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Angel Prayers

Author : Kyle Gray
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Do you ever feel frustrated because your prayers are going unanswered, and you feel like God and the Angels are not listening? If you are feeling unsupported, Angel Prayers will turn this situation around for good. In this book, Kyle reveals how to use affirmative prayer to focus on the positive outcome of a situation rather than praying to change something that is perceived as negative.Learn about: · the power of prayer, demonstrated by true stories from Kyle's clients, and his own personal experiences · the spiritual laws at play in the world and how your words and intentions affect your life · the Angelic Hierarchy, including the 15 Major Archangels and some new ones that can support you on our journey · invocations and prayers to call specific Angels and Archangels. The final section of the book has a collection of daily and evening prayers, followed by an A-Z directory of prayers for all of life's major events - from relationships and creating abundance to healing dis-ease. Get ready to open up to the beautiful world of angel prayers - and to see miraculous results!

Angel Prayers

Author : Sally Sharp
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Words of inspiration and guidance from an angel of hope, angel of healing, angel of prosperity, angel of trust, and so forth.

Heal Yourself with Angels

Author : Patricia Papps
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Illuminate your spirit, bring peace to your soul, and calm your mind with the help of angels. Discover which heavenly being to contact for specific problems, including depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, and money troubles. With the power of angel meditation, you can put your life on a new course. In Heal Yourself with Angels, author Patricia Papps shows how to work with angels to create miracles and make your most cherished wishes come true. Learn how to connect with angel energy to access inner wisdom and heal relationship issues and loneliness. Remove negative blocks, combat evil, heal illness and disease, and more. Let the angels reveal your true potential and accompany you every moment of your life.

Angel Prayers

Author : Joanne Brocas
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Angel prayers is an extraordinary collection of specialized divine angel prayers and inspirational messages that can significantly help to bless us in all areas of our unique life experience. These angelic prayers have been divinely designed to help you consciously achieve a greater harmonic resonance and realignment with God. Your work with these prayers will enable you to greatly increase the quantity and speed of God's divine power in your.

God Answers Prayers

Author : Allison Bottke
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Offering practical guidance and emotional support, thesemoving narratives highlight Godâs faithfulness in every circumstance. Readerswill meet people who learn to put their confidence in God, call on Him to calmtheir storms, and find peace in His presence. Some stories describe God at workin everyday experiences, and others describe His intervention in onceâinâaâlifetime situations. âGodâs Most Precious GiftââAdaughter helps her father to know the Lord at the end of his life. âPerfect StrangersââLifelong friends become lifelong prayer partners. Â âBeautiful Feetâ...Praying through physical handicaps. These testimonies focus on timeless, universal themes suchas love, forgiveness, salvation, and hope, and provide a powerful andpassionate look at how prayer can inspire, encourage, change, and heal.

Peter s Enlargement upon the Prayers of the Church The seventh edition etc

Author : Robert Harris
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An explanation of the prayers and ceremonies of the holy sacrifice of the mass Second edition with additions and amendations

Author : Edward Benedictus GLOVER
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Techanical Prayers To Disgrace Local Goliaths

Author : Dr. D. K. Olukoya
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Goliath represents problems that are larger than life. Goliath is a symbol of threats, intimidation and harassments. The author in five powerful chapters teach the secrets of disgracing goliaths. This book emphasizes the principles of resounding victory over every satanic harassment. It will introduce fire into your bones and make you to stand on the mountain of victory. The prayer points will enable you to bombard the enemy until he surrenders.

Vine Prayers

Author : Judith Hannemann
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Vine Prayers is encouragement for the reader to apprehend the grace of abiding in Christ. The book is comprised of biddings for fellow branches and prayers to the True Vine for holding readers closer to the heart of God.


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Secrets of a Prayer Warrior

Author : Derek Prince
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One of the most personal and powerful acts a Christian can engage in is prayer. Yet many believers struggle with their prayer lives, wondering whether they are really making a difference and how they can be more effective. Delving deep into the biblical understanding of prayer, beloved author and leader Derek Prince shows readers the secret to leading a dynamic prayer life, how to receive what they ask for, and how to align themselves with the heart of God. Practical strategies like fasting, biblical study, discipline, and consistency are extensively explained and illustrated by powerful testimonies. This is a life-changing book.

The Urim of Conscience With Three Select Prayers for Private Families

Author : Sir Samuel MORLAND
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Gerards Meditations Translated and revised by Ralph Winterton With Gerards Prayers The fifth edition

Author : Johann GERHARD
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NIV Presidential Prayers Bible eBook

Author : Zondervan,
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Experience the purpose, power, and impact of the prayers from our nation’s presidents in the NIV Presidential Prayers Bible. This sophisticated Bible features prayers from former U.S. Presidents: prayers at inaugurations, prayers of thanksgiving, as well as other events that have shaped us as a nation. In this ebook, you will be inspired and pleased to read about the dedication and devotion to the Christian faith that our founding fathers demonstrated in their prayers.

On the Boundaries of Talmudic Prayer

Author : Yehuda Septimus
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The English term "prayer" is usually understood as communication with God or the gods. Scholars of Jewish ritual until now have accepted this characterization and applied it to Jewish tefillah. Does rabbinic prayer indeed necessarily entail second-person address to God, as many scholars of rabbinic prayer to this point have presumed? In this work, Yehuda Septimus investigates a boundary phenomenon of talmudic prayer - ritual speech with addressees other than God. The book represents a fresh look at the possible range of performances undertaken by talmudic ritual prayer. Moreover, it places that range of performances into the historical context of the rapid emergence of prayer as the centerpiece of Jewish worship in the first half of the first millennium CE.

Prayers and Other Pieces of Thomas Becon

Author : Thomas Becon
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Angel Prayers

Author : Melody Savage
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Prayers and Other Pieces of Thomas Becon S T P Chaplain to Archbishop Cranmer Prebendary of Canterbury c

Author : Thomas Becon
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Prayers from the Heart

Author : Lorna Byrne
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Lorna Byrne has helped millions of people around the world by calling on them to realise that they each have a guardian angel and by showing them that can ask for help from God and the angels. Lorna is often asked for help on how to ask and how to pray, so in this new book she gives detailed advice and also includes prayers for different occasions. She says: 'Sometimes our prayers are so focussed on asking for things, we forget to listen out for what God, the angels and our love ones are trying to tell us. God always has this abundance of blessings prepared for us, small blessings and great blessings. He wants to give every individual great life-changing blessings, beginning when that individual is born. God will do everything to make it happen, but He will never infringe on an individual's free will, which a good reason for us to engage intelligent conversation with him - listening as well as asking - in prayer.'

The Three Greatest Prayers

Author : Saint Thomas (Aquinas)
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