author : Umesh Sharma
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To craft Stress Management Through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science, Dr Umesh Sharma searched the world's spiritual and scientific literature to present us with his groundbreaking Kosha Model of Stress Management, unveiling ancient spiritual wisdom concealed for ages in the Vedas and Upanishads. The model takes us on a voyage of self-discovery and represents the best, most effective strategies for managing stress, the modern killer, shifting the paradigm away from its narrow western focus. The koshas are layers of spiritual selves within us, hurdles that come between us and realization of true and lasting happiness. Peeling away these five layers brings awareness, eventually enabling us to reach the innermost core our true self. Dr Sharma also explains why Adi Shankaracharya was stress free; why CEOs and their executives are usually so stressed out; why most people are unhappy most of the time; where Osama will strike next; loving, laughing and learning in the family; why our work is our joy; symbolism of the ten Avatars of Vishnu and how they help us to attain bliss; yoga for executives; and daily mental diet for a stress free life.This amazing book not only gives a unique recipe for personal happiness, achievement and inner peace, but is also a treasure of quotations and insights that combat stress and even evoke humour, the best medicine.

Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom

Author : Sharon G. Mijares
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Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom, 2nd edition, brings together experts who explore the use of ancient healing techniques from Buddhism, Christianity, Goddess, Shamanism, Taoism, and Yogic traditions as well as the mystical practices of Judaism and Islam and their application to modern counseling and therapy professions. Each chapter lays out time-tested techniques used by teachers, guides, and practitioners to facilitate psychological healing, embraces a wide variety of cultural perspectives, and offers a large, varied, and meaningful view of the world. This new edition includes added material on Islam, indigenous, and shamanic healing perspectives and practices, as well as new findings in the fields of neuropsychology and epigenetics. With its vast offerings of new treatment methods from a variety of perspectives—from therapeutic metaphors and breathing exercises to meditation and yoga techniques—this book will be of use to mental health professionals, social workers, and pastoral caregivers.

Ancient Wisdom Modern World

Author : The Dalai Lama
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At a time and in a culture where science and technology have taken over from religious belief, when ethics are understood primarily in terms of aesthetic choice or legality, how are we to formulate moral principles to guide us in our daily lives? Though religion can certainly help in this, the Dalai Lama demonstrates that there are universal principles we can draw on which transcend the dilemma of belief or unbelief. And whilst many have been content to speak of spiritual matters as something mysterious or evanescent, the Dalai Lama explains his approach in terms that are as clear and concise as they are compelling. With wit, gentle good sense and with penetrating insight, the Dalai Lama shows how the truths that have stood the test of generations of practise can provide us with the tools to live happy, fulfilled and meaningful lives. In the process, it becomes apparent that he does not merely espouse the 'feelgood' religiosity some accuse him of. The reader is left admiring not just the wisdom of the author, but the wisdom of the culture he represents.

The Sacred Path of the Therapist Modern Healing Ancient Wisdom and Client Transformation

Author : Irene R. Siegel
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Integrating Western psychological understanding with ancient Eastern and wisdom traditions, Siegel addresses how spiritual resonance is achieved within the psychotherapeutic process in The Sacred Path of the Therapist. Readers will learn how mindfulness practices and attunement can help them move clients toward recovery and beyond, allowing full potential to emerge within a shared coherent field of awakening consciousness. Topics include translating transpersonal theory into practice, understanding the human energy field, and the integration of psychotherapy and spiritual initiation. Drawing from her unique experiences working with master shamans as well as practicing as a psychotherapist, Irene Siegel discusses the evolving role of the therapist as both therapist and healer. Shamans are ancestral teachers, guides to nonordinary realms of consciousness and a divine cosmic whole within silent sacred spaces. Using lessons from native shamanic tradition and the evolving field of transpersonal psychology, both healer and client will learn to access the innate inner wisdom and healing potential within themselves through guided meditation exercises within moment-by-moment sacred space. The expanding content and context of therapy blends the two worlds: the clinical world and the world of the shaman.

Shamanism The Book of Journeys

Author : Robert Levy
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Shamanic journeys are doorways to parallel realities. Within these worlds, the journeyer will find helping spirits capable of guiding us towards the goals or dreams we have for ourselves, personally and collectively. These worlds will offer you information about existing dilemmas and show you new possibilities for living a more fulfilling life. This is also a healing world and can help heal and soothe your mind, body, and your personal spirit or soul. This text will assist those of you who are learning on your own with the help of your spirit guides and provide continued study for those who have begun the path. It is for beginners and seasoned practitioners. It is for healers who wish to introduce shamanic healing into their practice. It is a self guided tour because the true teachers of shamanism lie within and around you. These teachers are your spirit guides emanating from your innate ability to connect with and

Francis Bacon s New Atlantis in the Foundation of Modern Political Thought

Author : Kimberly Hurd Hale
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The relationship between technology, philosophy, and politics is both contentious and vital to our understanding of human nature and the ways human beings interact with one another in society; Francis Bacon outlined the wild potential and great danger of this relationship. This book explores Bacon’s role as a founder of modern political science and the place of his New Atlantis in the founding of modern political thought.

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Author : Stanislav Grof
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A critical revaluation of ancient spiritual systems long ignored or rejected because of their assumed incompatibility with science. Here are Swami Muktananda on the mind, Swami Prajnananda on Karma, Swami Kripananda on the Kundalini, Joseph Chilton Pearce on spiritual development, Jack Kornfield on Buddhism for Americans, Claudio Naranjo on meditation, and much more.