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Anti Judaism in Early Christianity Separation and polemic

Author : Peter Richardson
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The second volume in this two-volume work studying the initial developments of anti-Judaism within the church examines the evolution of the Christian faith in its social context as revealed by evidence such as early patristic and rabbinic writings and archaeological findings.

Anti Judaism in Early Christianity Paul and the Gospels

Author : Peter Richardson
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The period since the close of World War II has been agonizingly introspective—not least because of the pain of reassessing Christianity’s attitude to Judaism. The early Christian materials have often been examined to assess their role in the long-standing negative attitude of Christians to Jews. The motivation for the early church’s sometimes harsh attitude was partly theological—it needed to define itself over against its parent—and partly sociological—it needed to make clear the line that divided the fledgling group of Christian believers fromt he group with which it was most likely to be confused. This collection of studies emphasizes the context and history of early Christianity in reconsidering many of the classic passages that have contributed to the development of anti-Judaism in Christianity. The volume opens with an essay that clearly delineates the state of the question of anti-Judaism in early Christianity. Then follow discussions of specific passages in the writings of Paul as well as the Gospels.

The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Biblical Interpretation

Author : Paul M. Blowers
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The Bible was the essence of virtually every aspect of the life of the early churches. The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Biblical Interpretation explores a wide array of themes related to the reception, canonization, interpretation, uses, and legacies of the Bible in early Christianity. Each section contains overviews and cutting-edge scholarship that expands understanding of the field. Part One examines the material text transmitted, translated, and invested with authority, and the very conceptualization of sacred Scripture as God's word for the church. Part Two looks at the culture and disciplines or science of interpretation in representative exegetical traditions. Part Three addresses the diverse literary and non-literary modes of interpretation, while Part Four canvasses the communal background and foreground of early Christian interpretation, where the Bible was paramount in shaping normative Christian identity. Part Five assesses the determinative role of the Bible in major developments and theological controversies in the life of the churches. Part Six returns to interpretation proper and samples how certain abiding motifs from within scriptural revelation were treated by major Christian expositors. The overall history of biblical interpretation has itself now become the subject of a growing scholarship and the final part skilfully examines how early Christian exegesis was retrieved and critically evaluated in later periods of church history. Taken together, the chapters provide nuanced paths of introduction for students and scholars from a wide spectrum of academic fields, including classics, biblical studies, the general history of interpretation, the social and cultural history of late ancient and early medieval Christianity, historical theology, and systematic and contextual theology. Readers will be oriented to the major resources for, and issues in, the critical study of early Christian biblical interpretation.

Anti Judaism and Early Christian Identity

Author : Miriam S. Taylor
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Against the scholarly consensus that assumes early Christians were involved in a rivalry for converts with contemporary Jews, this book shows that the target of patristic writers was rather a symbolic Judaism, and their aim was to define theologically the young church's identity. In identifying and categorizing the hypotheses put forward by modern scholars to defend their view of a Jewish-Christian 'conflict', this book demonstrates how current theories have generated faulty notions about the perceptions and motivations of ancient Christians and Jews. Beyond its relevance to students of the early church, this book addresses the broader question of Christian responsibility for modern anti-Semitism. It shows how the focus on a supposedly social rivalry, obscures the depth and disquieting nature of the connections between early anti-Judaism and Christian identity.

Jewish Responses to Early Christian

Author : Claudia Setzer
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What were Jews saying and doing about the followers of Jesus in the first two centuries? In this provocative and comprehensive study, Claudia Setzer argues persuasively that Jews saw the early followers of Jesus as Jews for some time after the Christians viewed themselves as separate from the larger Jewish communities. This book provides historical context and nuanced exegesis of texts that continue to be "trouble spots" in Jewish-Christian relations. It illuminates the diverse strands of early anti-Judaism while providing the reader with some surprises.

Early Christianity and Its Sacred Literature

Author : Lee Martin McDonald
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More than sixty color pictures by noted photographer Richard Cleave enhance the more than fifty black and white images, maps, and charts."--BOOK JACKET.

The Origins of Anti Semitism

Author : John G. Gager
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This revisionist reading of early anti-Judaism offers a richer and more varied picture of the Jews and Christians of antiquity.

Issues of New Testament Anti Judaism

Author : Roger Steven Evans
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Issues of New Testament Anti-Judaism brings a fresh analysis to the emerging conflicts between the earliest followers of Jesus of Nazareth and the leaders of the Jewish communities in Palestine and its environs. Roger S. Evans reveals that embedded in many of the confrontations between Jesus and Jewish leaders is Jesus' self-identification as the "Son of Man." It is this self-identification that further ignites the already simmering conflicts, and the final charge of blasphemy. In the book of Acts and in the canonical Epistles we hear the early Christians accusing the Jewish leaders and people of deicide, but it is also in these documents that the Christian authors continue to hope for and believe that the Jewish people are still part of God's people. Finally, Evans reminds readers that, according to the authors of the New Testament, it was always God's plan to send Jesus to die for the sins of his people and the world. This new analysis is intended to inspire both Christians and Jewish people of the twenty-first century to reevaluate how they respond to each other.

Understanding and Teaching the Holocaust

Author : Laura Hilton
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Few topics in modern history draw the attention that the Holocaust does. The Shoah has become synonymous with unspeakable atrocity and unbearable suffering. Yet it has also been used to teach tolerance, empathy, resistance, and hope. Understanding and Teaching the Holocaust provides a starting point for teachers in many disciplines to illuminate this crucial event in world history for students. Using a vast array of source materials--from literature and film to survivor testimonies and interviews--the contributors demonstrate how to guide students through these sensitive and painful subjects within their specific historical and social contexts. Each chapter provides pedagogical case studies for teaching content such as antisemitism, resistance and rescue, and the postwar lives of displaced persons. It will transform how students learn about the Holocaust and the circumstances surrounding it.

Four Early Christian Texts on Jews and Judaism in the Second Century C E

Author : Robert Stewart MacLennan
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Canadian Books in Print

Author : Marian Butler
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Early Christianity in Context

Author : Frédéric Manns
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Christian Antisemitism

Author : William Nicholls
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In Christian Antisemitism: A History of Hate, Professor William Nicholls, a former minister in the Anglican Church and the founder of the Department of Religious Studies at the University of British Columbia, presents his stunning research, stating that Christian teaching is primarily responsible for antisemitism. As Nicholls states, these conclusions 'can now be fully justified by the most up-to-date scholarship, Christian as well as Jewish.' Nicholls writes, 'Many Jewish writers have said, quite simply, that the Nazis chose the Jews as the target of their hate because two thousand years of Christian teaching had accustomed the world to do so. Few Christian historians and theologians have been sufficiently open to the painful truth to accept this explanation without considerable qualification. Nevertheless, it is correct.' Christian Antisemitism traces, over two millennia, the growing domination of Western culture by the Christian 'myth' (as Nicholls calls it) about the Jews, and shows how it still exerts a major influence even on the secularized 'post-Christian world.' Nicholls shows, through scrupulous research and documentation, that the myth of the Jews as Christ-killers has powered anti-Judaism and antisemitism throughout the centuries. Nicholls clearly illustrates that this myth is present in the New Testament and that 'it has not yet died under the impact of modern critical history.' Also included in this remarkable volume is Nicholls' research regarding the Jewishness of Jesus. He writes, 'Historical scholarship now permits us to affirm with confidence that Jesus of Nazareth was a faithful and observant Jew who lived by the Torah and taught nothing against his own people and their faith...the Romans, not the Jews, were the Christ-killers.' In Part I, 'Before the Myth, ' Nicholls explores the life of Jesus and his teachings as found in the New Testament. Was Jesus the founder of Christianity? Did he offer teachings against his people? Did he believe himself

Jews Christians and Jewish Christians in Antiquity

Author : James Carleton Paget
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The book, which consists of some previously published and unpublished essays, examines a variety of issues relevant to the study of ancient Judaism and Christianity and their interaction, including polemic, proselytism, biblical interpretation, messianism, the phenomenon normally described as Jewish Christianity, and the fate of the Jewish community after the Bar Kokhba revolt, a period of considerable importance for the emergence not only of Judaism but also of Christianity. The volume, typically for a collection of essays, does not lay out a particular thesis. If anything binds the collection together, it is the author's attempt to set out the major fault lines in current debate about these disputed subjects, and in the process to reveal their complex and entangled character.

Images of Judaism in Luke Acts

Author : Joseph B. Tyson
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Critical Review of Books in Religion

Author :
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The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

Author : Wendell Stephen Reilly
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Includes various reports of the Association.

The Princeton Seminary Bulletin

Author : Princeton Theological Seminary
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No. 1 of each vol. is the academic catalog of the Seminary, 1907-76.

Christian Jewish Relations

Author :
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Christian Anti Semitism and Paul s Theology

Author : Sidney G. Hall
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Reassessments of Christian theology in light of the Holocaust are paralleled by the tremendous shift taking place in the scholarly understanding of Paul's writings and theology. Sidney Hall's volume traces the toxins of twentieth-century anti-Semitism back through centuries of Christian use of Paul's letters and theology. Searching for a credible portrait of Paul that is inclusive of the Jews yet unabashed in its preaching of "Christ crucified," Hall focuses on Galatians and Romans. He guides the reader through the major findings of recent interpreters of Paul on the Law, covenant, and the Christ event to address their implications for a renewed - and chastened - Christian theology of the Jewish people.