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The Animals Agenda

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The Animal s Agenda

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Political Animals

Author : Robert Garner
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In this thorough, yet accessible, book, Robert Garner explores the character of animal protection policy making in Britain and the United States and the opportunities open to animal protection movements. In showing how the political system in both countries has been responsive to the growing demands for reforms in the way animals are treated, he argues that there is a viable reformist strategy for the animal protection movement short of the adoption of animal rights objectives. Much less protection is afforded to animals in the United States, however, largely as a consequence of the particular policy networks within which animal welfare decisions are made.

Welfare of Experimental Animals

Author : Karen J. Clingerman
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Beyond Prejudice

Author : Evelyn B. Pluhar
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In Beyond Prejudice, Evelyn B. Pluhar defends the view that any sentient conative being—one capable of caring about what happens to him or herself—is morally significant, a view that supports the moral status and rights of many nonhuman animals. Confronting traditional and contemporary philosophical arguments, she offers in clear and accessible fashion a thorough examination of theories of moral significance while decisively demonstrating the flaws in the arguments of those who would avoid attributing moral rights to nonhumans. Exposing the traditional view—which restricts the moral realm to autonomous, fully fledged "persons"—as having horrific implications for the treatment of many humans, Pluhar goes on to argue positively that sentient individuals of any species are no less morally significant than the most automomous human. Her position provides the ultimate justification that is missing from previous defenses of the moral status of nonhuman animals. In the process of advancing her position, Pluhar discusses the implications of determining moral significance for children and "abnormal" humans as well as its relevance to population policies, the raising of animals for food or product testing, decisions on hunting and euthanasia, and the treatment of companion animals. In addition, the author scrutinizes recent assertions by environmental ethicists that all living things or that natural objects and ecosystems be considered highly morally significant. This powerful book of moral theory challenges all defenders of the moral status quo—which decrees that animals decidedly do not count—to reevaluate their convictions.

Ethical and Moral Issues Relating to Animals 1979 1988

Author : Karen J. Clingerman
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Why Animal Suffering Matters

Author : Andrew Linzey
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In this superbly argued and deeply engaging book, Andrew Linzey not only shows that animals can and do suffer but also that many of the justifications for inflicting animal suffering in fact provide grounds for protecting them.

Neither Man nor Beast

Author : Carol J. Adams
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In this landmark work of animal rights activism, Carol J. Adams - the bestselling author of The Sexual Politics of Meat - explores the intersections and common causes of feminism and the defense of animals. Neither Man Nor Beast explores the common link between cultural attitudes to women and animals in modern Western culture that have enabled the systematic exploitation of both. A vivid work that takes in environmental ethics, theological perspectives and feminist theory, the Bloomsbury Revelations edition includes a new foreword by the author and new images illustrating the continuing relevance of the book today.

Ethical and Moral Issues Relating to Animals

Author : Janice C. Swanson
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Animals in Peril

Author : John Arthur Hoyt
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Argues that the theory that endangered species must pay their own way to survive is a political expediency used to justify legalized killing in the name of conservation