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Anointed for Business Large Print 16pt

Author : Ed Silvoso
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How Christians Can Use Their Influence in the Marketplace to Change the World In this expanded version of the best-selling Anointed for Business, Ed Silvoso reminds us that the heart of our cities is the marketplace. Yet the perceived wall between commercial pursuit and service to God continues to be a barrier to advancing His kingdom. Silvoso invites all Christians in business to knock down that wall and build the foundation for an unparalleled marketplace revival.

Anointed for Business

Author : Ed Silvoso
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Every Business Is God's Business The notion that labor for profit and worship of God are now, and always have been, worlds apart, is patently false. The Early Church founders were mostly community leaders and highly successful businesspeople. The writing of the Gospels was entrusted to Luke, a medical doctor; Matthew, a retired tax collector; Mark, the manager of a family trust; and John, a food supplier. Lydia was "a dealer in purple cloth." Dorcas was a clothes designer. In this expanded version of the bestselling Anointed for Business, Ed Silvoso focuses on the heart of our cities, which is the marketplace. Yet the perceived wall between commercial pursuit and service to God continues to be a barrier to advancing His kingdom. Silvoso shows Christians how to knock down that wall--and participate in an unparalleled marketplace transformation. Only then can we see God's kingdom invade every corner of our world. Readers will appreciate Silvoso's passionate call to men and women in the workplace to rise to their God-appointed positions. The included study guide will enable the reader to put these revolutionary concepts into action.

Anointed for Work

Author : Richard Brunton
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Very few people seem to really believe and embrace the truth that the Holy Spirit wants to help believers in their daily work just as much as when they contribute at church. This is an invitation to step into an exciting and fulfilling world, where the supernatural has a powerful impact in the workplace and in the marketplace.

Young Anointed and Empowered

Author : Marcus L. Arrington
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In his seminal work, Young, Anointed and Empowered, Marcus L. Arrington presents an uplifting message of hope to teens and young adults worldwide. Through transparent articulation of his own journey and the journeys of well-known biblical figures, he confirms that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Some of his character highlights include David, Joseph and Daniel and his three friends.Arrington's introduction begins with a brief survey of the ills that inundate the landscape of youthdom. He ends on a glorious note of triumph by assuring youths and those that care for youths that the enemies that confront them and seek to destroy them aren't indestructible. In fact, Arrington informs some and reminds others that God Almighty is a timely deliverer who makes it His business to rescue the downtrodden, bruised and oppressed. After a riveting introduction, Arrington builds momentum in Chapter 1 where he asks poignantly, "whatcha lookin for?" He again informs and reminds youths that the "it" or "thing" their searching for is found in God through Jesus Christ.After examining the faith, commitment and courage of the aforesaid biblical figures in Chapters 4-6, Arrington continues his conversation by observing purity and the need to have a clean heart before God in chapter 7. He transitions from his emphasis on purity and addresses the politics of being called by God to do a work for God. In Chapter 8 Arrington, discusses empowerment. He creatively explains the ministry, person and work of the Holy Spirit and why all believers need His direction and help. Finally, Arrington concludes his conversation with a heartfelt observation of the truth that greatness in life is preceded by the tandem of humility and obedience to God.

Kings Come Forth

Author : Gary Borgstede
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Business professionals are invited to merge with God in an exciting business adventure. Modern day kings and queens receive the knowledge to fulfill their God-ordained kingdom assignment in business. Understand the distinction of kings, the spiritual environment of the marketplace, the three offices of spiritual authority, and the king's anointing and purpose. Readers are equipped and empowered to make it happen building God's kingdom in business.

Marketplace Christianity

Author : Robert Fraser
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God Work

Author : Rich Marshall
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...He has made us kings and priests... (Revelations 1:6 NKJV) God is showing up in places we have never imagined. We thought He was just for Sunday church or mid-week study. But God is showing up in small businesses and on construction sites, in schools and in politics. He is in factories and at check-out counters, at nurses' stations and the stock exchange. God is showing up everywhere outside of where we expect Him to be. So what does it mean? We serve a God who is not acting like we thought He should act. This book is an awesome tool of discovery to learn not only what God wants, but how we can cooperate with His plan for the nations, not just the Church. Discover how He want you to step into a realm of ministry and fulfillment you have never dreamed possible. Learn how your work is the powerful dynamic of God's purposes for your life. This book is the beginning of new possibilities for those who are willing to see that God is bigger than they thought He was.

Marketplace Miracles

Author : Rick Heeren
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When the New York Times wrote a front-page account of Elk River, Minnesota's faith-filled transformation, Rick Heeren was the city's leader behind the scenes. Here, he shares his story and many other motivating how-to accounts of businesses, schools, and communities that have put God at the center of their vision and seen miraculous turnarounds. See how one company in Minnesota planted 600 churches in the Ukraine. Discover how a real estate developer turned a foreclosed mall into a focal point that would change a city. Learn how one woman's self-published book blossomed into a movie, and how a pastor's idea for a motion picture camera led to $200 million to make his first major film. Heeren also shares practical ideas for readers who catch his enthusiasm and passion for bringing about transformation in their own communities. After reading Heeren's book, you'll see why with God, nothing is impossible!

Prophetic Business

Author : H. Beecher Hicks
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This collection of spiritual lectures commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pastor Hicks' ministerial service.

5 Simple Keys to Financial Freedom

Author : Rich Brott
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Enjoying financial security in today's world takes more than simply earning a good living. Some people who have made extraordinary incomes for many years are in terrible financial shape and are not prepared for today, let alone their future. Author Rich Brott explains that it is essential to make decisions that will help you manage your resources if you are ever going to be financially secure. The problem is not our income, but our spending. Many waste much of their hard-earned money on the small and unimportant things. Don't fall into wasteful patterns of living. Make a decision now to be different, to live differently. You can get started on the road to financial freedom by putting the following 5 simple keys into practice immediately. Key 1 Stop Spending on Yourself Key 2 Control Your Cash Key 3 Live Below Your Means Key 4 Save for Your Future Key 5 Give to Others


Author : Os Hillman
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In 1997, Atlanta businessman Os Hillman began writing a daily e-mail devotional featuring 4-minute meditations on faith and work life. For men and women in the workplace, this was just what they needed: practical help in applying their faith to their work life; encouragement to live out their faith; empowerment to be more effective in their jobs; support to become powerful witnesses at work; and examples of others who experienced the presence of God at work. It has since become one of the fastest growing e-mail devotions on line. Now Hillman has written his second book of devotions. TGIF includes 365 all-new daily meditations, plus a bonus topical index to find devotions that relate to specific topics such as motives, handling disappointments, adversity, integrity, finances, decision making and much more. Whether for individual quiet times, Bible study groups or workplace groups, these daily devotions will help men and women fulfill God's call on their lives in the workplace.

How to Receive Prosperity Provision

Author : Rich Brott
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3 John 2 says Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. Proverbs 11: 25 notes A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. Jeremiah 29: 11 states, For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Author Rich Brott begins with the fact that God wants to provide good things for His children. He wants for you to prosper and be successful in your God given gifts and callings. But God is no vending machine, nor does His promises come without conditions. If God cannot trust you with a hundred dollars now, how can He trust you with a thousand or a hundred thousand? Christians have access to unlimited and unimaginable resources. But with this access comes accountability. This is a lot of trust that God places in our lives. It is more than just finances. It is our entire life and how we handle it with faithfulness, responsibility, accountability, honesty, and integrity. You can learn how to Receive the Prosperity and Provision of God!

Activating Your Personal Faith to Receive

Author : Rich Brott
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Author Rich Brott notes that faith is a choice, an act of the human will. It is a deliberate choice to place confidence in God and His Word. Unbelief is a sin because it is a deliberate choice to withhold confidence in God and His Word. Faith is a receiving of the truth, an embracing of the truth, and a commitment to the God of truth! And commitment always produces action. That is why faith without works is dead. With no action there is no commitment. With no commitment there is no faith! In this book, you will find 25 faith-building principles that will enlarge your capacity to receive the very best that God has to offer you.

The Serious Business of Worship

Author : Melanie Ross
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The study of liturgy has received criticism from scholars and practitioners alike: the academic discipline of liturgiology has been compared to the hobby of stamp collection, and proponents for liturgical renewal argue that worship must be made more accessible and relevant. Bryan Spinks has been an important moderating voice in this discussion, reminding both academic and ecclesial communities that Christ is made known in the liturgical riches of the past as well as in contemporary forms of the present. Inspired by Spinks' work, this volume brings together biblical, historical, and theological scholars to discuss the theme of continuity and change in worship. Its historical range begins with the early church, extends through the Reformation, and concludes with a discussion of issues facing contemporary liturgical reform. In recognition of the fact that Professor Spinks' work has been widely influential in both Europe and the United States, the editors have solicited liturgical perspectives from scholars with international reputations on sides of the Atlantic.

Uprooting Every Demonic Prophesy

Author :
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How to Build a Christian Business

Author : Michael A.C. Maynard
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In an age where information is a commodity and financial freedom a much sought after desire, this book provides both to a subset of society. Targeted at but not exclusively towards the Christian Community it fuses biblical scriptures and principles with the practical requirements needed to build a business. Giving the reader the essential tools to build a God pleasing and sustainable business in a tough economic climate. The desire for financial freedom is just one of many reasons why people start a business, but at the core of this desire is trust or lack of. We no longer trust the system, our employers or the government to provide for us, or our future, we want control back. In order to gain control we need knowledge, information and guidance. This book provides that much needed help, providing its reader with the correct information to start their journey to personal autonomy. Covering areas such as vision, planning, dominating the market, and using their Faith for progression. It fuses practical advice and tips with biblical revelations accompanied by God's scriptures.

The Nudge

Author : Sonya Driver
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A raw organic business manual to get you on your path to building the business you have been thinking about for years!

The Anointed The Elect and The Damned

Author : The Akurians
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The Most High Lord God of All Creation, The Most High Supreme Lord of Spirits, the God of Ish (Adam) and Isha (Eve), the God of Enoch, the God of Noe (Noah), the God of Shem, the God of Melchizedek, the God of Audreah, the God of Abraham, the God of Ishmael, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob (Israel) will personally communicate with YOU, personally! Be prepared to understand YOU have been lied to all your life about everything; and to possess True Spiritual Knowledge you have been deliberately denied. The Most High, Himself, will testify to you that each and every word, statement and claim in this book is absolute, irrevocable, consistently verifiable, indispensable and indisputable TRUTH!

My Father s Business

Author : Godsword Godswill Onu
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We, collectively and individually, have something(s) which the Father expects us to do for Him in this our present life. And we have been given the assignment of fulfilling the Great Commission, which is taking the Gospel to the end of the world, and making Disciples of all nation, teaching them to observe the Word of God. And we are not alone, because God is for us, Jesus Christ is with us, the Holy Spirit is in and upon us, and the angels of God minister for us. Let us give ourselves fully to performing the Father’s Assignment to us; and if doing His Business requires our lives, let us not love our lives even until death!

Bullwinkle on Business

Author : John Hoover
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Sooner or later it was bound to happen. The world of business has now grown hungry for a fresh, new voice to speak out for organizational excellence in the free enterprise system. But where is a great leader who possesses the stature, the stamina, and the swagger to be called the consummate CEO? Who can grasp the helm of business in a shifting global economy and steady the ship? Who can capture the confidence of consumers and anxious business professionals on every continent and calm their anxiety with nerves of steel? Look no further than Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. Cast your eyes toward that imposing figure with antlers spread wide and a profile that protrudes into next week. Step aside Warren Benis, Ken Blanchard, Jim Collins, Steven Covey, Spencer Johnson, Donald Trump, and even Jack Welch. Make way for that superb snout that belongs to none other than the magnificent moose himself, Bullwinkle. But how can a solitary moose, revered by millions, maintain his competitive edge amidst so much acclaim? How can he focus in the blinding spotlight of fame and fortune? How can he sustain a significant value proposition when he can't even spell the term? By teaming up with someone more talented, intelligent, and resourceful, of course. And so the saga of Bullwinkle J. Moose and his better angel, Rocket J. "Rocky" Squirrel begins. Bullwinkle and his better angel, Rocky, become the Chief Executive and Chief People Officers, respectively, of the Frostbite Falls Mitten Company. But Bullwinkle is soon seduced by the trappings of power and prestige. He begins to believe his own press clippings and forgets who makes the business run and who the business exists to serve. The antics of Bullwinkle's bungling and misguided management consultants, Boris and Natasha, only serve to auger the maladroit moose deeper into his own entropy. Former communist comrades—now turned capitalist colleagues—Fearless Leader (now Chief Evil Officer) sends his most notorious spies to steal Western business secrets. Mr. Peabody and his adroit pupil, Sherman, use the WayBac Machine to monitor lessons learned from leaders throughout history. The Beagle and his adopted boy draw concise correlations to how Rocky helps his much-headed friend learn that only enthusiastic people can energize an enterprise. By teaching Bullwinkle to unleash the collective wisdom, experience, and talent of his team members, Rocky transforms a moose with marginal managerial potential into a magnificent motivator. You won't want to miss a single episode of BULLWINKLE ON BUSINESS.