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Animal Exploring the Zoological World

Author : Phaidon Editors
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Explore the beauty and diversity of the animal world through more than 300 captivating images from across time and from every corner of the globe Animal: Exploring the Zoological World is a visually stunning and broad-ranging survey that explores and celebrates humankind's ongoing fascination with animals. Since our very first moments on Earth, we have been compelled to make images of the curious beasts around us - whether as sources of food, danger, wonder, power, scientific significance or companionship. This carefully curated selection of images, chosen by an international panel of experts, delves into our shared past to tell the story of animal life. From the first cave paintings, extraordinary medieval bestiaries and exquisite scientific illustration, to iconic paintings, contemporary artworks and the incredible technological advancements that will shape our futures together, the huge range of works reflects the beauty and variety of animals themselves - including butterflies, hummingbirds, bats, frogs, tigers, dogs, jellyfish, spiders and elephants, to name a few. Arranged in a curated and thought-provoking sequence, this engaging compilation includes iconic works by some of the great names in zoology, such as Conrad Gesner, Charles Darwin and John James Audubon, as well as celebrated artists and photographers, indigenous cultures and lesser-known figures who have made important contributions to the study and representation of animals throughout history.


Author : Dk Pub
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From tiny insects to sleek great white sharks and majestic elephants, this book invites you to explore the animal kingdom up close--from head to toe. Whether you're interested in specific animal groups such as mammals or birds or have a passion for wildlife photography, this beautiful book will delight, fascinate, and surprise. DK's elegant new introduction to wild animals is packed with dramatic photography and crystal-clear illustrations that explain how animals work, both physically and socially, celebrates their beauty, and describes how they are adapted to do different things and survive in different environments. The unique head-to-toe approach, with chapters on different body parts, allows you to focus in on the beauty of the antenna of a moth, the flight feathers of a parrot, or the feeding tentacles of a coral. Zoology also explores how we have depicted animals in art throughout the ages, from zoological drawings that recorded new discoveries to great paintings and drawings inspired by a deep connection to the natural world. With fascinating stories, such as how animals communicate, defend their territories, and attract mates, Zoology offers an engaging introduction to the extraordinary diversity of the animal kingdom.

General Zoology

Author : Dennis Holley
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General Zoology: Investigating the Animal World is an introductory level college biology textbook that provides students with an accessible and engaging look at the fundamentals of zoology. Written for a one-term, undergraduate course of mixed majors and non-majors, this reader-friendly text is concept driven vs. terminology driven. That is, the text is based on the underlying concepts and principles of zoology rather than strict memorization of terminology. Written in a student-centered, conversational style, this educational research-based textbook uniquely connects students and our society to animals from various perspectives—economic, ecologic, medical, and cultural, exploring how the animal world and human realm are intimately intertwined. End-of-chapter questions challenge students to think critically and creatively while incorporating science process skills and zoological principles.

The Science of Animals

Author : DK
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Explore the everyday miracle of the animal kingdom. With spectacular, studio-quality photography and clear explanations, this ebook reveals the incredible anatomy, behaviour, and beauty of every type of creature, from hair to scale and whisker to tail. This elegant introduction to zoology offers interesting views, angles, and close-ups that show you animals in surprising detail. The unique nose-to-tail approach, with chapters on different body parts, allows you to focus in on the beauty of the antenna of a moth, the flight feathers of a parrot, or the feeding tentacles of a jellyfish. It explains how form relates to function - how each feature is an evolutionary answer to the challenges of environment and lifestyle. Features on key animals combine photography from the field with rounded descriptions of star species. These species are glowing examples of hunting, speed, camouflage, or any topic in question. The Science of Animals also explores how we have depicted animals in art, from zoological drawings that recorded new discoveries to great paintings inspired by a deep connection to the natural world. With fascinating stories, such as how animals communicate, defend their territories, and attract mates, The Science of Animalsoffers an engaging introduction to the diversity of the animal kingdom.

Weird Wild Amazing Exploring the Incredible World of Animals

Author : Tim Flannery
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Internationally renowned author and scientist Tim Flannery’s first children’s book is a humorous, informed, and accessible deep-dive into the natural world. Are zombie jellyfish real? Do frogs like opera? What’s it like to wrestle a python? Tim Flannery has the answers. Introducing some of the most spectacular and unusual creatures on Earth, from water to sky and the forests and deserts in between, he offers in- depth and often bizarre facts on extraordinary animals that live in each habitat while incorporating concepts of climate change, evolution, conservation, and taxonomy. Did you know that lions once roamed North America, or that albatrosses sleep-fly? Have you ever heard a piranha bark, or ever wondered how the sloth got its name? Packed with vibrant illustrations and guided by real-life anecdotes from one of our greatest science communicators, Weird, Wild, Amazing! teaches readers to cherish and delight in our planet’s environment with Flannery’s signature mix of humor and wisdom.

Companion Animals and Us

Author : Anthony L. Podberscek
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Over the past 30 years there has been a tremendous growth in interest in the multidisciplinary field of human-companion animal interactions and relationships. This is not surprising considering that pets are kept in at least half of the households in Western societies. What then, is so special about the relationships people have with their pets? Are we very different from our ancestors in the ways we feel about animals? What does pet-keeping tell us about ourselves and our relationships with people? Can pets be good for our health? Do they help promote empathy for other humans? These questions and more are explored in this book. Companion Animals and Us brings together some of the newest research from a wide variety of disciplines including anthropology, history, psychology, sociology, human and veterinary medicine. This book will make fascinating reading for anyone interested in understanding more about the human-pet relationship.

The Encyclopedia of Animals

Author : Fred Cooke
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Presents a survey of all animal groups, with diagrams, distribution maps, color photographs. and overviews of animal evolution, behavior, habitats, and adaptation.

The Animal in Its World Explorations of an Ethologist 1932 1972

Author : Niko Tinbergen
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Nikolaas Tinbergen has devoted a lifetime of research to exploring the behavior of many types of animals in their natural environments, and has founded centers of worldwide renown for research and teaching in the behavioral sciences, first in his native Holland and later at Oxford. His influence extends far beyond the borders of Europe and zoology proper, and he has contributed substantially to international and interdisciplinary collaboration. He has tirelessly worked for the use of scientific methods in the study of human behavior, both normal and abnormal. Volume I is devoted to field studies. Volume II includes accounts of Tinbergen's remarkable laboratory experiments as well as his significant general papers. These selections explore the search for animal roots of human behavior, behavior and natural selection, appeasement signals, and the nature of ethology. "Early Childhood Autism," written by Professor Tinbergen and his wife, is among the most important papers. It is a pioneer work in applied ethology and is a product of thirty years of observing non-verbal expression in both animals and children. Also included is Professor Tinbergen's 1972 Croonian Lecture, "Functional Ethology and the Human Sciences." These classic original studies will fascinate the increasing number of readers interested in the topical problems of animal and human behavior.

Early Modern Zoology

Author : Karel A. E. Enenkel
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In this volume, specialists from various disciplines (Neo-Latin, French, German, Dutch, History, History of Science, Art History) explore the fascinating early modern discourses on animals in science, literature and the visual arts.


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"Explore the everyday miracle of the animal kingdom. With spectacular photography and clear explanations, Zoology reveals the incredible anatomy, behavior, and beauty of every type of creature, from hair to scale, whisker to tail." -- back cover.